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11th > May > 2015 Archive

Microsoft points PowerShell at Penguinistas

Desired State Configuration tool spans Windows and Linux

Oz gummint to empty another money-truck into e-health records

Take $AU485 million and call me in the morning, says Doctor Ley

Smart grid security WORSE than we thought


Telstra builds trans-continental land bridge for data

100Gbps Perth-Sydney link at 40 millisecond latency

All-Russian 'Elbrus' PCs and servers go on sale

Fool the NSA by buying an underpowered, exotic SPARC machine

Tor kills cloud-bundling bridge software because nobody will maintain it

Privacy? You've heard of it but can't be bothered coding it

Extreme community policing: West Virginia crook pepper-sprays HIMSELF mid-robbery

Cops chase face mace space case

Small WordPress sites leaking like sieves

Login-stealing C&C server spotted

NASA plans electrolysis-powered ROBOT EEL for Europa's oceans

Asteroid mining and floating seismometers also win exploratory funding

OECD nations gang up on internet retailers, tax dodgers

Australia to fine tech tax-dodgers 100% of their avoided tax, plus profits

Boffins set to reveal state of play on fully duplex comms - on the same FREQ

One of the things we might get in 5G, so worth a think

Druva Phoenix is heading ROBO-wards via the public cloud

CommentFrom end-points to remote offices

Automation eases the pain of software patching

Cure your fear of updates

Snoopers' Charter queen Theresa May returns to Home Office brief

PM gently reshuffles Tory cabinet after election victory

You say you want a musical revolution. Actually, have three

Boffins point to 1964, 1983 and 1991

Mildly successful flying car crashes - in mildly successful test flight

Brilliance of the AeroMobil prototype's parachute demonstrated

Delphix hires anti-PR bloke Silicon Valley Watcher as head of PR

Live! Press release! Live! Live! Live!

ISS 'naut: How we collect our POO and DROP it FLAMING on hapless Earthlings

Café au urine quaffer shows off spaceborne khazi

Gartner: Dell nowhere to be seen as storage SSD sales go flat

EMC leads the way

Gaze upon the desirable Son of Alpha: Samsung Galaxy A5

ReviewMid-ranger with tip-top build quality and a touch of style

Pinning a value on big tech's top names. Not as easy as it looks

Markets vs. Monkeys. Who has it right?

Russia and China seal cyber non-hack pact

Together they can save the world from social media and democracy

Amstrad founder Lord Sugar quits 'anti-enterprise' Labour party

Self-proclaimed 'loyal person' threw in towel straight after Tory election victory

Cyber-scum deface Nazi concentration camp memorial website

Far-right extremists suspected in ‘criminal, sick attack’

Tech disties: What the HELL happened to our sales growth in Q1?

No more XP refresh activity, iPad sales shrink, IBM servers dans le toilet

Lies, damn lies and election polls: Why GE2015 pundits fluffed the numbers so badly

The lessons of shaping a mathematical 'reality'

Chill, luvvies. The ‘unsustainable’ BBC Telly Tax stays – for now

AnalysisMinistry of Fun’s Whittingdale argues payment must reflect demand, eventually

The BIG stretch: Software and flexing your firm's size

Drawing parallels between enterprise IT and fiscal policy

FCC: Thanks for the concern, telcos, but we're not delaying Open Internet rules

FCC decides FCC was right in earlier FCC ruling

Pakistan URINE STORM: Google Maps chokes off user editing

Choc Factory calls for a rethink in pisstake mistake

Microsoft springs for new undersea cables to link US, UK, Asia

Your data isn't going to get on Redmond's cloud all by itself

With WWDC looming, Apple kicks out third iOS 8.4 beta

Developers get new version of mobile OS to play with ahead of conference

SHOCK! Robot cars do CRASH. Because other cars have human drivers

DMV reports all low-speed, Google says 'so far caused by human error'

Apple storms to top spot in stagnant Chinese phones market

Samsung, Toshiba take a dive in latest estimates

According to Netflix, Australia's slowest ISP owns half of Foxtel

Telstra ranked last in video-streamer's speed table

Oz government to put dark fibre net on the auction block

Selling off an ICON

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