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29th > April > 2015 Archive

Turnbull's digital transformation team discovers user testing

If Australia's public service needs this advice, the DTO has its work cut out

DARPA's made a SELF-STEERING 50-cal bullet – with video proof

VidSpray and pray: Magic round turns unskilled bods into precision marksmen

Intel's wristjob envy sparks reorg

Palm's Bell bumped sideways, says WSJ

How do you sell fewer hard drives but make more profit? Let's ask ... Western Digital

Good trick – it eluded Seagate

Twitter's share price crashed 18% thanks to ONE LONE TWEET

Sneaky 'data science' bods guess URL, cause mayhem

SOHOpeless Realtek driver vuln hits Wi-Fi routers

SOAP scum dirties D-Link, TRENDnet and maybe more

Samsung Electronics' sales go OVER A CLIFF

Petitie profit pump provide parachute, but didn't open in time to prevent a nasty landing

PayPal adopts ARM servers, gets mightily dense

Applied Micro trumpets accelerating cloud-scale adoption in solid Q4 results

Tax shouldn't be taxing – unless you're Barracuda Networks

Ambitious fish's sales rise but paperwork triggers crash

Barclays, Halifax and Tesco still being gnawed by POODLE

Australia's NAB in strife, too, says researcher

UK's annual PCB waste = 81 HMS Belfasts, says National Physical Lab

An awful lot of light cruisers dumped into landfills

Brit boffins blow up Li-On batteries and film the melting copper

VideoThis is why Lenovo is recalling ThinkPads

Fiesta exploit kits wakes from siesta

Reports of hacker toolkit's death proven greatly exaggerated

Stop the war between privacy and security – EU data watchdog

And you don't have to keep data within national borders. Just be careful with it

Chinese report loopy Facebook redirections

Users unclear if packet racket is accident or attack

Apple Watch HATES tattoos: Inky pink sinks rinky-dink sensor

Apple in 'Won't Work With Hipster Body Art' shocker

Paranoid about the NSA? The case for dumping cloud's Big 3

Can you achieve security through the obscurity of regional ISPs?

Your new car will dob you in to the cops if you crash, decrees EU

Lifesaving prang-snoop SIMs will only transmit basic info

Free markets aren't rubbish – in fact, they solve our rubbish woes

Worstall on WednesdayJust one of my tiny attempts to make the world a better place

E-voting and the UK election: Pick a lizard, any lizard

FeatureWould digital democracy really solve our political problems?

Smile! Brit transport plods turn bodycams on travelling public

You've been, er, framed on the train and now you're in the cloud. Huzzah

Anonymous benefactor to match today's Quid-A-Day donations

Reg reader will fork out up to £750, so prise open your wallets

New EU security strategy: Sod cyber terrorism, BAN ENCRYPTION

Guff-laden policy also includes more private data hoovering

Jeez, AT&T. Billing a pensioner $24,000 for dialup is pretty low

83-yr-old AOL subscriber panics when stupid bill hits mat

Give me POWER: How to keep working when the lights go out

Business continuity is not a dirty word. It's two words. But they're not dirty ones

Fondleslab deaths grounded ALL of American Airlines' 737s

UpdatedBizarre iPad fail KOs dozens of flights

Speaking in Tech: Comcast bails from TWC merger – a nation cheers

PodcastMeanwhile, AWS and Microsoft duke it out in the cloud

Infinidat decloaks, bulging with a BILLION greenbacks

Moshe Yanai’s latest storage upstart unicorn bares its horn

Big Blue boffins claim quantum computing measurement leap

+VidSeeing AND assessing more than one error at a time? Hold my coat, IBM got this

'Android on Windows': Microsoft tightens noose around neck, climbs on chair

Build 2015Surely they can't be that desperate ...

Google officially doubles EU lobbying – but true figure is surely higher

More chocolate dessert, Commissioner?

Gambling with your data: Betfair fixes HUGE account reset email vuln

Hidden form field let anyone take control of punters' cash

Facebook policy wonk growls at Europe's mass of data laws

Don't speak to the face cos the book is closed, m'kay?

Why the US government reckons it should keep phone network kill-switches a secret

AnalysisIt all comes down to the word "any"

The world's first proper Bitcoin exchange will be live in a month

New York's Department of Financial Services ready to publish new rules

NetApp CTO Jay Kidd resigns and retires from the industry

But he promises the company will still have his advocacy ONTAP

Visual Studio running on OS X and Linux for free? SO close

Build 2015Microsoft's new cross-platform editor show non-Windows devs some love

Zoom in on HDS' Hyper Scale-out Platform kit

Hyper-converged box avoids the NameNode bottleneck

This is Sparta? No - it's Microsoft Edge, Son of Internet Explorer

Build 2015Redmond's new standards-compliant browser gets a real name at last

Oh, hey, look – it's the hardware storing all your medical records

Imagine if GE owned EMC – that's Hitachi today

ROBOT telescope discovers ENORMOUS planetary neighbours

If robots can find planets, why can't they find the ingredients to get me a G&T?

SECRET PROTOTYPE iPAD 'stolen from RANDY Apple employee'

Bloke pepper-sprayed and kidnapped in online ad sting, it is claimed

JP Morgan bank bod accused of flogging customer account info

FBI snitch exposes alleged account-emptying scam

US Congress promises death to patent trolls in bipartisan law scribbling

Joint press conference promises to finally pass law

Microsoft: It's TRUE, you'll get Android and iOS apps in WINDOWS

Build 2015Redmond wants no developers to be left out

PICTURE-TASTIC: Microsoft woos devs to HoloLens virtuo-goggs

Build 2015Hey - can YOU think of a reason to strap one of these to your face?

HDS turns its back to ASICs: Storage vaults to rely on x86 sans magic

Tickling IT buyers' sensitivities by hitting the G-spot

LG glances at red-stained bank account, crosses fingers for G4

Leather-clad Android 5.1 smartie will make a difference – if people buy it

Calamity cargo capsule DOOMED: Space station pod in fireball re-entry

VidWe come in pieces

Exclusive interview: Malcolm Turnbull quizzes Malcolm Turnbull

Vulture South defrosts Turnbull 2012 to see if his opposition positions have kept well

Someone is trying to buy Salesforce – but who could it be?

SaaS upstart hires bean counters after mystery giant comes knocking

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