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14th > April > 2015 Archive

Four boggling websites we found hidden in the BitTorrent network using the Maelstrom browser

PicsChromium clone enters beta, plus tools to set up sites

Got iOS 8.3 installed? Pssh, you are SO last week… version 8.4 is out

The cool kids are already running the beta

Puny humans flub ANOTHER Google cloud patch

Immaturity or radical transparency: you be the judge

Unpatched 18-year-old Windows man-in-the-middle diddle revived

Dumb hackers can target Wi-Fi scabs via Nexus slabs

Help! We need to pick a platform for our desert adventure

Hypervisor or none? Which OS? And DNS or cloud for content filters?

Russia pulls alleged 'Svpeng' kingpin

Four others arrested for malware / ransomware attacks

Verizon to world: STOP opening dodgy phishing emails, FOOLS

Phishing and web app security problems behind most breaches

US hospital boffins demo cancer-busting smartphone kit

Doing diagnostics with science instead of snake-oil

MIT shows off machine-learning script to make CREEPY HEADS

Fifty shades lines of code

India joins 'net neutrality debate

'Free Facebook traffic' considered OTT

Scummy transients FOUND ON MARS by NASA rover

'Transient' perchlorate liquid brine discovered

Android gets biometric voice unlocking

Okay, Google, so we're too lazy to tap passwords?

Aussie priest BLESSES an APP – and the sacred iPad it runs on

Venerated code is also available for Android

Dev gives HBO free math tips to nail Game of Thrones pirate leakers

An easy* way to ID a million leakers

What would have stopped TV5Monde hack? Yup, MOAR LAWS

EU digi-commish picks up hammer, sees a screwdriver problem, treats it like a nail

Radio 4 and Dr K on programming languages: Full of Java Kool-Aid

PollHit and miss? Or on the money? Speak your brains

Incomprehensible boffins bring quantum computers a step closer

All we needed was some isotopically enriched silicon. Well, duh!

Nokia: Yes, we're chatting up Alcatel-Lucent

Deal would create €26bn firm to rival Ericsson

This open-source personal crypto-key vault wants two things: To make the web safer ... and your donations

Cryptech in need of funds

European Parliament mulls law on use of blood metal in tech

Trade committee split on mandatory or voluntary version of Dodd-Frank

Bloke hits armadillo AND mother-in-law with single 9mm round

Impressive double for Georgia marksman

Is hyper-convergence a good thing? Ask a mini computer veteran

Divergence and convergence brings us back to the future?

Hortonworks to gobble Budapest-based SequenceIQ

Rapid deployment tool for Hadoop clusters here we come

Apple, IBM jump into bed for health data love in

Budge up Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic

Quantum not buying Dot Hill. Takes the OEM, master disti path instead

Dare we say a truly win-win situation

Need speed? Then PCIe it is – server power without the politics

No longer for nerds and HPC geeks

Conservative manifesto: 5G, 'near universal' broadband and free mobes for PC Dixon

Election 2015They still want the Snoopers' Charter, though

SQL Server 2005 end of life is coming, run to the hills...

Actually people, don't panic, you've still got 364 days

HP UK confirms second-in-command for PC and print biz

Paul Boshoff to run channel sales from the summer, replaces Cusick

Life after Nokia: Microsoft Lumia 640 budget WinPho blower

ReviewTicks all the boxes and then some, as long as Win10 doesn't ruin it

Why are enterprises being irresistibly drawn towards SSDs?

Life in the fast lane

Spectra reveals shiny necklace of BlackPearl partners

Media industry repays usefulness with multiple partnerships

SMACK! EU set to hit Google with 'abuse of dominance' rap

Oetti fans flames as EU anti-trust chief heads to the US

Docker preps on-prem container store, hungry investors give it the D

We don't even need the money, laughs CEO as Valley sugar daddies shovel more cash

Purple strain? Purple gain: WD doubles cam count for spy drives

Video surveillance-friendly hard disks get a spring makeover

Selfie sticks BANNED by Apple: No hipster tools' tools allowed at WWDC

Narcissis-sticks outlawed at app-maker confab in June

MySQL maestro Percona makes NoSQL play with Tokutek gobble

Gains transaction-safe MongoDB distro plus speedy database tech

Adobe, Level 3 drive a stake through heart of vid-stream creature before it attacks again

Patent used to launch legal fights ruled 'unpatentable'

What just went down on Intel for three months? Er, PC and mobile chips

'Lower than expected' sales kept Chipzilla's revenue flat

Easy ... easy ... Aw CRAP! SpaceX rocket ALMOST lands on ocean hoverbase

VidNote to self: Musk do better next time

Chrome version 42 will pour your Java coffee down the drain: Plugin blocked by default

NPAPI killed off completely by September

Microsoft cramming free stuff into Galaxy S6es? Not so fast – US telcos

Apps scrubbed from AT&T, Verizon mobes, because choice

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