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10th > April > 2015 Archive

Citrix warns it will miss Q1 earnings guidance

Where'd that US$25m go? Our re-org was a bit trickier than planned says CEO

Amazon whisks desktop apps into cloud bazaar in virty PC push

AWS SummitNew marketplace brings subscription software to WorkSpaces

All Mac owners should migrate to OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 ASAP

Unless you're happy with an odd root 'backdoor' lurking on your machine, that is

PC sales dip below 2009 levels, with Japanese sales off 44 per cent

Dell dives as Lenovo and HP pull away from the pack

Australia finds $1 BEELLION to replace No-SQL DATABASE

And by No-SQL we mean a flat-file antique somehow still spaffing $290m daily

IBM claims new areal density record with 220TB tape tech

VIDEOBig Blue working to add cold storage to OpenStack Swift

Cisco loses logo lawsuit against WiFi inventor boffinhaus

CSIRO's stylised Australia deemed distinct from Borg's bridge badge

Saudis go ape, detain Swedish monkeys at border

Spat turns pygmy marmosets into the cutest political pawns ever

+5 ROOTKIT OF VENGEANCE defeats forces of gaming good

Kernel-level code helps gamers to vanquish anti-cheatware

Indian cops spice up protests with pepper spray-armed DRONES

Lhassi how they'll like this

Wi-Fi hotspots can put iPhones into ETERNAL super slow-mo

'Phantom' hack sends your iThings into a tailspin of torpor

Cyber-crypto-criminal-cock-up. Little money and (probably) embarrassed

Ransomware coding fail foils fraudsters

Daniel Radcliffe to feature in GTA biopic flick. Well, it's work at least

Wizard! You shall not pass … on the inside lane

Eyes on the prize: Ten 23-24-inch monitors for under £150

Product roundupIdeal for a second display or something for the Steam box

Light-fingered Satyam founder Ramalinga Raju jailed for seven years

Architect of India's biggest fraud scandal finally locked up - along with his PwC auditors

Cybercrime taskforce collects huge botnet scalp on first go

Beebone deboned by the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce

Lenovo: MSPs and CSPs, PLEASE come buy our servers

We've got lots of market share and revenues to plug the IBM-shaped hole

Xiaomi's birthday present to itself: Flogging 2m phones in 12 hours

Raked in £227m. Are you scared yet, Apple?

Self-aware storage? It'll be fine. Really - your arrays aren't the T-1000

CommentSmarter, savvier boxes will change the way we look at infrastructure

ICANN urges US, Canada: Help us stop the 'predatory' monster we created ... dot-sucks!

Just give the word if you think gTLD sucks, watchdogs told

Microsoft Lumia 640, 640XL: They're NOT the same, mmmkay?

Redmond reveals the value of listening to phablet feedback

Cisco and Level 3 team up to squash brute force server hijackers


Tale of the tape: A happy Easter present from Quantum

Rising income means it looks like a corner has been turned

Because the server room is certainly no place for pets

Machine hoarders burn cash – it's time to virtualise your legacy IT

Foreign firms must obey EU laws no matter where they're based, says EU. Hear that, Google?

Rumblings indicate possible mega-fine on the cards

Facebook does fling COOKIES around, but privacy is assured

Imagine a 'Like' button being clicked on your face, forever

Microsoft's top legal eagle: US cannot ignore foreign privacy laws

Battle with Feds continues as MS refuses to hand over emails stored in Ireland

FAA approves Amazon US drone flight just months after firm gave up and went to Canada

Canada. CANADA. THE BIG ONE OVER - oh, never mind

Avaya lures BT director to conduct service provider orchestra

Channel vet Steve Rafferty heads to new EMEA role at networking playa

SpectraLogic goes deep, man, with new storage gateway

New specs to fatten the purse of the BlackPearl

Micro Focus guillotine will fall more frequently on Novell necks

Cost-cutting hits GroupWise, Open Enterprise Server and Filr

Daddy Dyson keeps it in the family and hoovers up son’s energy biz

That must suck for anyone looking to launch a takeover

Sprint fined $16m for sticking it to The Man: Telco 'overcharged' Feds for phone wiretaps

I gouged the law and the law won

US govt bans Intel from selling chips to China's supercomputer boffins

Xeon, Xeon Phi processors slapped on trade block list

It's Friday or as we call it, What Is Intel Buying Now Rumor Day: Not Altera, but Broadcom?

Whispers of wireless chip biz bid could be pressure tactics

China weaponizes its Great Firewall into the GREAT FIRE CANNON, menaces entire globe

You've got censorship – you've all got censorship now

Wanna run Windows 10 Preview on your Lumia? Of course you do. Now 33 mobes supported

If you don't mind a few bugs here and there, that is ...

Urine for a treat this Monday, ISS 'nauts: SpaceX to launch pee-powered coffee pot

VidRocket boffins have a 60 second launch window

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