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Android tool catches apps silently pumping hundreds of ad, tracking servers red-handed

Some fire off 2,000 HTTP requests in a few minutes

Italian ISS trekkie sips first zero-G cup of espresso in SPAAAACE

Lavazza's latest brew, with a slight psychological hint of urine

Cisco CEO Chambers to step down, passes baton to Robbins

AnalysisCEO's 20-year stint was built on belief in TCP/IP's destiny

Sally Beauty Supply breached AGAIN

Security makeover required

Singapore's prime minister releases source code for his hand-coded Sudoku-solver

Top that, David Cameron and Ed Miliband

Plod wants your PC? Brick it with a USB stick BEFORE they probe it

'USBKill' fries your machine to foil forensic sniffing

Key ADSL contributor Joseph W Lechleider dies at 82

The man who defeated crosstalk

House of Cards UI central to Mozilla's plans for Firefox on tellies

The deck is stacked and the designers want it that way

HP wag has last laugh at US prez wannabe with snatch

'I'm using it to tell you how many people she laid off at Hewlett-Packard'

Analogue modems allow UNSTOPPABLE Android attack ... at 13bps

Yes it's slow, but it's enough to leak data to another Android

Boffins' ball barrage bombardment biffs bumbling bimble biped-bot

Morning VidMini Star Wars scout walker attacked

'Rombertik' malware kills host computers if you attempt a cure

Say goodbye to your master boot record and home directory if you try to stop it

Mars needs TRAFFIC COP to stop probe prangs, says NASA

MAVEN and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had near miss last January

Netflix looses FIDO hack attack dog as open source

Automated incident response for the rest of us

French BIONIC EYE sits IN your peeper, feeds infrared light into nerves

No Geordi LaForge lookalikes here – it's cyberpunk goggles all the way

Relax, it's just Ubuntu 15.04. AARGH! IT'S FULL OF SYSTEMD!!!

ReviewThe future is coming, Still

Low price, big power: Virtual Private Server picks for power nerds

AWS not the boss of you? Try these VPS options...

Microsoft discontinues Media Center with Windows 10

PC-as-tellybox just not a popular enough idea, it seems

Accused Aussie game hacker flees to Europe ahead of trial

Interpol alert issued for supposedly naughty boy

Yow! It's the HOT NEW 'Collections' from Google! Oh wait ... it's a Google+ thing

No matter how I scrub, stench of death still on me

Microsoft enlists fat-piper Equinix to pump Office 365

It'll stay up diddly up up, promises Redmond

Facebook uses Nokia maps in mobes, Instagram and Messenger

Now you can get HERE, there

Atlantis kicks its flashy upstart brethren right in the price tag

Butch bezelled cut-price bruiser

Metasploit maker Rapid7 gobbles web app security testing firm

Firm hopes you'll squirt some of its sealant gunge into leaky apps

Apple Watch fanbois suffer PAINFUL RASH after sweaty wristjob action

Meanwhile: iGadgets beam secretly among themselves

Pi based kid-nerdifier Kano buried under freak cash avalanche

Your child makes the machine, we just sell you a box of bits

EXTREME FEEDING: BLUE whales' gluttonous gobbling of fishy fluids

Rubber-band nerve lets them gulp straight down throats

Firm with 80 per cent of UK mobile numbers fails to monetise them, sold to O2

Weve fails to generate workable tapcash fabric

Pacific nation accidentally does good thing in web crackdown

Suppresses dissent, stifles criticism of detention camp - but takes down Facebook too

New Tizen phone leaked: Remember it's not all just Android and iOS

Samsung push may be more for non-phone devices, but it's coming

Fat cable bods Comcast belch contentedly, stroke bulging broadband belly

We're doing fine without spending $45bn on TWC

Round Two in Sky vs Skype trademark scrap goes to Murdoch's men

UpdateEveryone knows how similar pay-TV and VOIP is...

Twitter boots out classic DOS games, world productivity surges

Back to the cat pics and slack-jawed drooling, netizens

Security bods gagged using DMCA on eve of wireless key vuln reveal

UpdatedSomebody's got a problem and doesn't want it known

iPhone case uses phone's OWN SIGNAL to charge it (forever, presumably)

TechCrunch is really pumped

EMC to open-source ViPR - and lots of other stuff apparently

'Emotional tribulations' within software giant on open-sourcery

Intel raises memory deflector shields in Xeon E7 processor refresh

Silicon will lock off shared RAM so you don't have to do it in code

Merging HP and EMC – hold on, wait, hear us out. The cap is still on the bottle of crazy pills

CommentLooking at the possibilities

In a galaxy far, far, far away ... Farthest ever star system discovered

PicAnd it was churning out suns like crazy a long time ago

Now Smartflash wants $1.6bn for its iTunes patents. Apple: You'll get nothing and like it!

Cupertino jostles again with patent troll over cloudy media

PEAK PC: 'Most' Google web searches 'come from mobiles' in US

And oh look, we've got loads of mobile ads to sell, what a coincidence!

Netflix wipes blood of Comcast/TWC from its blade, charges toward AT&T/DirecTV

Streaming giant wants changes to proposed mega-merger

Docker vs the container world: Techies rally around CoreOS-led spec

CoreOS FestThe big D is still going its own way

AGL trumps Tesla with batteries-and-solar-cell package

Adds home storage to solar power offering

Nvidia ices Icera modem division, says it's leaving mobile chips biz

It's all about gaming, cars, and cloud from now on

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