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30th > April > 2015 Archive

Google polishes Chrome security with Password Alert

Hang out the 'Gone Phishing' sign and relax

Rand Paul is trying to murder net neutrality. Is there a US presidential election, or something?

Motion to axe rules will run right into Obama's veto stamp

Oracle, Accenture, in cloudy consulting cuddle

This is how Big Red is going to migrate you to the cloud

Macroviruses are BACK and are the future of malware, says Microsoft

It's 2015 and half a million people will still click on stuff we knew was bad in the '90s

Android gaming platform Ouya is down to its last life

Reports suggest debt restructure didn't fly and a powerup's needed

Verizon tags majors to craft SDN future

We've written a document, that's gotta be a good start

Brocade adds more Ethernet to storage

Fibre Channel endures the bizzare love triangle

VCE now competing with VMware

New play bundles Citrix virty desktops and apps, plus NetScaler

You can't keep a Secret and nor can anyone else: the app is closing

Trolls strangle anonymous chat app

Ransomware scum find the sweet spot to coin it without copping it

RSA 2015$10k demands are paid, and plod stays away

Geneva boffins make light work of random numbers

Take one photon and fake it 'til you make it

Facebook serves up shaved, pierced, tattooed 'butterfly' as CAPTCHA

VERY NSFWWhen we say 'butterfly' we mean... well...

Oxford chaps solve problem in 1982 Sinclair Spectrum manual

12-Spectrum network assembles orchestra to play Mahler symphony

NASA spies weird glow from Pluto's FRIGID pole

PicLatest New Horizons probe image shows odd features

Intel has ambitions to turn modems into virtual servers and reinvent broadband

A few cores in your modem and OpenStack driving network function virtualisation

eBay year-long patch stall a little XSSive, researcher says

Session jacking bug bores bug bounty boffins

SHA-1 crypto hash retirement fraught with problems

Bumbling duffers using WinXP and old Android releases aren't helping

France wants to make les citoyens' health data available to world+dog

Massive health database + leaky Euro government = what could possibly go wrong?

Is Grant Shapps being naughty on Wikipedia – or did a Lib Dem stitch him up?

Truth, lies and the website anyone can muck about with

Wolfram bros seek code slinger posse for IBM and Google round-up

Come in Google, your time is up. Watson, we're watching you


Cupertino idiot-tax operation junks duff throbbless jazzbangles

Windows 10 hands on: Build 10074 is for the brave - but it's pretty snazzy

Build 2015OS heading in the right direction at long last

High-speed powerline: Home connectivity without the cables

Breaking FadPerfect for security-conscious types who want cameras in every bedroom

BATWINGED DINO-PIGEON causes FLAP in bone-boffinry circles

Yi qi baffles modern dinoboffins

Brits send Star Wars X-wing fighter to the stratosphere

'F***wits from Romford' hoping for VIP tickets to The Force Awakens premiere

UK rail comms are safer than mobes – for now – say infosec bods

AnalysisIndustry told to harden systems to prevent future train smash carnage

Take time to get to know the flash you think you love

Not all SSDs are created equal

ONE BEELLION Windows 10 devices?! OH REALLY

This word 'billion' cannot mean what you think it means

UK exam board wants kids to be able to Google answers

PollBe quiet, I'm asking the questions here

Instagram's HTTPS cert expires, millions of crap photographers panic

Hipster photo platform doesn't do much for security bods

Burger me! Microsoft's chainsaw rampage through sacred cow herd

AnalysisBallmer would turn in his grave. If he was dead

TomTom MyDrive brings satnav syncing to PCs and mobiles

PicsNow you can see how late you'll be - on your own device

Ryanair stung after $5m Shanghai'd from online fuel account

They'll have to check the account now, which will cost them extra

Bulging booty bird Kim Kardashian date game biz adds Britney Spears to bottom line

Tencent gets more junk in its trunk with Glu acquisition

Heroic Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse tighten their belts

Tough going, but the end is in sight

Snapdragon 810 chip doesn't overheat, jilted Qualcomm sniffs at LG

Teary processor firm gazes green-eyed at speedy ex

ICANN's bill for clawing global DNS from Uncle Sam: $7m and counting

Amid failure after failure

Whither the PC? Mobes, slabs drive majority of traffic for top news sites

Want to actually read the story? Fire up your desktop

You can now play thousands of classic DOS games on Twitter. Goodbye, productivity

Hello, Wolfenstein 3D

Ha! Win 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 2 pops out of the Microsoft oven

Build 2015IoT Core build also on Intel MinnowBoard Max

Apple and IBM foist fondleslabs on Japanese elders in Big Data snatch

They're coming for that sweet, sweet health info. Buy more meds! From us!

Airbus to sue NSA, German spies accused of swiping tech secrets

Fighting terrorism, huh?

NetApp's all-flash FAS array is easily in the top, er, six SPC-1 machines

Better than 6th place, not quite good enough for 4th

AT&T fined for gouging Uncle Sam on phone plans for poor folk

Telco was a bit too generous with Lifeline plans

Confidential information exposed over 300 times in ICANN security snafu

But it's your fault for looking, cries inept internet overlord

NASA's Messenger craft SMASHES into Mercury: See ya later, alien crater

PicSpace super-prang at 8,000 MPH – we won't see the hole for a while, crocodile

What is Apple's idiot tax on Watch these days? 'About $265 or 80%'

Hey, rent in the Bay Area is expensive. These Cupertino engineers don't come cheap

Who thinks Microsoft Edge sucks? Erm, Microsoft

Redmond in web swoop after launch of Internet Explorer's replacement

Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office is actually working!

Latest Dept of Human Services app was developed in accordance with new guidelines

Facebook bug gobbles pics in posts, web publishers scream

Developers grumpy as clickbait shorn of pics and their pulling power

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