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9th > April > 2015 Archive

Tasmania wants more backbone

Island state buying feasibility study for trans-Bass-Strait cable

Intel woos the Internet of Things with firmware factory for Atom, Quark

Auto-generated UEFI images to get gadgets up and running fast

Blaze it: US drug cops taken to court to ensure all dragnet snooping records are destroyed

Human Rights Watch, EFF sue DEA, FBI et al in joint effort

Fsck those new emojis! Install iOS 8.3, OS X 10.10.3 NOW to squash all these security bugs

Stop cooing over smiley faces – there are RCEs to fix

DARPA-funded team says it can SMELL Android malware

There once was a racehorse called 'Hoof-Hearted'

Cisco security software needs security patch

You will be assimilated if you don't apply the fix, say Borg

LG monitor software quietly kills UAC, dev says

Life's Good for malware

Dallas Buyers Club doubles down on Oz Torrenters

28,000 punters in its sights

Amazon listens to MORE of your private stuff

Open the pod bay door, Echo

VMware puffs up AirWatch to join the sync 'n' social crowd

Also: vCloud Air expands down under to help things along

Denial of service attacks pour through rift in Network Time Protocol

Mismatched clocks allow poison packets to prevent synching, and sink you

Google wants Marvin the Paranoid Android's personality in the cloud

Your plastic pal who's fun to be with will be a downloadable theme in Google's future

Do androids dream of herding electric sheep?

Kiwi drones on about how good it is. Just wait until it wants more life

Ex-cop: Holborn fireball comms outage cover for £200m bling heist gang

Plus: BT engineers 'denied access' to torched electricity and internet cabling

Microsoft, Getty settle image snatch 'suit

When the fighting stops, the loving starts

Oh no, Moto! Cable modem has hardcoded 'technician' backdoor

SOHOpeless router tosses your internet connection into the DMZ for max p0wn potential

iOS, OS X apps sent into infinite dizzy DoS by this one weird kernel bug

Apple patches OOB boob to stop API noobs being duped

TTIP: Protect our privacy in EU-US trade deal or ELSE, snarl MEPs

Lawmakers rattle sabres, Commish doesn't blink, for now

ALIENS ARE COMING: Chief NASA boffin in shock warning

Fingers crossed - let's hope they’re the Spielberg ones

Data centre doesn't like your face? That's a good thing

Winning strategies for selecting a new server centre

EU anti-trust watchdog ponders TeliaSonera/Telenor merger

Vestager: Rotten in the state of Denmark? Not on my watch

Bad news everyone: Cybercrime is getting even easier

And most of it is your fault for not caring enough about what you open

Gartner forecast dartboard falls off wall, lands in pile of crumpled dollars

Large currency swings see tech spending estimates fall

Facebook preps for class action lawsuit as angry EU mob lawyer up

Alleged violation of citizens’ 'fundamental rights' with data moves

El Reg offers you the chance to become a Master Investor – for free

PromoLike tech? Like investing? Like ‘free’? Read on …

Google: Give us cash or we'll poke YouTube ads into your eyeballs

Chocolate Factory plans to cash in on SMUT VIDEOS

Everything's code, 'zero tolerance for assholes': Yup, it's ChefConf

Featuring DevOps Kung fu - and how open source Windows is "definitely possible"

Trade body, universities row over US patent troll act proposals

Academics: legislation goes ‘well beyond what is needed’

ISIS: You bomb us, we’ll interrupt your TV transmissions

French broadcast signal affected, social media disturbed

Google sticks anti-SQL injection vaccine into MySQL MariaDB fork

Encryption tables to trip up rogue data

What type of storage does your application really need?

Server? Check. Network? Check. Storage? Mmm

Quantum makes the leap into money-saving archiving

Less primary storage needed

Apple Watch: We ROUNDUP the ROUNDUPS. Yes, Roundup-squared

Four things ye must know of the fruity stroker bracelet

Do your switches run Cumulus Linux? Puppet will pull your strings

DevOpsify your boring Ethernet

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs

'Recommended update' turns Windows 7, 8 into new OS plug

Cost cutting at Arrow ECS as senior accounts bods exit

Concerned channel customers: 'this may come back to bite them'

Intel and LG: Our new mobe cams COULDN'T CARE LESS about pixels

You say you want a Resolution?

Phoenix IT Group: Our debts are down! Just like our sales and profits

'We're still trading in line with market estimates' says firm

Dot Hill ready for Internet of Things data ingest malarkey

Avoiding data stream traffic jams

Extensive 3D NAND drives very expensive to make

Disk drives much cheaper to build – who knew?

RELICS of the Earth's long lost TWIN planet FOUND ON MOON

Astroboffins reckon our world's sister created our beloved lunar body

Oh, hi there, SKYNET: US military wants self-enhancing software that will outlive its creators

DARPA's Hundred Years' War on bugs, upgrades and rewrites

Contain yourselves: Coho Data looks Docker up and down

Dedupe directly on the array, promises CTO

Intel, Cray bag $200m to build 180PFLOPS super for US nuke boffins

Monster Aurora machine to slurp 13MW crunching numbers on fuel and more

Who is the fastest-selling phone maker of ALL TIME? Samsung? Apple? No, it's Xiaomi

If you just count online sales, cough

Artificial intelligence, filesystems, containers ... Amazon showers cloud gold on devs

AWS SummitGoogle, who?

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