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14th > May > 2015 Archive

Nintendo to revive long-dead 'World Championships' contest

No word yet on remake of The Wizard

Cisco CEO John Chambers' parting gift: a better-than-expected Q3

Switches and routers still the growth engines

Back to the Future: the internet of things as imagined in 1985

IoT World 2015Dust off that clunky old thing; our time has come

NASA snaps first full family photo of Pluto and its five moons

The dwarf and its big family

4K refresh sees Blu-ray climb to 100GB, again

Ultra HD spec signed off, complete with better content-sharing arrangements

SAP crypto offers customers choice of remote code execution or denial of service

Home-baked encryption followed the wrong recipe

'Nokia store? I dunno no Nokia store. This here's a Microsoft Reseller'

Redmondification of Nokia's former retail presence begins

BRAIN-SLURP case: Battery maker and Apple reach agreement

Settlement likely by end of May - court docs

Time to patch your Cisco TelePresence systems

Because you can't be telepresent when the bad guys are DOSing you

Nuage Networks tacks SDN to underlay

Re-attaching the control plane to the data plane, virtually

Election? Pah. Here's the REAL question: Who’s the SEXIEST MP?

Rate-my-Member website went flaccid in runup to polls

PHOTON SPACE SAIL successfully Kickstarted into orbit

Bill Nye wants YOUR crowddosh to build a big 'un for launch in 2016

You have the right to be forgotten 41.3 per cent of the time says Google

Transparency report details erasure efforts a year after EU forget-me-yes edict

China decrees local internet must go faster to stimulate growth

Speed up by 40 per cent and drop your prices, premier Li Keqiang tells local carriers

Self-STOPPING cars are A Good Thing, say motor safety bods

If it's going to drive itself, it might as well brake too

Crashed Coraid's tech resurrected by founder's new start-up

Brantley Coile Company launch means ATA-over-Ethernet rides again

It’s Adobe’s Creative Cloud TITSUP birthday. Ease the pain with its RGB-wrangling rivals

FeatureAlternatives to pixel-poking behemoth Photoshop

Hybrid storage arrays versus all-flash: will disks hold their own?

How to match your storage to your needs

Drone penetrates Virgin's shapely space arse

Vid3D Robotics' Solo touches down at Spaceport America

EU wants a panel o'boffins to replace solo science advisor

Evidence-based policy advice, free of institutional bias? There's an idea

'Right to be forgotten' festers as ICO and Google come to blows

About 200 whinge to info rights body over 'mismanaged' moans

IBM trades cold comfort for hot air in Microsoft-AWS slugfest

Feeling good about yourself in the cloud IBM? Oh, dear...

Policy tsarina Rachel 'baby GIF' Whetstone dumps Google for Uber

Brace yourselves, you lucky taxi pedlars

Alibaba: Soon the (e-commerce) world will be ours. And the cloud

Modest aims include trillion dollars in transactions, living to be 100

Efficient German sales engine Bechtle says Q1 was GUT

Even the boss seems surprised by the 'remarkable' top and bottom line gains

TalkTalk unveils best results ever – and its share price dips

Exciting fourplay fails to stimulate outage-hit customers

Chinese cyber-spies hid botnet controls in MS TechNet comments

Online spooks hide 'numbers station’ control node in plain sight

Azure gives AWS the blues again in Nasuni cloud storage poll

Storage bits express preference for Redmond's cloud in latest biennial report

Look out, law abiding folk: UK’s Counter-Extremism Bill slithers into view

Might as well just abolish 'innocent until proven guilty'

Legal eagles want dirt on Google's 'right to be forgotten' decisions

Wig-wearing sorts pester the Chocolate Factory for juicy insider info

Free at last! Flogging off O2 fattens Telefonica’s financials

Higher earnings point to ‘new cycle’ of growth

BUZZKILL. Honeybees are dying in DROVES - and here's a reason why

The Asian mite might be the reason

Facebook tips India and Pakistan into NUCLEAR WAR of words

Zuckerberg carelessly wades into political conflict with map of India that ignores Kashmir

Merged Sphere 3D merrily continues Overland's loss trend

19 straight loss-making quarters? Now that's a red wedding

Reader suggestion: Using HDFS as generic iSCSI storage

CommentGood idea, bad idea? Speak your brains, commentards

VENOM virtual vuln proves less poisonous than first feared

AnalysisPotential deleterious effects more like a snakebite* than a snake bite

Get paid (airline) peanuts with United's new bug bounty program

Free flights instead of rent money – where do we sign up?


Scientists find evidence that galaxies are being fatally choked

New Windows 10 Mobile build brings Universal Office Apps to phones

Just be prepared for some rough sailing, as usual

The Internet of Things: a jumbled mess or a jumbled mess?

IoT World 2015ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth or WiFi? Or Thread? Or HomeKit? Or Insteon?

Dying to make time lapse videos? No? Well, Microsoft is doing it anyway!

Hyperlapse is here for Windows and Android

Metadata scope creep sees Border Force ask for access

Can't see Johhny Depp's dogs, CAN see your metadata

Stolen an Apple watch? Want to pawn it off? Good news!

It's not like the owner can lock it down, after all

Australian opposition floats startups-and-STEM stimulus plan

Shorten to cancel student debts for STEM students, pump $500m into startup booster owner pleads guilty to helping others beat lie detector

Douglas Williams faces up to 20 years in jail

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