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16th > April > 2015 Archive

Cram my freebies into Android phones and get a royalty discount, says Microsoft (allegedly)

Mobe makers get lower patent fees in exchange for bloatware

VMware's vCloud Air to launch database DRaaS, pipe in more clouds

Exclusive'Thousands' of customers now and plans to repeat Google deal to win more

Revealed: The AMAZING technology behind Apple's $1299 Retina MacBooks – a lot of glue

PicsRAM and SSDs stuck down with Sir Jony's juice

Dropbox launches 'limitless' bug bounty

Back pay on its way

Boost your attachment size with this one weird trick

Office 365 emails can now carry 150MB of baggage, but it may not fit in the overhead bins

Borg routers open to repeat remote DoS attack

Patches cooked for five versions of Cisco's IOS

Target settles with MasterCard for US$19 million

You can do this their way, or run the legal gauntlet yourself

Exchange Server 2016 will be mostly Cloud Exchange ported back on-premises

Collaborative mobile lawyers, Exchange Server 2016's for you


Philae lander to come alive soon, says ESA, but has no magnetic field to contend with

D-Link router patch creates NEW SOHOpeless vuln

You keep using that word 'security'. I do not think it means what you think it means

Google's new scribble-tab-ulous handwriting interface for Android

First LookScrawl-ware does 82 languages, @s and "quotes"

DRONE ALONE: US Navy secretary gives up on manned fighters

But 3D-printed aircraft made at sea look interesting, especially bureaucrat-killers

Stateside security screeners sacked for squeezing 'sexy' sacks

Is that a gun in your pocket or just a love truncheon?

India tech firms flee from Facebook's 'freebie access'

'A little free net is better than nothing' says Zuck, but sites bail fearing neutrality fail

Bluetooth SIG launches dev studio to encourage development

Give me your lightbulbs, your locks, your net-enabled forks yearning to be free

Samsung's PCIe flash card: Slim, speedy, and just nibbling power

Mass production in Sammy's foundries begins

APT group hacks cyber-spy gang in spy-on-spy pwnage

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room

Nokia to take $6bn bath on Navteq following AlcaLuc purchase

Tells navigation business to get lost

Ukraine conflict spilling over into cyber-crime, warns former spy boss

InfiltrateRussian spooks are arming crooks, says Canadian ex-agent

Hybrid IT? Not a long-term thing, says AWS CTO

AWS SummitCloud security now ‘much stronger than on-premises’

IBM’s 700TB security threat database enters the cloud. Look to the heavens, hackers

'Think of it as Pinterest for security'

Labour policy review tells EU where to stuff its geo-blocking ban

Ansip told to remove his licensing tanks from Europe's patchy lawn

DTS announces DTS:X – sparks object-based audio war with Dolby

Breaking FadNew multi-channel sound technology loves the speakers you already have

Jawbone Up4 tapcash wristjob: Get BONKING with the latest sweaty hipster toy

'Advanced sleep'. You’ve unlocked a new level: Snoring

WORLD+DOG line up to SLAM Google after anti-trust case unveiled

Lots of angry biz folk gleefully stick the knife in

Scientists tail whales, hails their tales of record 14,000-mile migration

So heartwarming, it makes you want to blubber

Amazon CTO destealths to throw light on AWS data centre design

All-black outfit to explain it ain't just about the white boxen

Scouts' downed Compass database won't be back 'til autumn

Doesn’t look like anyone’s been Scouting for Data

Bloodied SanDisk preps for job cuts after market reading mis-steps

CommentTaking ‘aggressive measures to regain excellence’. Better hurry

Miscreants rummage in lawyers' silky drawers at will, despite warnings

173 UK law firms found hackers had their fingers in briefs last year

LA schools want multi-million Apple refund after kids hack iPads

$1.3bn of locked-down Apple tech issued to school kids. Success was surely inevitable

Hungry Apple fanbois can now buy a lunch date with Tim Cook

Hour-long guzzle sesh costs just $165,000 - and counting

Microsoft set to penetrate Cyanogen, promises app-y ending

Consumer apps and enterprise apps, they mean

Graphene spintronics crowned latest Moore's Law extender contender

It's not just politicians and PRs who are powered by spin

Pure Storage shoves channel growth ahead of IPO dream bid

Two-tier distribution and two new hires to get sales of kit moving

Bank-card-sniffing shop menace Punkey pinned down in US Secret Service investigation

Never Mind Other Malware, Here's the Hex Pistols

What's that coming over the Dot Hill, is it is a monster? Is it a sales monster?

SAN biz in Automatics gear

What's that THUD sound? It's your Lumia's best feature after unflashing Windows 10

Preview builds pulled after reports of bricked devices

Yelp can protect critics in rough reviews row: Virginia yanks rug from under furious carpet biz

Top court strikes down previous order to unmask users

Yahoo! chief! Marissa! Mayer! stings! Bing! in! ad! bling! fling! win!


Google: Go ahead, XP stalwarts, keep on using Chrome safely all YEAR

Support deadline extended for upgrade stragglers

Someone PLEASE stop patent trolls' stroking their favorite tool, cries Google and friends

US trade watchdog ITC needs reform to end $bn blackmail

Sysadmins, patch now: HTTP 'pings of death' are spewing across web to kill Windows servers

Patch Tuesday bug reverse engineered by Thursday

Remember SeaMicro? Red-ink-soaked AMD dumps it overboard

Which is accelerating faster: its APUs or its revenue decline?

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