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16th > March > 2015 Archive

Sydney's Bugcrowd lands $6m from venture capitalists

'Enterprise is ready' for mass hacking fest plus AWS plus Box roped into worm-spreading spree

From Facebook to dumb suckers to Facebook again

VMware wants amicable end to 'meritless' Linux-lifting lawsuit

Free Software Conservancy says Virtzilla 'flagrantly' used Linux code in products

Princeton boffins sniff Tor users' IDs from TCP ACKs and server sweat

The onion's getting more transparent by the day

Mozilla peers into processes with student-built forensics probe

Masche goes open source for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Dread Pirate Roberts' first mate Peter Nash faces life behind bars

UpdatedSilk Road's main moderator pleads guilty-but-ignorant

16 telco heads request data retention funding info from Turnbull, Brandis

At least tell us what per cent you'll pay, cry carriers

Fujitsu SPARCs up liquid cooling for smartphones

1mm metal plate contains coolant and can be cut to fit any gadget

Bride legs it from wedding after groom proves unable to add up

I'm not multiplying with this dunderhead

Curiosity rover's broken arm heals, exploration-as-normal resumes

Rover returns to showing Mars humanity's mighty drilling skill

Authy 2FA app popped by simple, secret, code

The patch has arrived and the horse has bolted

Brute force box lets researchers, Cops, pop iDevice locks

Passwords gone in 17 hours unless you upgrade to iOS 8.2

HP's ailing Enterprises Service unit bags 'mega' TNT gig

So the days of HUGE tech contracts are over? Well, maybe not

Vodafone Pay TV launch rumoured for November

Getting in on that TalkTalk, EE four-play action, eh?

EMC pulls on its DSSD boxing gloves and crooks a finger at Oracle

CommentIs DSSD set to be the new VMAX?

Health & Safety is the responsibility of Connor's long-suffering girlfriend

StobLittle Hitlers gonna Hitle

Latest Gartner wololo: Win Server 2003 refresh might be off the cards

Euro market to limp along in 2015, warn the industry's Mystic Megs

China's BYD ramps up 'leccycar battery production in challenge to Tesla

Buffett-ing ahead for Musk's offerings?

Zuck: Get your FULLY EXPOSED BUTTOCKS off my Facebook

Community standards? We've heard of 'em

Redundo-happy IBMers will benefit from High Court pension ruling

Things may not always be that way, mutters Big Blue

Yahoo! wheels! out! password! on-demand! service! for! simpletons!

Likely to be a godsend for amnesiacs and people who can't cope with 2FA

Battery bods Sakti3 hoover up $15m from power-hungry Dyson

All the better for future portable suckers

BBC gives naked computers to kids (hmm, code for something?)

CommentDrop the consoles and look at that LED array

Hackable media box based on the Raspberry Pi compute module: Five Ninjas Slice

ReviewCome and fiddle with our Linux-powered toy

Improved Apple Watches won't get more expensive? Hmmm

Worstall on MondayHedonic adjustments and valuing stuff over time

Microsoft announces Windows 10 and Azure for humanity's implacable IoT foes

If you use a keyboard, forget it

Bounty! hunter! discovers! holes! in! Yahoo! Stores! security!

Guns down three vulns and picks up $24k reward

Fujitsu presents the mighty ETERNUS as new disaster-proof hero

For when flashy failure is just not an option

Tell us, do you enjoy the thought of BT-EE's sweaty fourplay?

Competition and Markets Authority asks rivals for view on gigantic mobe merge

Snowden tells tech bigwigs: It's up to you to thwart mass surveillance

SXSW 2015'I'm helping to improve lives' says NSA whistleblower

Huawei and DataCore spawn a beautiful hyper-converged system

Third party involvement also apparently welcome. Kinky

Gaffe-prone EU digi chief: We still want our single digital market

CeBIT 2015Oettinger presses flesh, says big words at industry conflab

'What don't we want? Robots. When don't we want them? Ever.' Anti-droid hipsters hit SXSW

Updated'Hey sexy mama, wanna kill all humans?'

HP warns channel types ahead of split: Hold on, it's gonna get bumpy

HP GPC 2015Vendor outlines series of programmes to make sure things "don't break'

One BEEEEEELLION sensitive records went AWOL in 2014

Vulns also soar; IBM blames 'apathetic developers'

NASA wants you to help space mining corp strip mine the Solar System

Oh, and possibly save the world and win some cash

.Free domains at Amazon while Google says bye to .family

.FYI it's a domain auction update

HP plays the cloudy dating game with Helion Marketplace

HP GPC 2015Mr Service Provider meet Mr Reseller

Malcolm Turnbull proposes taxing Google and Facebook ads

Taxing those who buy ads is less taxing than taxing Google and Facebook

AMD, ARM, Imagination, Samsung alliance publish official shared GPU-CPU blueprints

HSA Foundation rolls out 1.0 spec to grab devs' attention

FCC takes three-month pause to consider massive telecoms mergers

Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T and DirecTV will just have to wait

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