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Day FOUR of the GitHub web assault: Activists point fingers at 'China's global censorship'

Code repository warns of 'evolving' attacks

Cisco wipes its memory from susceptible-to-Row Hammer list

Make sure you use only original spares …

AMD opens kimono on chip futures a little more

A 200-300W HPC GPU by 2017? Tell us more

How much did T-Mobile US make from that failed AT&T buyout? How about $7.7bn

Stop grumbling about the auction, John. You cleaned up


Chocolate Factory signs robo-surgeon development deal with Johnson & Johnson

Prostrate yourself before the GNU, commands Indian DEITY

India issues policy mandating open source software for government

SoftLayer and Telstra in cloudy embrace

Today Australia, tomorrow THE WORLD! Maybe

Pre-Snowden NSA grunts wanted to nix phone spying: report

Memo seen by managers, but not top dog

Periscope smeared by streaming security SNAFU

Live vid titles leak from Twitter's new app for the Bong! crowd

Secret Bezos delivery helicopters operate from mystery Canadian base to evade US regulators

Watch the Skies for the BLACK DRONES, eh

Ebay snuffs malware upload bug

Flaw let crims sling drive-by-downloads

Wearables market action is all in the wrist says market-scryer IDC

Tech specs aren't going to make it and the wearables market is smaller than PCs

Big Blue to give car insurers IoT peeking powers

New US$3bn business unit promises connected cloudy capers

Managed services biz Claranet adds £107m to war chest

Founder hints more acquisitions could be on the cards

Encryption is the REAL threat – Head Europlod

It’s all the tech firms' fault!

Think server vulns are the IT department's problem? Think again

Don't get caught with your cyber pants down

Life after Lord Shugs looks good, as Viglen directors' packages swell

Financials out for Westcoast Holding-owned XMA, Viglen

EU digi-chief clashes with robo-veep over geo-blocking

Commissioners out of step on copyright reform, digital single market

El Reg lays claws on RockBLOCK Mk2 Iridium sat comms unit

Heads upAnd we have one to give away

Snakes on a backplane: Server-room cabling horrors

Twisted PairUnwired planet? Get real

Oracle boat picks up ex-HP hardware man Donatelli

Could be joining former colleague Mark Hurd on board

Microsoft update mayhem delays German basketball game, costs team dear

17 minutes waiting proved to be just a bit too long


We already saw your infrared ‘signature’ suckers!

Huawei bellows big revenue jump thanks to brisk 2014 phone sales

Chinese vendor's profit up 33%

Kaminario playing 3D flash chippery doo-dah with its arrays

InterviewNow it's just looking for a little TLC

UberPop granted temporary reprieve in France

Guillotine still primed, however

Chief architect Beepy ready to take Pure’s flash somewhere new

Flash array rumour mill working overtime

SanDisk, Netlist heading to court in patent brouhaha that won't end

Case accuses Smart Modular business unit of infringement shenanigans

Tidal music launch: Pop plutocrats pour FLAC on rival Spotify

Like a sort of United Artists thing, but for music?

GLOWING TAMPONS hold the key to ending pollution

Uni research team finds new way of tracing wonky sewer connections

Microsoft dumps ARM for Atom with cut-price Surface 3 fondleslab

Pic + vidWell, that just about wraps it up for RT

Silicon Valley gets its first 1Gbps home bro– oh, there's a big catch

AT&T is back with its privacy-busting internet connections and high prices

New dirt-cheap Chromebooks: Team Google keeps jackboot on throat of PC titans

But Microsoft may be about to strike back

Bloke faces 25 years in the cooler for upsetting Thai king on Facebook

Businessman given sentence over five pics in closed-door hearing

Microsoft to slash price of top-level MSDN subs for Visual Studio 2015

New Enterprise tier to offer Ultimate features at sub-Premium cost

Thanks for the data retention, tech sector

World's lamest lobby chalks up another win

Put those smartphones away: Google adds anti-copying measures to Drive for Work

How's that business model looking, Dropbox?

HP blasts $5.1bn sueball at ex-Autonomy execs, Lynch preps return fire

Bitter bedfellows now in open war in UK courts

CSC tells execs to stay quiet on Australian bribery scandal

Memo to senior leaders says 'we know nuh-think!' about ServiceMesh mess

Telco and IT courses merged in TAFE tech teaching refresh

Two training packages become one and telco qualifications get a boost

US still hoarding zero-day app vulnerabilities, say EFF campaigners

Uncle Sam keeps security hole glory box locked tight

Intel boosts low-end PCs, laptops with Atom-powered 'Braswell' SoCs

14-nanometer chips deliver modest speeds at low power

Atmel stoops to an 'all-time low' in Internet of Things battle

Claims new microcontroller family is Cortex-M world's least power greedy silicon

Verizon: FINE OK, you can now rid your life of our stalker supercookies

Sure, they're still undeletable, but if you ask nicely we'll turn it off

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