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10th > May > 2015 Archive

So what would the economic effect of leaving the EU be?

Worstall @ the WeekendAssuming anyone votes for it, as I did

Like a Dell factory but what comes out is a LOT more fun: We visit Aston Martin

Vulture @ the WheelA day out at James Bond's car maker

What to do when the users are watching Nazi dwarf smut at work?

On-callReg readers handle sticky situations with grace and wit

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Cuy Chactado – Deep-fried guinea pig

Ideal if you roll in pissed to find an empty fridge ... but a full pet cage. Or maybe not

Ex-NSA bloke: 'I love Apple products, I just wish they were secure'

QuoTWPlus: Chocolate Factory is still hanging on to stale pale males

BILLION YEAR SECRETS of baking hellworld Mercury UNLOCKED by NASA probe crash

Spaceship streamed back data to Earth before prang

Fox gives Minority Report the nod – precog goes primetime on tellybox

Steven Spielberg chooses exec producer credit

Google cloud: rubbish at updates, world-class at rapid rollbacks

Another borked software upgrade gives Google's cloud hiccups

1998 asks to speak to Turnbull about local calls

Government mulls saving Telstra nearly nothing at all

Turnbull moves on NBN subsidy arrangements

Here comes the new levy, same as the old

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