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23rd > April > 2015 Archive

'Aaron's Law' back on the table to bring sanity to US hacking laws

Zofgren, Wyden and Paul back changes to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

What's broken in this week's Windows 10 build? Try the Start Menu, for one

At least Visual Studio doesn't crash anymore

Boffins laser print flexible transistors

If you can't stand the heat, turn down the temperature

Game to go a round with a Spartan? Microsoft will pay if you bruise it

Redmond broadens its bug bounty program to harden up Windows 10

Singapore's PM personally programmed C++ Suduko-solver

Sorry I haven't coded lately, says Lee Hsien Loong, but when I retire I'll learn Haskell

Australia's favourite(ish) telco taking SDN to the world

New POPs expand network for retiring brand

Freescale preps white box switch for Interop launch

Shipments expected H2 2015

Russian space geckos caught on film playing with jeweled collar

VideoFifty shades of серый, comrade

Junk in your trunk is Amazon Germany's new delivery plan

DHL deliverators to get one-time codes to pop keyless cars

Atalla the hun(ter) leads HP cloud security invasion

Partnerships provide new analytics, threat detection, cloud, mobe capabilities

Love-rat fanboi left bobbing for Apples in tiny Japanese bath

WARNING: Contains strong imagery of drowned iThings from the outset

Cash register maker used same password – 166816 – non-stop since 1990

RSA 2015Your PoS is a P.O.S., chortle hackers, uneasily

Windows 10 Device Guard: Microsoft's effort to keep malware off PCs

RSA 2015You'll need a machine with the right IOMMU tech

Fukushima nuke plant owner told to upgrade from Windows XP

48,000 PCs at TEPCO still run Microsoft's unloved child

Belgian minister set to legalise Uber

After waffling on, it's about to do something ‘inherently sensible’

Banking trojan scourge gallops on, despite more fences

RSA 2015New threats evolved in 2014, mainly aimed at the US

Beowulf Gods — rip into cloud's coding entrails

Slay distributed dragons with old-school skills

McLaren CIO putters sideways into Heathrow Airport

So far that's aircraft and cars for Birrell. Trains next?

Facebook profits plunge by a fifth as buyouts soak up Zuck's cash

Cheer up Mark: sales nearly doubled at your content farm

Computacenter UK giggles as cash rains on revived data centre ops

If only the French and German outfits were doing so well

MEPs: Oi, Juncker! Hands off our science and research dosh

No robbing Pietro to pay Paulo, please, Mr President

SEX: Naughty female stegosauruses offered it on a PLATE

These beasts really DID have two backs

Teradata's Aster shows how the flowers of fraud bloom

CommentThe art of analytics is no longer restricted to data scientists

Costa Coffee Club members wake up and smell the data breach

A rich roast of fail could brew up a lot of trouble for members

Industry infighting means mobile users face long delays on UK trains

CommentWhen it comes to coverage on the rail network, we're all in second class

EMC's curate's egg sees revenues waiting for new product take-offs

Old storage wilts and there's not enough new stuff yet

Cloudy storage merchant Box sneaks on to Chromebooks

The banker's offer just went through the roof

NetApp’s Raijin deal was driven by simple value for money

CommentTwo million dollars worth of kit now delivered

Massive TalkTalk data breach STILL causing customer scam tsunami

Fall-out from massive February data theft continues

Infosec bods can now sniff out the NSA's Quantum Insert hacks

Sneaky state-sponsored snoopery can be picked up by counting HTTP packets

If hypervisor is commodity, why is VMware still on top?

Microsoft and open-source rivals lose it in the labs

The huge flaw in Moore’s Law? It's NOT a law after all

From homemade nitroglycerine to Intel: Meet Gordon Moore

Citrix – Sorry, we didn't realise job cuts would knacker results

Redundancies and FX volatility cut down profits by 48%

EMC dives into Iron Mountain's cloudy backup lair

Ferrous Hillock offers cloud backup, replication and DR

Google: We're not mad, our mobes-in-sky Project Loon is FINE

Political problems may yet deflate penguin-centric net coverage plan

Got a Samsung Galaxy S5? Crooks can steal your fingerprint – claim

RSA 2015You can change a password. You can change a PIN. Good luck changing your skin

Your essential guide: What to look for in today's Amazon, Google, and Microsoft earnings

AnalysisIaaS indeed, it's one helluva PaaS-ing contest

America's cyber-security proto-laws branded 'surveillance in disguise'

You wait ages for a computer security bill, then two come along at once

Comcast 'flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable'

Cable giant sees writing on the wall, cuts bait in biz gobble battle, says insider

Dissing the Valley and ignoring unicorns: The tech boom Oakland style

AnalysisUpstart conference starts up with a splash near the lake

Amazon lifts lid on AWS money factory, says it's a $5 BEEEELLION biz

But dragging retail meant it lost money for the quarter anyway

>Ring, ring< Hey Wall St. Yeah, it's Google. Yeah, bad news again, fellas

Missed analysts' expectations again. How healthy is Mountain View's cloud biz?

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