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19th > May > 2015 Archive

Arianespace: NBN sats will orbit this year – PROMISE*

*If nothing else goes wrong

Airplane HACK PANIC! Hold on, it's surely a STORM in a TEACUP

And don’t call me Shirley

Redmond promises even MORE cloudy crypto

Even the cloud provider can't see what you're doing

Baidu now backing Uber's bid for Nokia maps

Come HERE for $4 billion

SDN to bring new round of internecine office wars to IT shops

Security to agile chaps: You want me to lock that down HOW EXACTLY?

Oracle releases antidote for VENOM vulnerability

Patch but don't panic

IEEE's prescription for med-tech crowd: preventing hacks is better than a cure

Take these coding standards and, if pain persists, consult your doctor

Ricoh rolls out electrifyingly exciting RUBBER!

The harder you rub, the more the sparks fly

Google wraps search designer in Cardboard

Search UI guru Jon Wiley now leading VR design

iiNet claims victory in Dallas Buyers Club case it lost

Sure, we're handing over your data, but you won't have to hand over much cash

QLogic escapes HBA flat trap with Ethernet and add-on services

Farewell to HBA twin Emulex too; away we go to Avago

Pundits ponder perilous placement of STANDING STONES on Comet 67P

SPACEHENGE spotted by Rosetta?

Robots.txt tells hackers the places you don't want them to look

When you say 'move along, nothing to see here', the bad guys get interested

Milking cow shot dead by police 'while trying to escape'

Massive operation with copter, 20 cars, SWAT team nails bovine fugitive

Apple threw its TV out the window after years of research: report

But activist investor Carl Icahn says it'll ship in 2016

Blocking mobile adverts just became that little bit easier

Networks could drop 'The Bomb' and block ads by default

BT boss in shock 'bigger is better' claim as £12.5bn EE bid heats up

Pleads with watchdog not to delay planned buyout

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – a true monster in the making

Game TheoryIt started with a kiss

Maxta polishes OpenStack credentials with Kilo support

Strengthens support and quality of service

South Korea mandates spyware installation on teenagers' smartphones

In North Korea they just add an extra can in the middle of the string

Psst. Want a cheap cloud, VM? Google has one. But there's a catch

New preemptible VMs cost 70% less – but are unreliable by design

Toshiba flings covers from Key Value disk and device stores

OpenStack SummitFirm decloaks Ethernet drives and object storage

Microsoft celebrates 25 years' SOLITARY SELF-PLEASURE with GROUP SESSION

Staffers to take part in Solitaire fest

Vatican 'ghost account' claims as reseller wades into Autonomy-HP legal struggle

SME says Whitman must pay up after Pontiff and Lynch walk

Please no non-consensual BACKDOOR SNIFFING, Mr Obama

Major tech firms against vulnerability by default

LOHAN's final test flight set to honour PRATCHETT

Reader acronym poll firmly backs the late and great Sir Terry

Jay-Z freestyle attack on Tidal's rivals leaked to Tidal's rivals

'Ain’t passed the Bar, but I know a little bit / Enough that you won’t illegally download my hit'

You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up

The big BUT in Adobe's graphics subscription toll

Exertis parent DCC swallows Computers Unlimited for £24m

Consolidation, consolidation, consolidation

Microsoft's certification exams: So easy, a child of six could pass them. Literally

And he had points to spare. But don't cry, MSCE folk...

Amazon cloud to BEND TIME, exist in own time zone for 24 hours

Consumer giant plans to SLICE UP innocent second and leave pieces all over the day

Zuck can EFF off: is SO NOT the INTERNET

Update'Facebook ghetto for poor people'

Toshiba pumps 'use-more-Ethernet-drives' cash into Exablox

Seven million smackeroos says we luv you muchly

YouTube Kids 'showed nippers how to make nooses, play with fire'

Complaint to FTC says app facilitates access to violence and pr0n as well

AI pioneer reckons China's where the Rise of the Machines will start

‘More willingness to challenge basic assumptions’

Public cloud? Two vendors float on high, says Gartner

AWS leads, but Microsoft still a clear second

Nutanix CEO nixes Cisco buy rumours, swears allegiance to Michael Dell

Pandey — IPO still on the cards

Russia will fork Sailfish OS to shut out pesky Western spooks

Paranoia over NSA tampering spurs de-Westernisation drive

Get another loan, fanbois, the new MacBook Pro and iMac are here

Retina 5K gets crammed into latest Jony Ive desktop

Are we looking at the first domain name meme? Neigh

Satirists hoof it over to .horse

We caught Chinese technology spies RED-HANDED, claims US government

Academics accused of swiping wireless tech

US Air Force reveals what's inside its top-secret space plane, this time

We're not weaponizing space! It's just CubeSats, ion-drives, and solar sails

Uncle Sam spanks PayPal for credit scheme cockup

UpdatedEnrolling consumers without permission? That's a $25m paddlin'

Australia forces UberX drivers to become tax collectors

August 1 deadline for 'ride-sourcers' to get their affairs in order

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