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11th > April > 2015 Archive

Nokia may tell struggling HERE Maps division to get lost – report

Finnish telecoms giant may put mapping biz on auction block

Tech troll's podcasting patent blown out of the water by EFF torpedo

Appeal judges rip 'unpatentable' wads out of blueprints for distributing episodes

Struggling through the Crystal Maze in our hunt for a spare CAT5

Something for the Weekend, Sir?There are many cubicles – this one's mine

17 Carnations, The Art of Creative Thinking and Last Night on Earth

Page FileRoyalty and Nazis, invigorating ideas and more

Silence is golden: Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp is 100 today

FeatureThe enduring comic brilliance of the iconic underdog

What a time to be alive ... hard and floppy disk drives play Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit

VidWith the led lights out, it's less dangerous

Videogame publishers to fans: Oi, stop resurrecting our dead titles online

Bunfight over EFF's call for a DMCA exemption

Pregnant pause: Ancient JUMBO MARINE LIZARD pushed out sprogs in open ocean

Mosasaurs DIDN'T give birth near shore, bone boffins claim

Twitter yanks firehose from DataSift, other resellers

Time to Gnip third party raw-slurping in the bud

PHYSICS APPLECART UPSET as dark energy disappears, Universe slams on brakes

Science perhaps wrong about rate of embiggenmentation

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