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21st > April > 2015 Archive

Australia mulls dumping the .com from – so you can bake URLs like

NZ and UK tried it, and they're still standing

Lawyer: Cops dropped robbery case rather than detail FBI's StingRay phone snoop gizmo

Cell tracker kept secret at expense of criminal complaint

Mt Gox LEAKED Bitcoin for years before heist, says WizSec

When the crooks struck, freedom was just another word for nothing left to lose

D-Link: sorry we're SOHOpeless

PS. Most products don't have a fix yet

No, Optus: don't try US-style net neutrality arguments in Oz

Coupon-clipping the customer

JavaScript CPU cache snooper tells crooks EVERYTHING you do online

New research sends browser kingpins scurrying for fixes

AssangeTM ♥s dictator Kim Jong-un say Sony Pictures' lawyers

Media again asked to ignore the purloined letters


Still not looking like alien signal mirrors, though

Flying giant octopus menaces New York

New Statesman launches highly improbable eight-legged unit of weight

Elon Musk wanted Google to buy Tesla, says ex-Vulture's book

Did Larry nearly curl up with billionaire biz baron?

CenturyLink boosts DaaS capital by acquiring Orchestrate

NoSQL fu for everyone, spread across the clouds

SharePoint's next release delayed until deep into 2016

Microsoft's cloud-first plan looks like making on-premises software the poor relation

UN: E-waste's 42 million tonnes represents 'valuable' (and ‘toxic’) urban mine

7% is unwanted mobes, PCs, printers

Mortgage data splashed all over the net. Thanks HSBC Finance

Not a hack, just a massive balls up!

Flash dead end is deferred by TLC and 3D

CommentBehold, data centre bods, the magical power of three

Yay, we're all European (Irish) now on Twitter (except Americans)

New privacy rules puts majority of users beyond NSA's reach

Lapider les corneilles! French Patriot Act faces growing opposition

Petition denouncing fast-track snooping law tops 100,000 signatures

Cloud-engorged SAP's profits nosedive by a QUARTER

Look, look, cloudy growth, babbles company

Want to super scale-out? You'll be hungry for flash

Nothing succeeds like flash-excess

Neurobabble makes nonsense brain 'science' more believable

Coming soon: Neuroscience aftershave!

Hyper-convergence: Whither the alternative stack, VM lads?

CommentEveryone wants the happy people on their side

Nork hackers no pantomime villains, but a hugely unpredictable menace

RSA 2015Modest resources, but can launch debilitating attacks

ARM wrestles analysts' guesses to floor after slurping IP Kool-Aid

Chip shop punts 3.8 billion units in the quarter, runs shipments at 450Hz

Trading Standards pokes Amazon over 'libellous' review

Firm won't delete it even though it's totally false

Thinking of following Facebook and going DIY? Think again

DIY vs COTS: Part 1Brand new data centre off the shelf? Suits you, sir

Adapt Managed Services to be sold this year, whisper sources

Wanna take a chunk out of Lyceum-backed cloudy biz?

Mortal Kombat: Brawler gaming's quintessential gorefest

Antique Code Show'So real it hurts'

Switches complete Avaya SDN suite

Stackables add access piece to Fx jigsaw

Netlist gets derisory $2 award following Diablo IP theft trial kerfuffle

Diablo and SanDisk have shipment bans lifted and Netlist can't lift a finger

IBM: We've got the shiny new kit. Now we need to polish the sales teams

Told you so: Big Blue finally comes clean on its January restructure

Seagate rides on Cray's tails as supercomputer sales spike

Storage for weather-predicting, nuke-simulating, oil-chasing monsters proves lucrative

ID yourself or get NOTHING (except Framework), snarls Metasploit

Outside the US and Canada? Request licence and bend over

'Leaked' EU digi wish list: Junkets for Eurocrats, sops to copyright and telcos

Brussels invents a new gravy train for itself

Thank heavens for the silicon chip: A BRIEF history of data

Data Pair – Part 1You have a pair of bones in Africa to thank for Larry Ellison

Apple Watch shipments: Pick a number, double it. Hey, it worked for them

There's lovely. Enough for everyone in Wales

Tesco broadband goes TITSUP, world keeps turning on wobbly-wheeled trolley

Total Inability To ... oh, wait, who cares?!

Whee! IBM storage hardware revenues just keep sliding and sliding

Big Blue ready to splash the Big Bucks?

Ad-blocking is LEGAL: German court says Ja to browser filters

French publishers shrug, consider their own case

Android mobe biz OnePlus goes to the dogs - or maybe cats

Drops the need for an invitation, so just come along

Docker huddles under Linux patent-troll protection umbrella

OIN prepares to repel tedious fools' legal droplets

VAMPIRE SQUID romps stun scientists: Unique sex lives revealed

PicTalk about a motion in the ocean

BEND OVER, boy! Twitter lockdown to give trolls and bullies a good LICKING

New abuse policies turn the ad platform into a classroom

Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs

'Try the built-in browser – that might work'

Dead Steve Jobs' wage-fixing pact in Silicon Valley was news to us, claim Apple directors

Cupertino's top brass fend off lawsuit from shareholders

OS X Yosemite still open to Rootpipe hijacking, says ex-NSA bod

Apple hasn't patched admin privilege backdoor in 10.10.3, it's claimed

RSA supremo rips 'failed' security industry a new backdoor, warns of 'super-mega hack'

RSA 2015Walls and moats can't beat ladders and boats

Top US Democrats cry death to Comcast-Time Warner hyper-gobble

Six senators write letter to FCC and DoJ warning about costs and competition

White House cyber-general says US must be able to cyber-nuke the worst of the cyber-worst

RSA 2015Threaten America, and you'll regret it

Google guru: Android doesn't have malware, it has Potentially Harmful Applications™ instead

RSA 2015And who installs five AV apps on their mobes?

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