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17th > March > 2015 Archive

Verizon brings half its cloud to Australia

And could ditch the other half if the market swings

Cubans 'get' 'free community' 'Wi-Fi'

The catch: you'll have to hang out with Castro's BFF to use it

FCC chair heads into two-week political hazing period

Congress to do what it does best: make lots of noise

OpenSSL preps fix for mystery high severity hole

Speculation builds about heir to Heartbleed or pal for POODLE

Cheers! .Irish drinks to St Patrick's Day

Don't worry you don't have to actually be Irish for this either

HP: we had portfolio gaps in entry level servers

HP GPC 2015'Now we've got the big boy package for small biz' says exec

Microsoft gives EMET divine powers to repel God Mode attack

Redmond's defence toolkit gets a good-to-have upgrade

HP: do box shifters have a future? Hmmm, maybe not a bright one

HP GPC 2015PC and print programme overhaul for break away biz

What are your links worth to Pinterest? $11 BEEELLION!

Social network valued by investors at more than three Nests

BlackBerry joins the FREAK show

Working on patches now

US military CANCELS US$1.6 BEEELLION VMware deal

Government Accountability Office dismisses protest by AWS, Citrix and Nutanix

Netflix tells Australian ISPs how to tap its fat video pipes

Video-on-demand outfit reveals download-enhancing peering plans ahead of local launch

SAP admits - shock! - it sells to governments, denies that means backdoors

German media sees NSA on client list and gets excited

Pub O'clock probe finds thousands of repeated 512-bit RSA keys

FREAK-finding expedition finds one key on 28,000 hosts … who sells this rubbish?

Flying cars will take to the skies in 2017, if government allows

AeroMobil wants to be the Google of airborne aviation

Ericsson buys Sunrise Technology

Buy one OSS/BSS company and three weeks later you feel like another one

Boffins build Cyborg beetles, fly them by remote control

VideoExperiment gives a whole new meaning to 'software bugs'

Redmond boffins' infosec trick will ship better code, faster

Automated attack surface analysis should make it easier to pinpoint p0wnage potential

Big Data shocker: Over 6 million Americans have reached the age of 112

Just 13 are claiming benefits, and 67,000 of them are WORKING

Microsoft scrambles to kill man-in-the-middle diddle

Finland, Finland, Finland, the place where hackers cracked a Microsoft admin account

HP reveals lucky seven new storage products in Vegas

HP GPC 2015Septet promises more-for-less storage story for mid-size companies

Honey, I shrunk the Windows footprint

Microsoft explains how it will fit Windows 10 into cheaposlabs, maybe without bloatware

Storage biz gets down with da kidz, announces new update on Reddit

CommentVeritas ready to let NetBackup off the leash

Aged 18-24? Don't care about voting? Got a phone? Oh dear...'s going to spam you with voter registration texts

Respect mah privacy! EU delegation begs US to play nice with data

11 MEPs fly to DC for a week. It's tough at the top

Rezzed: Indie gaming shows off its finest

Game TheoryIncludes Schrödinger’s Cat, an alien mayoral candidate and more

Drobo releases range-topping fatter, faster 12-bay bruiser

Oh my, how you've grown

BT fined £800k over lax emergency text relay delay blunder

Ofcom plays world's smallest violin to telco's sound quality excuse

MARIO MOBES: Nintendo hooks up with DeNA, births NX gaming system

Membership-based gamer service coming too

CIOs: What tech will be running your organisation in 2020?

Join our roundtable on April 22 and write a future CIO Manifesto

Betting exchange WBX closes, Betfair romps on

Competition and regulation meant long odds on profits

Cab for Callinicos! Uber's CFO moves on after just two years

Former Goldman Sachs hotshot Gupta acting the part now

Adobe lifts sheet on Dropbox-style doc sharing cloud

Pretty cheap too (if you've got an Acrobat subscription)

Battle for control of Earth's unconnected souls moves to SPAAAACE

Get ready for tech giants signing satellite deals with Boeing

EMC pitches a total DATA LAKE immersion

Skinnydip in our limpid enterprise seas

Motorola Mobility up before the beak over alleged IP infringment

Long-running dispute finally goes to court

Convenience trumps 'open' in clouds and data centers

CommentSorry OpenStack and Open Compute, we're not all Facebook

Stealthy upstart Rubrik: We'll make enterprise data 'beautiful'

Firm's headed up directly by VC bod. Mmmmm, unusual

Nvidia tears wraps off GeForce Titan X (again) and $10,000 GPU brain for DIY self-driving cars

GTC 2015Hardware teased at games conf – plus AI dev kits

CERN turns to Seagate’s Kinetic system and says ‘it’s storage time’

CommentBoffins may need to expend energy on software issues

China's make-your-own DRAM ambitions growing all the time

CommentImports cost the Asian giant $10.2bn in 2014

Google adds evil-code scanning to Play Store

Android marketplace gets automatic scanning and age limits

UK government says goodbye sat navs, hello Xbox, e-cigs and Spotify

Official inflation index rings in the changes

HP takes channel types back to school

HP GPCScraps Enterprise Group sales certifications, shifts to biz-based training

Listed US tech provider bribed Oz bank worker say cops

UpdatedIT exec cuffed in Sydney amid allegations of corruptly avoiding tender

Nutanix takes a hyper-converged swipe at VMware's top cert

A VCDX doesn't cut it in a multi-hypervisor world

Apple about to make Apple TV WAY LESS SUCKY - report

Cupertino wants to put its pipe to you

Adobe: Flash, pah. Look, we're doing just fine in the cloud, thank you

Creative cloud users are still rising, says Photoshop op

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