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Ex-NASA OpenStack pioneer Nebula sucked into black hole

Cloudy firm goes poof, citing 'immature market'

Teen pleads guilty in Microsoft and Valve hacking case

Group sought to nab unreleased games from industry giants

Google cracks down on browser ad injectors after shocking study

Nearly 200 browser extensions blocked in Chrome clean-up

Cisco buys back alumni: wants to acquire Embrane

SDN platform heads for Insieme unit

VMware seeks patent for VD-eye-tracking tech

Virtzilla wants mobile devices to figure out when to put windows in your face on small screens

Juniper, VMWare see silver OpenDaylight through the cloud

UpdatedMembership increases, but some big names are scaling back their commitment

South Korea to NUKE Microsoft ActiveX

Gov throws cash at devs to rid nation of ancient Microsoft tech

UCLA trumpets supercapacitor for wearables or implants

Almost as good as a battery, says graphene-burning boffin

Boring fixed 'net users still dominate Oz market

Mobile catching up fast … no, actually it's NOT

Energy utilities targeted by Office-spawned recon attack tool

Yet another reason Excel is evil, and yet another reason to get up to date on patches

V&A Museum shows Guardian's destroyed MacBook as ART

Unremarkable trashed laptop brings hint of spy caper buffoonery to privacy exhibition

Is this what Windows XP's death throes look like?

Abandoned OS takes deepest market share dip for ages

Snowden didn't scare many out of US clouds says Forrester

A quarter of CIOs bail from US clouds, but only a third of those leave for fear of spooks

This tool detects then ATTACKS evil twin access points

Silent sentinel will DoS eavesdroppers

UK lawsuit against Google delayed by EU antitrust investigation

That's, like, totally meta-legal, man

'Oh great Commission, save us from the French' pleads Uber

Ride-share app turns to EU for help in battles with legal hordes of France, Spain

Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account

Firm puts gun to customer's head over charges run up by fraudsters

SPY FRY: Smart meters EXPLODE in Californian power surge

Receptacles blackened as dumper rams pole

Met Police in egg/face blunder as shop-a-crim site's SSL cert expires

Rozzers play fast and loose with concerned citizens' security

Permabit OEM deal de-stealths Chinese all-flash array maker

Sihua Tech has also opened a Cupertino office. Can't imagine why

Tin-rattlers want to digitise lady engineers' historic exploits

Kickstarter campaign to get engineering journal online

Cybercrim told to cough up £1m or spend years in chokey

Confiscation hearing says he has six months to pay up

Tape thrives at the margin as shipped capacity breaks record

LTO-6 pricing drops below one cent per GB

Bristol’s ‘Smart City’ reserved for boffins. Sorry bumpkins

High-speed fibre? All right, my lover

BT thinks EE customers will FLEE from enlarged four-play mobe biz

And mobile prices might fall as well. Still wanna vote for it?

RAGING Google SLAPS naughty Chinese root cert kingpins CNNIC

Certificate dodginess leads to Chrome banhammer

Redcentric swoops on Calyx Managed Services in £12m breakup deal

Dismemberment set to continue

Ex-XIV execs expeditiously exit to expectant E8

Ssssssh. Israeli storage start-up is staying stealthy to start with

EU Commission looking for ways to DECLARE WAR on Google

New Commish learning lessons from the US, say insiders

Check Point snaps up mobile security outfit Lacoon

Israeli firm buys its own solution to Bring-Your-Own-Device headaches

France will flog off 700MHz to boost mobe broadband while UK dithers. Thanks, Ofcom

UpdatedVids, Internet of Things driving the agenda

Google takes ARC Welder to Android, grafts on Windows, OS X

Apps will also run on Linux. They're not ignoring you

Nutanix looking for a way to burst VMware's bubble

CommentHypervisor wars and nullifying EVO:RAIL

Bigotry posted by your Facebook account? Use this, Mister UKIP MP wannabe: 'I was hacked'

'I've got lots of Asian friends'

Comcast: Google, we'll see your 1Gbps fiber and DOUBLE IT

Telco monster wants to rollout out 2Gb/s broadband in Atlanta, rest of the US

Crack security team finishes TrueCrypt audit – and the results are in

Disk encryption wonder-tool probed amid developer disappearing act

You want disruption? Try this: Uber office raided again, staff cuffed

Officials rock up at illegal taxi service's base for second time

Mozilla piles on China's SSL cert overlord: We don't trust you either

Joins Google in shunning CNNIC – the Middle Kingdom's root certificate authority

We're off to DC! Silicon Valley startups start up law lobbying machine

AnalysisSave America's economy: Do as we say – and GIVE US MORE MONEY

Dot-com intimidation forces Indiana to undo hated anti-gay law

Also: 'Christian' pizza parlor gets pwned and massive payday

Take a deep breath, Apple: Europe snaps on gloves for vigorous iTunes stream pat-down

Deals with labels for Spotify rival in secondary screening

Light the torches! NSA's BFF Senator Feinstein calls for e-book burning

DiFi wants Anarchist Cookbook, Al Qaeda mag scrubbed from the internet

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