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10th > March > 2015 Archive

US sheriff’s department DOES need a petabyte class storage array

+CommentAnd that's just as well for big data muncher DDN

Apple slips out security patches while world goes gaga over watches

Remote-code exec in iOS, OS X iCloud, plus FREAK fix

White-listed phish slip through Google Apps

Patch kills admin from sent addresses

Microsoft: You'll get the next Windows 10 build when we're GOOD AND READY

Public release dates only slow the process down, say devs

Salesforce straps sales analytics to Apple Watch

Graphs and notifications of opportunities coming to your wrist in a few weeks

'Rowhammer' attack flips bits in memory to root Linux

Ouch! Google crocks capacitors and deviates DRAM to take control of the kernel

OpenSSL audit kicks off for post-Heartbleed strengthening program

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better...stronger...faster

CoreOS goes native on vSphere and vCloud Air

Say it again until you remember it: the best container is a container in a virtual machine

Linux kernel devs adopt Bill and Ted's excellent code of conduct

Penguin dude Torvalds issues guide to being nice to each other when coding kernels

Tastier Lollipops for chosen few as Google releases Android 5.1

Minor update's biggest new feature is burglar-proofing 'Device Protection'

Yes our NAS boxen have a 0day, says Seagate: we'll fix it in May

Just don't run it anywhere near the internet, m'kay?

Nothing says 'Taliban' quite like net neutrality, eh, EU Digi Commish?

CommentOetti utters yet another thing that makes you go hmmm...

Big Blue promises Big Bucks from Big Bets

IBM CEO Rometty's letter to investors says the turnaround plan is working

Attackers targeting Elasticsearch remote code execution hole

Devs ring patch alarm bells, drop shell code

UK Gov SciTech advice bureau suggests keeping Tor alive to reduce street crime

Embracing anonymity may be easier than fighting it

MPs 'alarmed' by millions of mugshots on Brit cops' databases

Sci and Tech Committee slams gov inaction on biometrics grab

Gov departments still splashing BILLIONS on big-ticket IT projects

Mad Frankie Maude's one-time Cabinet Office axemen fling cash around like confetti


It gave us Comic Sans, Clippy, a zillion jokes and might be CORTANA'S GRANDFATHER

Would YOU touch-type on this chunk-tastic keyboard?

Learning to backstroke with TREWGrip’s new thingy

Want to deploy virtual machines in a hurry? PowerShell is your friend

Improve your automation

Fine funding for SimpliVity: Firm flies high with $175m boost

There’s just something about Cubes and Stacks

Holy Zuck! Facebook fraud suspect VANISHES

Lawyer: I 'haven't got a clue' where he's gone

An uncomplicated Buffalo in SOHO: The LinkStation 441D 4-bay NAS box

ReviewCheap at twice the price

Wikimedia chucks sueball at NSA and DOJ over mass surveillance

Digital rights folks queue to join Jimmy Wales

Crap employers banned from enforcing backdoor crim records checks

Law to be enforced after a mere 17 year delay

PernixData chap: We are to storage as Alfred Nobel was to dynamite

InterviewSnazzy memory tech demolishes DRAM volatility restrictions, says chief techie

A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK

CommentThe ego has landed: (No) power (socket) to the people!

Bulk comms spying is not mission creep, insists UK foreign sec

Govt will ‘draw a line under debate’ with future laws

Facebook-owned, Billy-no-mates FriendFeed starves to death

RIP, chumps

ALL comp-sci courses will have compulsory infosec lessons –

Colleges to become spook incubators

Pro-ISIS script kiddies deface Dublin Rape Crisis Centre site

FBI investigates related low-rent attacks on US WordPress installs

Hackers' delight? New Apple wrist-puter gives securobods the FEAR

Can biz trust Apple Watch enough to strap it to its BYOD?

LOHAN leaps aloft & ports into virtual flight logger

Test flight 3D representation pops up in Exmaps

Google will make you live to be 500, claims Ventures president

We'll be keeping your data until then, so you might as well

Ping-pong sueballs: Bankruptcy dogs LightSquared's chances

Firm struggles to avoid skewering by fork of Dish Network's Ergen

HP scores ex-NetApp exec to replace Mr 3PAR

+CommentScores, er, Goel to head up storage ops

HP battles back against white-box with Foxconn-built Cloudline servers

Open Compute SummitRack-scale hardware at rock-bottom pricing

White House taxes Silicon Valley to skill-up American workers

You want foreign workers? Cough up

Whoa, bro – it's all go for cool crow X-IO's AFA show

No spin, man: ISE 800 is platter-free

Intel gives Facebook the D – Xeons thrust web pages at the masses

Open Compute SummitSystem designs and software libraries published

Diablo & Netlist flash DIMM fight moves to trial by jury

We've tried jaw-jaw, now let's war-war

Can't pay $349 for an Apple Watch? Get a Chinese knockoff for less than $50

It might even look vaguely like the real thing

Redmond's Patch Tuesday to kill off the Windows FREAK show

IE update, Server fixes come in massive flaw fix

One does not simply ask the inventor of the WWW what he thinks about memes

Sir Tim goes AMA on Reddit

Stuxnet Redux: Microsoft patches Windows vuln left open for FIVE YEARS

That patch from 2010? Yeah, about that...

Microsoft unveils API to break hardware/software coupling in switches

Open Compute SummitRedmond wades in to white box networking insurrection

Ban Minecraft? That's jive, Turkey!

Censors get squeamish over blocky violence

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