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3rd > April > 2015 Archive

Got an Android mobe with a virus? Congrats, you're The One Per Cent

Google claims its security is on the up (the only way it could go)

Torvalds' temptress comes of age: Xfce 4.12 hits the streets

ReviewIs it enough to turn into a fully-fledged lover?

Playing by stealth: Twelve gaming headsets to plonk on your noggin

Product roundupKeep the kids - and neighbours - happy this Easter

US Senate to probe the Obama-Google love-in

Crony capitalism claims under the 'scope – and he won’t be bought

Digital pathology and the big Cs (that’s ‘cancer’ and ‘cloud’)

CommentAnalysing slides through a microscope is 'archaic'

Big changes proposed to DNS overseer ICANN

Spread the power, internet community tells non-profit

Microsoft drops Do Not Track default from Internet Explorer

New language in W3C standard twisted its arm

Sony nabs cloud gamers OnLive, administers swift headshot

Yet more defunct hardware to clutter up the cupboard

Tests show HTC, Sammy phablets BEND just like iPhone 6 Plus

VidApple far from alone in 'flexi-gate' debacle

Chelsea Manning sets up low-tech Twitter account from prison

140 characters per message, for 35 years or less

Keep snapping selfies, says Snapchat: Cops NEVER ask us for 'em

Self-destructing pic app reports pittance of gov't requests

Al Franken to FBI: We need MORE revenge smut arrests

Senator is 'deeply concerned' over disclosure of candid pics

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