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11th > March > 2015 Archive

It's a post-Sony hack world as Blue Coat sells for $2.4 BILLION

VC giant Bain to acquire firm whose kit 'censored Syrian web'

Dark matter surveys turn up new satellites … orbiting the Milky Way

Dark matter labs just 100,000 light years away

Thought Apple was kidding about diversity? Here's 50 MEEELLION reasons you're wrong

Big bucks to make Silicon Valley less white, civilian, and male

Malware uses Windows product IDs to mix mutex

Indicators of compromise dealt a blow

Mellanox adds networking specs to Open Compute Project

Open Compute SummitTo 100 Gbps ... and beyond!

Telstra operates at least four clouds, says you use too many clouds

Corporate 'research' is a fine thing because it always proves the commissioner is right

Unidesk jumps into Hyper-V VDI

Redmond's re-arranged licences look to be making VDI more attractive

ACCC nixes Telstra wholesale gouge

Cuts price, competitors yell 'not enough!'

CloudFlare launches nameserver DDoS shield

Hosed and hapless hosters to hide from hackers

Broadcom offers devs a peep-show inside its switches

Open Compute SummitAPI not a view all the way to silicon, but a start

Rosetta probe to try contact with Philae lander on Thursday

Lost lander on Comet 67P has been seeing more sunlight, maybe enough to wake it up

Infiniband Association adds control freakery to Volume 1 spec

Spec targets next gen of supers

'Roly poly' soft, wobbly robot BANGS EXPLOSIVELY, leaps 0.5m in air

Rounded 'soft machine' invented by Swiss boffins

MOOCROSOFT tosses seven proper tech courses online at edX

Redmond wants Reg-reading types to upgrade your brain for the cloud/mobile age

Ad bidding network caught slinging ransomware

Advertisers cry 'f**k AdBlock'

Cyber-whizs partake in mass eye-roll event over latest leaks: CIA spies 'spying on iPhones'

Plot to subvert Xcode to insert backdoors into apps mulled

Hurry up and just SLAP GOOGLE, MEPs fume at EU commish

Powerless reps rage at their own machine

BT inks deal with Williams F1 for go-faster cloudy goodness

And gets a tiny logo on the car hidden by the driver's head

The voters hate Google. Heeeeyyyy... how about a 'Google Tax'?

Worstall on WednesdayYou may have noted there's an election in the offing

Vodafone: Can't make calls on our network? Use Wi-Fi

Or VoLTE... Choices, folks. IP for voice coming in summer

Speaking in Tech: A Kardashian wearing the Apple Watch? Now that's success

PodcastAnother death notice: this time it's backup

Life, the interview and everything: A chat with Douglas Adams

InterviewOur man Rockman met his hero in 1998

Cambridge Wireless scoops ex-UKTI man as new top dog

New Driver to steer mobe industry brains trust

Android SDK nonce flaw lets hackers fiddle with your Dropbox privates

Users of Microsoft Office Mobile, other apps should update

Diablo fingered in offensive ASCII art trial doc shock

It's all FUN DIMM and games until someone loses a redaction

LaCie snuggles up to Apple’s slim 12-inch MacBook with fat HDD

One port to rule them all? No problem for this chubby child

Faux ‪pro-IS Facebook‬ shot down within hours of launch

World spared pics of cats with Kalashnikovs

MEPs: Oi, Commish, where'd you get these broadband figures from?

Access speeds in doubt as EU Parliament lumbers towards net neutrality

Boffinry listicle MADNESS: ONE THING you need to know about CHAMELEONS

Crystal-crusted lizard revelations

PayPal pays $60m for Israeli predictive security start-up

Precog spookery merchants obviously knew it was coming

ACLU files new lawsuits in hunt for police 'Stingray' mobe-trackers

Cell-tower-inna-suitcase tech probed by lawyers

Doh! iTunes store goes down AFTER Apple Watch launch

'STATUS_CODE_ERROR' heaps misery on pro-strapon fanbois

Consumers beware! Ofcom's seen a scary new mobe nasty: APPS

And some of them might (gasp) exploit your mobe. OMG

Should online pirates get the same sentences as offline ones?

Offline copyright ones, d'ye see. Not people who actually loot shipping

Systemax CEO closes 31 retail stores in US as losses widen

Anyone want to buy a globo B2B tech reseller for $385m?

Fashioning the future: Intel works up a sweat and gets butterflies

Wearable Tech Show 2015Checking the pulse of wearable gadgetry

Out with the old: the end of Microsoft support can be your storage opportunity

In with the new

Devs don't care about cloud-specific coding, right? Er, not so

OpinionLoving the data centre like it was home

Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING

Spanish security firm in baffling tail-chasing auto-immune kerfuffle

Google's chief finance officer quits to go backpacking

Sod this, I'm off, says CFO of seven years

Going on holiday? Mexico wants your personal data

MEP warns airlines could be forced to break EU data protection law

Google chips at Amazon's Glacier with Cloud Storage Nearline

All your data in 3 seconds for a cent per GB per month

iTunes snafu: DNS fail borked Apple's app & iTunes stores for 10 HOURS

UpdatedTITSUP: Total Inability To Support Uber-expensive Purchases

Australians! Let us all rise up against data retention

CommentState surveillance will force us to build privacy tools that degrade our polity

FTC to DirecTV: No more lies! Tell viewers what you really charge

Telly biz blasts back at watchdog's legal challenge: We broke no law

Does my star look big in this? Milky Way 50 per cent fatter than expected

VidSlap that and ride the ripples

Google gives spit n' polish to world's most expensive Chromebook

Revamped Chromebook Pixel raises specs, lowers prices

SoftLayer doubles its bit barns in large, climatically-extreme, resource-rich nations

More clues: English-speaking, Commonwealth members, play weird sports ...

Time to buy a new hat, cloud bods: Microsoft, Cisco stroll down the aisle again

Azure plus ACI equals 'One Cloud to Rule Them All'

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