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30th > March > 2015 Archive

Apple is like HITLER says Chinese billionaire

Android, however, is a beacon of freedom and openness

Atomic clocks' ticks tamed by 3,000 entangled atoms

Boffins break record for entanglement with mirrors and lasers

Short circuit at Large Hadron Collider slows return to matter-mauling

CERN boffins hope high-pressure helium will chill out their problems

Jailed Brit con phishes prison, gets bail

'Hi this is < name > please release < prisoner >'

EMC and Cloudera withdraw from Indiana big data event

Execs issue weekend Tweets objecting to religious freedom law

UN inflicts 10,000 flat pack IKEA shelters on Iraq - WITHOUT TOOLS

Haven't those poor souls suffered enough, you fiends?

Unlimited stolen Uber accounts flogged for $5

Accounts 100 per cent valid, fraudsters claim

Insight's EMEA prez: It's not our fault cloud sales are slow, blame the NSA

Firms' fluffy white services payoff is due in 2016, adds gros fromage

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Vulture's claws: we find looks AND brains

FIRST LOOKS6 Edge cuts corners in the best possible way

David Cameron's Passport number emailed to footy-head

Outlook autocomplete SNAFU sees world leaders' particulars leaked during G20 summit

Smart meters are a ‘costly mistake’ that'll add BILLIONS to bills

Institute of Directors warns against giganto cock-up

Apple's 13-incher will STILL cost you a bomb: MacBook Air 2015

ReviewIt may pine for the fjörds, but it's not snuffed it yet

Huawei networking kit gets the green light from Blighty's spooks

All above board, concludes board

Belgium to the rescue as UK consumers freeze after BST blunder

Hey, Nest Thermostats! ‘Spring forward, Fall back’

Just WALK IN and buy an Apple Watch. Are you mad?

Follow these few simple steps, and wait a while

Don't listen to me, I don't know what I'm talking about – a pundit speaks

StoragebodWhat the puck is going on?

Ofcom's to-do list: Number porting, sell spectrum, buy milk

MVNO issues also pretty important, says specialist lawyers DLA Piper

Going strictly hands-off: Managing your data centre from afar

Techniques for saving your sanity, and your job

Police ICT company finally lurches off the ground

Fill your boots guys as it could be scrapped after the election

Outsourcery still losing as much as it turns over

Another round of funding coming to a cloud biz near you

Phoenix IT Group: we hired 20 bods for config/ distie centre

Ahem, yes, the same number as the repairs desk staff that we let go

NBN Co launches fibre-to-the-building product

+CommentHow fast? What kit? When? Where? NBN Co's keeping the lid on for now

Virgin Media takes its time on website crypto upgrade

Firefox and Chrome wave red flags at ISP

One day all this could be yours: Be Facebook, without being Facebook

The pros and cons of Open Compute

Vodafone wants to bonk you… wait, wants you to bonk

Look at our operator-favouring Single Wire Protocol

Pure CEO dons cheerleader outfit, harangues world, dog

Bangs drum, makes song and dance about annual performance

Node4 buys app developer and cloud purveyor Reconnix

Open source, clouds? We've heard of these, says boss

The internet IS a series of tubes. Kinda: A Reg 101 guide to cabling

Pick a copper-bred road or carry on up the fibre

Cross-dressing blokes storm NSA HQ: One shot dead, one hurt

Fort Meade scene of bizarre and fatal Monday morning


VidLow-Density Supersonic Decelerator test live

Microsoft: Office 365 IT admins get free device-wrangling controls

Selective access, remote wipe, and more ... up to a point

Google cloud addicts: Now you can juggle your web apps from your Android smartie

Devs with iPhones will have to wait

Why Feed.Me.Pizza will never exist: Inside the world of government vetoes and the internet

Goodbye,, plus many more weird combinations

Motorola Mobility loses another patent suit to über-troll Intellectual Ventures

'That docking station? Yeah, we own that'

Office 365 and Dynamics go live in Australia

Apparently this will transform your business and change the world

Feds cuffed for allegedly PILFERING Silk Road drug souk's Bitcoins

Dealers' funbux ended up in wallets of g-men, says US DoJ

Microsoft's Project Spartan browser is HERE (unless you build apps or run VMs, that is)

Devs might be wise to skip latest Windows 10 build

Sony snags Spotify for streaming music to Playstation gamers

Pogo as you play

Anti-gay Indiana starts backtracking on hated law after tech pressure

Angie's List joins Pivotal, Apple, Salesforce and others in threatening economic sanctions

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