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22nd > April > 2015 Archive

TV networks peck at sun-bleached skeleton of Aereo, come away with $950,000

A pittance, but it's better nothing, right?

Evil Wi-Fi kills iPhones, iPods in range – 'No iOS Zone' SSL bug revealed

RSA 2015The fix? RUN AWAY!

Tech companies aren't 'misleading' us, Oz Tax Office tells Senate

No fibs, but we disagree with what they say

IEEE chaps propose QoS for SDN across the public internet

Border Gateway Protocol can't do the job and we need something new for future WANs

Citrix likes OpenStack, puts a cheap ring on it

Signs up as Corporate Sponsor and plans to join technical committees

Good news! Your job's not going to the Philippines

Bad news: outsourcers now prefer Vietnam and Bulgaria's booming

Google vs. AWS race to the bottom detours into Super SSD Spring Sale

Low, low prices may not be quite the lure cloud companies hope they will be

Broadcom tops US$2 billion in March quarter

Plus, new ToR SoC for 100 Gbps era

Infosec bod's brag: Text editor pops Avaya phones FOREVER

RSA 2015You could patch, but it probably won't help, PhD bloke says

Japan showcases really, really fast … whoa, WTF was that?!

Maglev train zooms into record books doing 603KPH

Pica8 pokes SDN traffic into labelled BGP paths

Loosing logical domains across the wide area network

It's official: David Brents are the weakest link in phishing attacks

Middle managers are infosec's biggest problem, says study

El Reg assembles mighty Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse

11 on board for Live Below the Line challenge

More SAP-sipping orgs fancy a date with HANA – if only they had the time and money

Not necessarily a shoo-in yet

Something's missing in our universe: Boffins look into the SUPERVOID

Much ado about nothing much

Throwing money at bug bounties won't beat zero-day dark markets

RSA 2015Study shows tools and bragging rights key to beating criminals

GDS monopoly leaves at risk of IT cock-ups, warns report

We don't HAVE to develop everything ourselves... ahem

VMware's growth plans are ripening nicely

Q1 results look rosy, other than for that pesky US dollar smacked by EU competition bods. Yeah, yeah, yeah

Shop for your holidays AFTER July this year

Teradata bulks up its universe, joins data warehouse to data lake

Company prepares for new products, new Labs president, wet ankles

Google versus the EU: Sigh. You can't exploit a contestable monopoly

Worstall on WednesdayAs the Chinese found out with those pesky rare earths

Cheer up songwriters, there's shedloads of money rolling in

Someone's earning plenty. It just isn't you

ExaGrid giving rivals plenty of jaw-jaw

CEO really crowing about software upgrades. Calm down dude

Excessively fat virtual worlds – come on, it's your guilty secret

Does my server look big in this?

Yahoo! sees! profit! and! shares! fall! as! earnings! missed! - save! us! Japan!

Oyasumi nasai Vienna

London man arrested over $40 MILLION HFT flash crash allegations

CommentWhat's Navinder Singh Sarao said to have done?

Ubuntu 15.04 to bring 'Vivid' updates for cloud, devices this week

Canonical claims first-to-market with LXD, OpenStack 'Kilo'

Facebook fiddles with News Feed algo. Brace yourself for CONTENTGEDDON

Zuck: Always looking for ways of eating a publisher's lunch

Fed-up Colorado man takes 9mm PISTOL to vexing Dell PC

Pumps eight rounds into troublesome box

Google it onna Google phone onna GOOGLE NETWORK. MVNO plan imminent

Wi-Fi, a little Sprint, and a little T-Mobile

Hyperconverged solutions can't live without flash

Change is in the air

Chat app WhatsApp gift-wraps free yaps for Apple iPhone saps

Come on, fanbois, help the Zuckerborg destroy mobe firms

Coffee cup-sized MIT machine can SEE actual ELECTRONS, boast boffins

Neutrino mass search takes another big step

Don't worry, Apple hypegasms haven't gone in the WRISTJOB ERA

Watch and new Macbook online-only debut "unique"

French outsourcer Atos fattens revenues on UK public sector

UK government biz buoys otherwise flat sales

Got a big day planned in 15 billion years? You need this clock

You'll never be late for that special restaurant date

Speaking in Tech: How about that hacker guy thrown off a US flight for tweeting?

PodcastThe TSA really doesn’t have a sense of humor

CozyDuke hackers targeting prominent US targets

Russian speakers offer up spoofed emails, ZIPs and malware

Republicans in sneaky bid to reauthorize Patriot Act spying until 2020

Bill to keep mass snooping alive bypasses traditional committee oversight

Comcast accused of torpedoing Hulu sale to rivals with weapon of mass transactions

And why the US DoJ may not be best pleased

GoDaddy buys 200,000 domains for $28.1m – that's $140 a piece

Meanwhile, the web's other currency Bitcoin stands at 1 BTC for $237

Half a BILLION dollars later and, PHEW, we're all done buying up dot-word domain rights

Now ICANN has to decide how to spend its cut

Hi, Fi: Google JOWL-SLAPS mobile bigguns with $20/mo wireless service

Joint effort with T-Mobile US, Sprint to charge by the gig

FBI alert: Get these motherf'king hackers off this motherf'king plane

One guy made a joke? OK, this just got real – keep your eyes peeled, everyone

Qualcomm profits sink as it hands over nearly a BEEELLION dollars in fines to China

Antitrust claims settled, but rough seas ahead

Facebook, Google execs cough to their biggest privacy blunders

RSA 2015Beacon for Zuck & Co, not hard to guess Google's

What is the REAL value of your precious, precious data?

Data Pair – Part 2Why your personal information isn't as important as you think

Nobody should have to see their own rear, but that's what Turnbull's NBN will do to Australia

4K is just the beginning: Virtual Reality's second coming will need even more bandwidth

Crap ad app hack hole affects '100 MEELLLION'

RSA 2015Advertising network library runs any old code it's given, conf audience told

Facebook invents Caller ID ... say Hello to today's staggering technology

As Zuck's profits drop 20 per cent from this time last year

When the Schmidt hits The Man: Look what the NSA made Google do

BoxDEVExec chairman thinks everything is hunky-dory now

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