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3rd > May > 2015 Archive

Why OH WHY is economics so bleedin' awful, then?

Worstall @ the WeekendAs Brenda rightly says, no one even predicted the crash

From Manchester to Microsoft – missing mum :-(

The eXpat files'SYS Brit Noseflashes' mailing list welcomes migrants to Redmond

Bruce Schneier's Data and Goliath – solution or part of the problem?

Page File SpecialI know you're only trying to help. But ...

Bonny Scottish post-pub nosh neckfiller: Rumbledethumps

Cunning culinary plan involving turnip – from the land of Clan Blackadder

'Not paying for any of that music was probably a mistake. Buh bye!'

QuoTWPlus: 'Apple Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected'

Meet the man who inspired Elon Musk’s fear of the robot uprising

Exclusive InterviewNick Bostrom explains his AI prophecies of doom to El Reg

Apathy continues to overwhelm effort to create an internet ungoverned by America

The good news? Only a third of the 30 that responded hate it

Public prosecutor waves big stick at German spies over NSA data slurp claims

Prelim probe into allegations against BND incoming – report

Stubborn 'won't fix' Google U-turns on Chromecast vid judder twitching-eye blunder

Euro customers: 'Well, that was unexpected'

Good luck displacing Windows 7, Microsoft, it's still growing

April desktop OS usage stats show XP's really sinking fast now

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