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20th > April > 2015 Archive

Watch: Nasty JPEG pops corporate locks on Windows boxes

VidBad validation leads to total pwnage, hacker shows

Google makes life easier for mixed-content sysadmins

Serve HTTPS without remaking your HTTP content

NBN Co to trial faster fixed wireless services

Bushies to get 25-50Mbps if their retailers want it

Optus fires up Azure clone for Australia

Cloud strategy coming real soon now says telco

Digital killed the radio star: Norway names FM switchoff date

Analogue's reign dear, digital fjorges ahead

Your city's not smart if it's vulnerable, says hacker

Major vendors block hackers from testing insecure IoT kit

NTT adds two bit barns to gathering global cloud

Embiggens RagingWire and plans new build in Mumbai

Microsoft proves Pinocchio's a real boy with proofs tool

'Geppetto' gives verifiable computation a boost

Chrome 42 breaks vSphere web client thanks to ye olde NPAPI

Virtzilla management plug-in uses ancient Netscape plugin format that Google's binned

High on bath salts, alleged Norse god attempts tree love

Florida police try and stop lightning flinger with … electricity. D’oh!

30 per cent of servers, storage and switches now sold to clouds

US$16.5 billion spent on public cloud alone in 2014 says IDC

Microsoft absorbs open-source internal startup MS Open Technology

2,000 open source projects later, Redmond reckons it's ready to imbibe open goodness

iPhone vs. Galaxy fight hospitalises two after beer bottle stabbing

Mix of Android, iOS and booze turns nasty in Oklahoma

Qumulo gets fat appliance alongside skinny fast one

Scale-out big box is a 1,000-node wannabe Isilon-beater

Chinese 'Superphone' manufacturer declares war on Apple

Godwin's Law makes an appearance during handset launch

Met Police puts iPads, Windows and Android mobes on trial

No decision on what to use for two years, though

Green your data centre – without ending up in the Job Centre

Going Green: Tactics (Part 2)Budget and planet-saving technology ideas

NatWest and RBS' mobile banking apps go TITSUP

UPDATETotal Inability To Support Usual Performance KOs moneymen

Anonymous unleashes online petition against US info-sharing bills

CISA and CISPA bills 'undermine the Fourth Amendment'

The data centre design that lets you cool down – and save electrons

A chilling tale from the server aisles

HP's $3bn Aruba buy ‘significantly undervalues’ wireless operator

Giant's deal a steal, almost literally, alleges litigant

Kremlin hackers exploited TWO 0-day Flash, Windows vulns

Operation RussianDoll smelled like Russian miscreants, say infosec bods

Uh oh, it's Mobilegeddon! Your site may lose, well, pennies

CommentRace to the bottom for shrinking ad revenues

Apple will cut down 36,000 acres of forest in 'conservation scheme'

Woodlands to provide ALL of Apple's packaging needs

Coms: Yes, we DID appoint advisors to flog off our voice biz

Crystal ball not cracked, insists irritated firm

Azure Fabric Service is Microsoft's answer to 'microservices' app dev

New PaaS offering combines service orchestration and automation

Seagate's third quarter results looking lacklustre as profits tumble

Getting a bit tired are we? Need a lie down?

Raytheon borgs Websense to create cybersecurity behemoth

What's the new firm going to be called? Raysense? Webtheon?

Thought your dept was on budget this year? THINK AGAIN, matey

Tech vendors' PRICE HIKE will come soon, say sources

VMware fires Photon torpedo – a homegrown Linux for microservices

'Lightwave' security layer to bind containers running in lightweight distro

Post Office denies IT blunders led to criminal charges against posties

'Systemic problems' with Horizon system firmly denied

Hutchison Whampoa launches wholesale global MVNE venture

Father of Three wants to sire more networks

Whizzy-fast Microsoft Azure Premium Storage now available. With a catch, natch

SSD based go-faster stripes 'will double write throughput'

Huawei P8: Chinese mobes have arrived and the West should tremble

AnalysisFlagship breathes down Samsung's neck

BuzzFeed: We don't pull 'articles' due to advertiser pressure VERY OFTEN

It is MUCH more common to pull them 'cos they're crap

EMEA PC market circling rim, headed for U-bend plunge

No, people: Not Intel, not even Windows 10 can save PC shipments this year

IT'S WAR: Hacktivists throw in their lot with spies and the military

FeatureCode develops into a major weapon

NASA guy to White House: Be really careful with that HTTPS stuff

What's wrong with a 'waiver process'?

Loose lips slip when Windows 10 ships: 'End of July' says AMD CEO

But will it be ready in time?

Ex-Windows designer: Ballmer was dogmatic, Sinofsky's bonkers, and WinPho needs to change

You will learn to love Hamburger menus. You will

Comcast, Time Warner Cable in crunch talks with FCC, DoJ over $42bn mega-merger

First major sit-down talks over monopoly fears

Windows 10 MURDERED your Lumia? Microsoft says it may have a fix

Revamped Recovery Tool takes it nice and slow

Web advertising giant (Google) to spew ads over web – using HTTPS

Pledge to SSL billboards by summer

The content business wants Netflix out of Australia

How do you think Netflix gets stuff here? Over the VPNs the government wants to ban

Twitter direct message INVASION: How to stop EVERYONE spaffing into your DMs

Step 1. Do nothing

Nokia will be the mobile comeback kid in 2016 – wishful-thinking sources

'Lots of great stuff' in the pipeline, allegedly

IBM feathers pillow with System z cash – but still losing sleep after 12 quarters of decline

Not a wink of sales growth in THREE YEARS

NetApp nails 11PB Oz supercomputer storage deal

Unconventional 57,472-core system is Raijin, but no bull

That's right: FBI agents can't pretend to be ISP repairmen to search homes without a warrant

Vegas hotel raid broke 4th Amendment, says judge

Tale of 2 cyber-confabs: Govts, nerds on one side. Shock hotel room searches on the other

AnalysisThe offline and online worlds are so similar now

Microsoft to open first flagship Store beyond North America

Redmond reckons Sydney shop will be regional hub for Asia. Enjoy the long flight!

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