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7th > April > 2015 Archive

Linux Australia hacked, warns personal details exposed

Linus Torvalds was at hacked event, but organisers say payment details safe

Google hopes to add free roaming to its coming cellular service

Hutchison Whampoa touted as possible wholesale partner

VirtualBox v. 5.0 beta 1 spins up for desktop virty lab chuckles

First major update to Oracle's desktop hypervisor since 2010 adds paravirtualisation

Choc Factory's king codec serves 25 BEELLION Tube hours

VP9 successor cuts data in half, turns dog's breakfast into clean stream

Supposed spy-busting Anonabox insecure, says Cloak Project

UpdatedKicked-off-Kickstarter kit has unencrypted Wi-Fi, hard-coded admin password

Microsoft sounds 100-day DOOM KLAXON for Windows Server 2003

Upgrade now or forget about disruptive mobile cloud innovation, says Redmond

OpenMANO: Telefonica's slice of NFV goes live

The Chairman Mao of virtualisation

Pure Storage preps for IPO: report

Bankers appointed, about US$3bn sought for flashy storage upstart

Intel shows Google how to stick it real good

Chipzilla sticks it to Chromebit with Atom-powered Compute Stick

VMware and Nutanix in vSphere support spat

You don't understand me, says Virtizilla. Nutanix says the world understands lock-in just fine

US law enforcement rushes to assist bumbling Canuck pirates

Yo ho ho and we'd better stay schtum

Turnbull's digital transformation office DOES SOMETHING

Alpha 'Digital Service Standard' emerges along with website and the social trimmings

THOUSANDS of alleged pirates' addresses to be handed to Dallas Buyers Club

Aussie ISP loses case, judge prohibits 'speculative invoices'

EE springs Wi-Fi phone calls on not-spot sufferers, Tube riders

When there's no signal in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Er, anyone you like

Aluminum bendy battery is boffins' answer to exploding Li-ion menace

VidShort on volts, long on potential, doesn't explode

Popular crypto app uses single-byte XOR and nowt else, hacker says

First 1024 bits are scrambled. But after the credits, your sex tape is open to all

E-commerce enterprises gently told to update those protocols ... or else

Response to Heartbleed, Shellshock, Poodle really kicks in

Council of Europe: Don't spy on your staff, you naughty employers

Barking watchdog? More like a neighbour's yapping poodle

Win Server 2003 addict? Tick, tock: Your options are running out

A Reg guide to breaking up and moving on

Wanna quote tweets without manual faff? HAVE AT IT, sez Twitter

User: 'It looks atrocious'

Can you recover your data if disaster strikes? Sure?

How to sleep easy We want Britannia's mobe-enabled cars to rule the roads

The tech may be willing but the mobile signal is too weak

Backup Exec worships VMware's spanking new ESXi appeal

Oh yeah, and Amazon's cloud looks good too

France accused of tabling 'Patriot Act' style surveillance law

No, it’s a completely different type of power expansion

Turkey PM bans Twitter, YouTube as 'tools of terrorist propaganda'

Refusal to remove hostage pics leads to yet another cut-off

Can't patch this: Mozilla pulls Firefox encryption feature after just a week

Stop right there. This thing ain’t ready

Dailymotion staying VousTube thanks to Vivendi offer

The Gallic rooster keeps on strutting

Dell's scaly-headed file system gets bigger and bitier

Pet dragon Fluid File System grows teeth for RAM-enhanced version 4

Defiant Labio lawyer spits on black hats after 'med data' theft

Rex Mundi blackmailers: Meh, cough up or we'll spaff the lot

BBC waves £230m of feepayers' dosh at tech backbone deal

Troublesome Tower model still part of the plans

Astronomers battle plague of BLADE-WIELDING ROBOTS

UpdatedRoomba makers' robo-lawnmowers will ruin science, Stargazers tell FCC

Samsung and HTC: Gaze upon our EMBIGGENED numbers, pesky analysts

Mobe makers trounce profit estimates but remain shadow of former selves

Private equity grabs Informatica for $5.3 BEEEEEELLION

Activist investor Elliot Management hums the tune, execs dance along

Brocade targets SDN planners in campus switch range refresh

OpenFlow? Check. Vyatta? Check. Buzzwords? Oh yes

IBM tightens Passport Advantage licensing terms

Small changes to fine print could lead to another fine mess

Mobile 4G spectrum investors actually spent $12.4m on walkie-talkie frequencies – US SEC

'Two-faced' Janus Spectrum charged with ripping off people

Aw, snap! How huge HTML links can crash Chrome tabs in one click

Behind the bugWatch out for drive-by browser bombs – for now, at least

NetApp layoffs loom as biz 'operationalizes strategy', 'prioritizes investments'

Big round of redundancies feared as sales sink

You. FTC. Get over here. Google is INVADING our children's MINDS – anti-ad campaigners

YouTube for Kids fingered as 'deceptive' in letter to watchdog

Operation Redstone: Microsoft preps double Windows update in 2016

Jason Bourne wouldn't stand for this. Codename leaks for two OS updates on heels of Win10

Bone-tastic boffins' breakthrough BRINGS BACK BRONTOSAURUS

They're REAL, say dino doctors

FTC: Hey, Network Solutions, time we had a chat about 'refunds'

Hosting house agrees to play nice after complaints over 'money back' guarantee

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