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12th > May > 2015 Archive

Rackspace shares tumble on lowered forecast, revenue miss

Cloudy growth not coming fast enough for testy shareholders


Spotty planetlet probed by NASA craft

Pop-up pest MacKeeper patches 0-day remote code execution vuln

URL-handling leaves users well and truly rooted

Microsoft's run Azure on Nano server since late 2013

Redmond discovers the limits of cloud-first

OpenFlow busts out of the data centre with 15,000-route Pacific test

El Reg talks to network architect David Wilde, who explains how to do SDN at oceanic scale

'It's the Enzo the world as we know it and VDI feel fine' is VMware's new desktop tune

Virtzilla puts its end-user computing kit onto EVO:RAILs with Project Enzo

Big Blue embiggens little iron to match the march of the Xeon

Power 8 gets some four-socket goodness

For its next trick, Microsoft diminishes the iPad with just a driver

Redmond reveals fleet management tools for Surface 3

Massive police 'heavy equipment' robot drags out suspect who hid inside television

Uncompromising tin cop hurls fleshy fugitive to floor

Boffins brew 'Stop Light' that turns photons in fibre into memory

Faster-than-light is easy if you slow the photons down

Swedish Supreme Court keeps AssangeTM in Little Ecuador

Leaker-in-chief's arrest warrant stands, for fear of flight

Toshiba shares go over a cliff after probe into hidden losses

Loss-making projects from 2012 may have been swept under the carpet

Forced sale of Openreach division would put BT broadband investment at risk, says CEO

Infrastructure in danger

There's a BIG problem with Microsoft's VDI rules

Dedication, that's what you need

Scot Nationalists' march on Westminster may be GOOD for UK IT

So long as you're not a defence contractor, anyway

CSC picks up the axe yet again, eyes 800 staffers' quivering necks

ExclusiveReorg-addicted biz even targeting its grad scheme for latest job cuts

Rand Paul: I'll filibuster the hell outta the Patriot Act, fellow Americans

Non-Americans can sort themselves out. Sorry

Don’t want a footie-field-size data centre? No problem (or is there?)

Looking deeper into Facebook's OCP promises

HP Enterprise Services staff jog on, waving fat redundo cheque

55k-strong job cull to finish by end of October. Only 11,000 more to go!

Australia finds AU$131m for data retention, $254m for e-gov luvvies

BUDGET 2015$6m for MP security, gadgets tax cuts, employee shares

Verizon in SUDDEN $4.4bn AOL GOBBLE, aims to make fourplay more exciting

Mobile video ads. Great

EEeeeeek, complaints! Ofcom roasts BT-wannabe-spouse

Gripes about operator's landline and broadband services pile up

Business or pleasure? Crucial MX200 and BX100 1TB SSDs

ReviewTake your pick, and don't worry about the price tag

Are you an infosec bod? You must be STINKING RICH, says study

Big bucks to be made if you're in one of these particular roles

GCHQ puts out open recruitment call for 'white hat' hackers

Fancy becoming a Bond? Off to Cheltenham and Scarborough with you

Scale Computing: Not for enterprise, but that's all part of the plan

Review:Four months of use have made the Scales fall from my eyes

Amazon creating 500 ‘fulfilling’ jobs in the UK

Fire off those application letters within 3-5 working days

Nutanix announces beta of Community Edition software

Roll-your-own hyperconverged boxen if you dare

CTERA's cloudy gateway gets sync 'n' share bolted on

Cloud storage jungle shenanigans

Backwaters in rural England getting non-BT gigabit broadband


US titans roll out the numbers... wow, reselling is a tough game

Systemax losses make Insight look like a challenge-free biz

Hypervisor indecisive? Today's contenders from yesterday's Hipsters

Virtualisation from bearded types who liked it before it was cool

Cheers Ireland! That sorts our Safe Harbour issues out – Dropbox

Irish data protection is now for life, not just St Patrick's day

Elon Musk: I'm neither a samurai nor a bastard

Billionaire disputes claims made in new biography

Rackspace's 'fanatical' army drops in on rival clouds

Listen up - there might be a new hope in this dreary post-OpenStack world

Door keys are an option. It's just a matter of time

IoT World 2015We talk to August smartlock CEO Jason Johnson

That DRM support in Firefox you never asked for? It's here

HTML5-based Adobe rights system now in Firefox 38 for Windows

Sprint and Verizon to pay $158 MILLION over bogus 'cramming' fees

Carriers to join AT&T and T-Mobile in payouts to FCC

CSC to sue ServiceMesh man Eric Pulier over Australian bribe scandal

ExclusiveSeeks repayment of all payments under acquisition agreement

Time to get your babble on: Microsoft opens Skype Translator Preview to all comers

Chat to your mates in Klingon

Enjoying the Spring? Microsoft has 13 ways to fix that

May brings baker's dozen of patches from Redmond

Russia delays ISS crew mission over Progress launch safety fears

Delay means Italian Trekkie breaks woman in space longevity record

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