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7th > May > 2015 Archive

Australian Bureau of Statistics to get AU$250m tech boost

30 year old computers are end-of-life, apparently

IETF updates TLS/SSL best practice guidance

Staunch HEARTBLEED, kick POODLE and make it to lunch on time

Choc Factory finds 84,000 ad injectors targeting Chrome

Policy crackdown sends slimeballs packing

A world of conferences beckons for the Apple sysadmin

Which is right for you?

Infusion pump is hackable … but rumours of death are exaggerated

Yes, medical devices have flaws, but they're harder to exploit than you're led to believe

FOUND: NASA's stray balloon located in the middle of nowhere

PICSRecovery team heads for Thargomindah

Tesla's battery put in the shade by current and cheaper kit

Reality pays the pretty Powerwall a visit

Is Nutanix's secret hypervisor 'PROJECT ACROPOLIS'?

KVM-wrangling kit is hiding in plain view and headed for hyperscale

Online pizza order saves woman and children from knife-wielding kidnapper

I'd like a pepperoni with extra jail time, hold the drugged-out homicidal maniac

Net admins: the white box world HASN'T forgotten you

Big Switch upgrades monitoring, turns on bigger Big Tap

Crowdfunded ZX Spectrum revival just days from shipment

You’d need to connect it to your Deja VDU

Attackers target new XSS in millions of WordPress sites

Dirty hole in default plugins

Kiwi company posts job ad for Windows support scammers

Broken English ad for 'Technical Department of Windows' aims to cut through in tight talent market

Apple swats Webkit bugs that bit it on Safari

Webkit history, page loading and everyday browsing holes plugged

Spooks BUSTED: 27,000 profiles reveal new intel ops, home addresses

Searchable OPSEC built by scouring LinkedIn for folks claiming spook skillz

Volkswagen Passat GT 2.0-litre TDI SCR 190 PS 6spd DSG

VULTURE AT THE WHEELAiming at the five series

CommVault struggles to get the wheels back on its growth engine

New execs struggle to make turnaround, understandably given wheel issue

Apple taxpayers swarm to stone-age iPhone 6+ purely for the bigness

1) Make same old phone. 2) Put it in bigger box. 3) Profit

'Tough' UK public sector blamed in BT sales hiccup

Giant telco just waiting on clearance for EE gobble

Weird ARCHAEAN LIFE FORM found at 'Loki's Castle' DEEP beneath Arctic Circle

Eukaryon with your research - we'll carry on reading it

Fake Cisco box pushers cuffed by Intellectual Property Police

That's intellectual-property police, not intellectual property-police

Phablet for the biz fleet with easy typing: Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

ReviewThis business workhorse has quality and character

Facebook's Open Compute could make DIY data centres feasible

DIY vs COTS: Part 2Fitting in never looked so good

F*cking DLL! Avast false positive trashes Windows code libraries

Avast there indeed, matey, wail admins as rogue guard dog savages their jugular

Google's 'stale pale males' to be replaced by crack black chick pack

Scraper in shock move to spend 0.002 of revenue on workforce diversity

Ex-NSA security bod fanboi: Apple Macs are wide open to malware

'I love Apple products, I just wish they were secure'

Microsoft Azure – or how to make the public cloud work for you

ReviewTrevor puts his theoretical knowledge to practical use

Cash-happy Quantum is poised to enter the HPC market

Better than expected financials prompt new direction

Barracuda: It's like the IKEA of backup and security

CommentBut with less incipient barbarism brewing in the car park

Flash banishes the spectre of the unrecoverable data error

Escape the fatal flaw in RAID

Red-faced Germans halt NSA cooperation after Euro spying revealed

Stick another one on the 'Merkel's phone' list of snooping blunders

Teradata tumbles off Wall Street pedestal, buys back paper

Pockmarks in wall around revenue and profit dartboards at the Big Data pub

Canada passes controversial spook-powers law

Parliament keen to increase security after attack on ... Parliament

NSA domestic dragnet NOT authorised by Patriot Act, rules US Appeals Court

Act isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for NSA

Citizens denied chance to vote in local-government IT cockup

Legitimacy of several election results looking threatened

The United States' first official BitCoin exchange goes live

Charter granted to itBit by Department of Financial Services

MAID to order: Inside Facebook's cold-storage data ziggurats

AnalysisSilent iron halls where ancient cat pics slumber undisturbed

T-Mobile prods at corpse of BlackBerry, says 'me too!'

Why not strap ourselves to that hemorrhaging outfit?

Keurig to drop coffee DRM after boss admits 'we were wrong'

And we're dropping your share price 10%, say markets

Microsoft's secret weapon in browser wars: Mozilla's supercharged Asm.js

Native-speed JavaScript available now in Windows 10's Edge browser

Even Uncle Sam admits: US patent law is whack

FTC politely tells PTO: fix your crappy rules

Take cover! Out-of-control Russian spaceship to smash into Earth within hours

Failed cargo pod should provide spectacular light show

Struggling Nvidia says it may pay up to $125m to shutter Icera modem biz

Those car, cloud, and gaming bets better pay off

With FTC suit looming, AT&T backs off on throttling 'unlimited' data plans

Because it wants to, of course. Not because they told it to

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