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6th > May > 2015 Archive

HP lifts lid on Autonomy lawsuit claims, but Lynch cries BOLLOCKS

Former CEO maintains accounting-irregularity suit is baseless

Red alert! Google's terrifying Borg machines to assimilate cluster-wrangling Omega code

Googlers tell all to our pals at The Platform

Cisco's Chambers: white box is dead and WE KILLED IT

Lock-in still a winning strategy, outgoing CEO tells CNBC

Intel's latest Haswell Xeon E7 v3 CPUs land in Apollo and ProLiant

Hyperscaling HP servers

OpenStack Daddy Chris C Kemp says it's like Linux in 1996

Rough around the edges, not sure why it exists but ripe for innovation and productisation

Boffins turns landfill WinPhones into microscopes

A drop of polydimethylsiloxane saves lab rats $19,999.97

TPG ups offer for iiNet to AU$1.56bn, includes clever cash kicker

ISP's board to investors: SIGN NOW YOU FOOLS!

ARM joins the NFV race with virtual set-top box spec

All your STBs are belong to the cloud

Borg boosts future cable broadband biz with DOCSIS 3.1 boxen

It's an evolved, converged cable access platform

POW: Smut-seeding copyright troll slammed as 'extortionate'

VideoNonagenerian judge doesn't hold back in assessment of Prenda Law

Three's 'Home Signal' femtocells fail, restore mobile black spots

UpdatedAngry users' bank holiday weekends were too quiet

It's beers and bacon all round for our Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse

Live Below the Line challenge cracked, good wedge of cash raised

DEFCON 23 to host Internet of Things slaughterfest

Sequel to SOHOplessly Broken challenge aims to give bored thing-makers a nasty shock

Great, we all want 5G mobile broadband. Now just how are we gonna wire it all up?

Asking for a friend (the UN's standards bods at the ITU)

Snowden scandal latest: NSA, GCHQ lingo-spies replaced by unstoppable RHINEHART robots

If you lost your job to software, you can sympathize

Hey devs! Confused by EU privacy law? Pull out the FLASH CARDS

Microsoft and University of Nottingham boffins design a deck of memory-joggers

Digi content market set for vast embulgement, will be $154bn in 2019

Physical possessions? Pah! We'll all be sat at home in our pants playing games

Building the world's biggest telescope array - with machines that don't yet exist

Turning terabytes and exabytes into galaxies at SKA

Compellent kicks EqualLogic out of Dell's bottom end: New SCv2000

New box pops up just a bit early in YouTube vid

Nothing BEATS a good anti-trust investigation, eh, Apple?

FTC gets out microscope, ponders crawl up Cupertino's ass

Samsung S6: You might get a Sony camera in it - or you might not

Some S6s are more equal than others, even among the golden ones

Barclaycard axes bonking payments bracelet

Some sort of new NFC tapcash to replace bPay 'trial' in June

Systemd hee hee: Jessie Debian gallops (slowly) into view

ReviewBut your server bits get rustled, cowboy

VOTERS! This Election: Vote #Smart, Vote #Digital

¡Bong!There are only 24 HOURS left to SAVE the Gov Digital Service

In charge of security? We need to talk...

CIO ManifestoReg Roundtable offers secure and anonymous talk and networking

18-wheeler robot juggernaut hits Nevada's highways. Cower, fleshies!

Freightliner's Inspiration Truck - more than meets the eye

Google: Are you BIG? Be welcome at the Bigtable, chomp and scoff data

Get ready for the 'Age of the Internet of STUFF'

EU Digital Single Market plan: We will compromise fast, and compromise early

Wild goose chase across level playing field begins

Hey! Want a FREE TOASTER that makes BITCOIN? What? You DO?

Worstall on WednesdayIgnore the 'leccy meter, chump

Sage boosts profit but that means NOTHING without the CLOUD

Everyone very embarrassed and upset with stupid old money from software sales

Apple MacBook 2015: Twelve inches of slim and shiny fanboi joy

ReviewAnd it's optimised for better finger fun

Too much Appley WRISTJOBBERY could be BAD for your HealthKit

Security bods warn of potential wristy fatpipe abuse

Lenovo system update flaws plugged, security world not impressed

L is for Lenovo, lax, lackadaisical, loophole and many other words

Oculus Rift VR bucket will be seen on noggins near you in 2016

Invasion of the bonce-oids foretold for Q1 next year

French MPs say Oui to Le Charteur des Snoopeurs

You think only Yankees can have a Patriot Act? Think again mon brave

EC probe into murky cross border e-commerce kicks off

Why can't I get that lower price on the Amazon site in the country next door? Eh?

Speaking in Tech: 'We're angry about the things most important to us'

PodcastAre you a believer in the One True Cloud™?

EMC dangles Puppet out of its Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Automation lab gets to probe globe

EU geo-blocking: Ansip's crusade liable to disappear through 'unjustifiable' loophole

AnalysisRobot in Distress - penny drops at Commish

Dive! Dive! Dive! Imation submarine barrels down toward rocky seabed

Pattern of newtech depth charges brackets Nexsan with shattering effects

SpaceX Dragon crew capsule in 'CHUTE ABORT drama – don't panic, no one died

Pics and vidThis is only a test. This is only a test

Why MakerBot failed – but 3D printing is far from dead

Collision 2015Trying to be too clever for its own good?

Would you trust your DNA with APPLE? HealthKit lined up as genome data trafficker

Sir Jony wants your juices. For science, of course…

How Project Centennial brings potentially millions of desktop apps to the Windows 10 Store

No more installer vomit, but Store security somewhat broken

Why don't you rent your electronic wireless doorlock, asks man selling doorlocks

Collision 2015Smart home technology adoption requires fresh thinking, says August's Jason Johnson

You've just woken from a 3-year coma. Cloud is everywhere. So how are you gonna make your millions and retire?

Collision 2015One bloke's 'Android store for cloud services' dream

Rip up your AMD obits: Gaming, VR, embedded chips to lift biz out of the red by 2016, allegedly

Make money. Permission denied. Su do make money. OK

Running Google PageSpeed Service? Come August 3rd your site is knackered

Chocolate Factory taking performance tool out behind the barn

Sorry, Windows 10 early adopters: Microsoft Edge WON'T block ads at launch

No extensibility mechanism planned for initial release

Australian Labor Party toys with a return to fibre, sometime, somewhere

Opposition party looks under lounge, finds dusty piece of its geek cred

Tencent stripped of antivirus rankings for cheating on tests

Another week, another Chinese firm accused of gaming system

FCC wants to know if carriers can grab some of YOUR WiFi signal

Consultation over the future of LTE-Unlicensed

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