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24th > April > 2015 Archive

Microsoft: Profit DECIMATED because you people aren't buying PCs

Around 10 per cent missing from this time last year

Ransomware crims drop Bitcoin faster than Google axes services

RSA 2015Rocky BTC only good for laundering cash, not saving and spending

Licence to chill: Ex-CIA spyboss Petraeus gets probation for leaking US secrets to his mistress

Slap on the wrist for his Thunder-balls-up

Watch out for the products that have snuck in behind your back

Danger lurks in shadow IT

Citrix decides to share its WAN optimisation with the world

Promises real-time least-cost routing in the back of cloudy Beetle

Seagate close to open-sourcing Kinetics object storage platform

Keep your eye on the OpenStack summit

Dell expands open networking program with new switches

IP Infusion joins Round Rock's not-quite-white-box switching plan

Microsoft to offer special Surface 3 for schools

Even with reduced on-board storage, 'the cloud ate my homework' isn't going to cut it

LenovOUCH expands bits-blistering bodgy battery boomerang

ThinkPads burn two, turn punter's skin scarlet and burned their clothes

China tackles vital strippers-at-funeral problem

Only one stiff allowed per service

VMware makes vSphere licences portable to crimp EVO:RAIL costs

Buy for old-skool servers, transfer to hipstercoverged boxen, irritate Nutanix et al

Rackspace in Crawley: This is a local data centre for local people

But everywhere is for Uncle Sam


Buy 2000AD online, get DRM-free copies forever

giffgaff riff-raff hacked off with lift-off of cash spaff

The company with no CAPITALS wants to lend capital

Disk drive shipment numbers set to spin down

Rush to flash and collapse of PC market fingered for decline

EU’s Timmermans: You can have our ear, lobbyists – just don't lie

Lest I unleash a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ on you

Revenue jumps, but FalconStor still wobbly on its feet

Out of the wheelchair at least, slowly walking around

Violin playing marketing Love songs with new CMO

Mysterious hire has NetApp experience

Surveillance, broadband, zero hours: Tech policy in a UK hung Parliament

Election 2015Mixing and matching the party manifesto promises

Apple Watch RIPPED APART, its GUTS EXPOSED to hungry Vultures

TeardownGaze upon Cook's wristjob, ye fanbois, and despair

Avnet TS boss: restructuring over, no more navel gazing for us

FX chaos hits sales but biz stability and rising demand helps out

Hadoop ODP: No thanks says MapR, and Cloudera isn't impressed either

It benefits Hortonworks, not us

Apple Watch: Exactly how many vids does it take to teach a fanboi to tell the time?

10 ... the first one explores how to wait for delivery

ECJ upholds LG’s €210M LCD panel cartel fine

Selling to your mum and dad doesn't make it OK

Microsoft vs AWS: If you can't bark with the BIG DOGS get off the PORCH

A tight squeeze in the cloud

UK rail signals could be hacked to cause crashes, claims prof

He's also flogging anti-hack tech. Make of that what you will

SUPERVOLCANIC MAGMA reservoir BUBBLING under Yellowstone Park

Could fill the Grand Canyon 11 times over

Value of European outsourcing deals plummets

Folk don't want to do mega deals these days, it seems

Oh Em Pee! Giant Android tinkles on Apple in Google Maps graffiti

UpdatedGolden shower for fruit-bitten icon

Can't wait to bonk with Apple? Then try an Android phone

Blighty bonking tech updated – although not a lot

Unisys looks to ‘streamline’ as losses increase, sales fall

‘Enhancing competitiveness’ also probably a good idea

The big boys made us do it: US used German spooks to snoop on EU defence industry

Lickspittles may have leaked military secrets to America

US judge lobs antivirus patents back to Hell

Loss of two patents cripples case against Trend Micro, could slash Symantec payout

Sick of tech bro Silicon Valley? Oakland is building a better tech world – say Oaklanders

'We don't need any more photo-sharing apps'

Win 95 code gaffe nearly made Stuxnet Suxnet, say infosec blokes

RSA 2015But was the Iranian nuke lab bothering malware really that buggy?

Looking for laxatives, miss? Shoppers stalked via smartphone Wi-Fi

FTC tsks at startup promising an opt-out that was invisible to millions of citizens

Why Box and not SharePoint? 'Everybody doesn't hate us' says Box engineering veep

BoxDEVCloud storage company launches Developer Edition with app-specific users

Comcast flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable

Thing we all knew was going to happen has officially happened

ZOMBIE Google Glass 2 FEEDS ON Italian BRAINS, says specs supremo

Techno-goggles comeback appears to be in the works

Oracle's Hurd says 95% of its software will be cloud services this year

Big Red 'not protecting anything,' says co-CEO

Here's why the Pentagon is publishing its cyber-warfare rulebook – if China hasn't already hacked in and read it

A 'don't make me come over there' moment in infosec

Internet kingmakers drop ego, devise future of DNS, IP addys etc

Sane IANA plan released for public comment

Bloke, 22, in knockoff Microsoft Xbox ring gets 18 months in the cooler

Source code, blueprints swiped by gang

Fandroids, take your phone's antivirus and burn it – Android bod

RSA 2015Our security is that good, honest

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