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18th > May > 2015 Archive

Viagra makes it HARD for malaria, bug-boffins discover

Gates foundation buys blue pills to stiff mosquito-borne disease

Apple Watch rationing caused by the MOON GOAT, not quality

Staff shortages over Chinese New Year slowed production, they say

Australian dark matter hunter wins AU$1.75 million funding

Boffins to delve for secrets of the universe in former gold mine

AllJoyn your whitegoods, says Qualcomm

Stuff's worth a billion, says Thing-zilla

Steve Jobs movie gets October release date

And a very, very, skimpy teaser trailer in which everyone is grumpy with the iGod

Arista revenue rises to US$179 million in March quarter

Margins take a hit

Google App Engine Java sandbox is leaking, say researchers

Happy hackers out ad giant after it stops replying to email about flaws

PANIC! RSA keys are compromised!

CALM DOWN: It's only big, BAD keys, so you can relax

OpenStack private clouds are SCIENCE PROJECTS says Gartner

Don't Try This At Home and watch out for the lock-in from hired help

Crude scammer targets Brit oil brokers

Poison PDF pumps personal particulars to petrochemical plunderers

High-level, state-sponsored Naikon hackers exposed

No naming names as to who sent them, but they speak Chinese

Ofcom: Oi, BT! Don't be greedy – feed dark fibre to your rivals

TalkTalk, Sky and chums are hungry for speedier broadband networks

MS Azure Stack. It's like Azure Pack but with even more cloudiness

System Center sidelined in Microsoft's latest offering

Can Barracuda become the big fish in a small cloud?

InterviewWe're sticking to the profitable territory, says CEO

Microsoft's Surface 3 is sweet – but I wouldn't tickle my nads with it

ReviewSoviet-style shell hides a slablet for Windows diehards

Apple GOBBLE: GPS startup Coherent may make Maps somewhat more so

Execs go to Cupertino, possibly using an atlas to get there

Stripped to the core and full of Xfce: Xubuntu Linux loses it

ReviewLike Ubuntu but a darn sight slimmer

Cisco tipped to buy 'dominant' STORAGE BADBOY Nutanix

+CommentIt's not clear if even the Borg could pull off this assimilation

Europe targeted as Alibaba's cloudy world domination plans take shape

Chinese giant tools up to take on AWS

Violin acknowledges Valley's hippy roots with Grateful Dead gig lottery

On the road today, I saw a Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac

Ex 'Tech City' chief Shields appointed junior Fun minister for internet safety

Despite starting a probable alien invasion when at Bebo*

Big Data, OpenStack and object storage: Size matters, people

COMMENTConsider your needs before rushing out and investing in new storage tech

EMC to channel: Put all your sales eggs in our basket and we'll hurl cash at you

Huge rebates on offer if you push out our rivals, says veep

ALIBABA Vs AMAZON: Let the Global Tat Bazaar war begin

Yep Napoleon, we should’ve let China sleep

Welsh police force fined £160,000 after losing sensitive video interview

Unencrypted DVDs go missing from drawer, not reported for two years

Nissan CEO: Get ready, our auto-wagons will be ready by 2020

Only consumer caution and govt regulation can stop us!

Screech! Grand Theft Auto V malware mods warning

Gamers find themselves in latest Mods & Rockstar punch-up

It's the end of life as we know it for Windows Server 2003

Can you survive without support?

Unite: CSC using staffers' profitability to shape the future

Union worried about potential victims at 'basket case' integrator

Use your Apple gizmos only for good, says Tim Cook

Oh yeah, and George Wallace, Alabama's ex-governor, was a wrong'un

NHS Scotland to refresh creaking, 25-year-old apps

Hey pal, see that mainframe software over there, it's well old (auld)

EMC UK channel overlord Poole exits role but not company

Less than a year on the job and local exec eyes European enterprise glory

Man sues Uber for a BEEELLION dollars over alleged theft of concept

Uber dismisses claims as 'completely baseless'

Reach for the popcorn: Obama opens personal presidential Twitter account

140-character insights will come direct from @POTUS


Red-faced Revenant fires up for June and E3

You can't put a price on LOVE, says Apple after court's Samsung payout slash

The ‘look and feel’ bit didn't look and feel right

FTC to scavengers: Radio Shack corpse doesn't include customer data

Yeah, it's dead, but there's no need to dox the survivors

Google sells .car, walks away from generic domain names

Auto-bundle emerges and search giant focuses on brands

Google Google GOOGLE! Cloud cloud CLOUD! These prices are insane!

Act now to get your cheap computing fix at the Chocolate Factory

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