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3rd > March > 2015 Archive

$250K: That's what Lenovo earned to rat you out with Superfish

Report suggests Lenovo can be bought for peanuts as Mozilla kills dirty cert

IBM continues fanboi courtship with fresh crop of iOS apps

Big Blue pops out three more Apple-ready business tools

90% of mobile data eaten by TINY, GREEDY super-user HOTSPOTS

+CommentWant data equality? Try femto cells...

NASA upgrades Rosetta, Voyager and moon landing tracker

Australian deep space tracking facility's upgrade comes online

Brocade's pen poised over cheque to buy Connectem

If you can't build virtualised networks like everyone else at MWC, buy 'em

Tinder Plus charges oldies MORE to ogle young hotties' pics

New Plus add-on cheap for 20-somethings, pricey for saggy over-30s

ACCC slaps iiNet over prices in ads

$204k the poorer, number three says sorry

50 shades of grey can turn Adobe Reader into a hot mess

Greyscale pics are a great place to hide malcode

Forget 1,000 lashes for Facebook posts, Saudis now want to behead blogger Raif Badawi

Family's fears for outspoken atheist dad

Citrix reveals next-gen Receiver and StoreFront, then buries them

But Reg hacks know how to use caches and take screen grabs

IBM sued for talking up semiconductor business it couldn't give away

Firm alleges investors didn't realize Big Blue would need to PAY to have its chips hauled off

Is light a wave or a particle? Beaming boffins prove it's BOTH

And they've got the pics to prove it, thanks to clever nanowire tricks

Google's broadband-in-the-sky goes TITAN-ic

Real Soon Now: Loon-like radios with wings

EasyGroup continues bizarre, time-travelling domain crusade

Yet this time it's slapped by WIPO for 'reverse domain hijacking'

Atomic keyring's eerie blue glow lights SPB lab

Vintage tritium-powered glowring survives 13 illuminating years

Oracle finds a port in the SDN/NFV storm with two new ethernet switches

Hang on, Larry, aren't you all about hyper-engineered stacks-in-a-box?

Here's what keeps VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger awake at night

Virtzilla fears deep-pocketed rivals beating it into new and cloudy markets

Marlinspike brings end-to-end crypto texts to iOS

Signal 2.0 melts TextSecure, RedPhone for iMessage haters

How a HPC array helps humanity destroy the Ebola virus

CommentBig Iron makes everyone's lives better

Here comes Vulkan: The next generation of the OpenGL graphics API

GDC 2015OpenGL is 22... it's time for a replacement – Khronos Group

Sick of Chrome vs Firefox? Check out these 3 NEW browsers

Opera for Opera lovers, Microsoft offering and more

Microsoft opens kimono on Windows 10 Universal App Platform

MWC 2015One app to rule them all. It hopes

Internet of Things? Pah! Biz bods, you're wasting your money

Roaming much more important (says roaming service firm)

SanDisk launches 200GB microSD card

MWC 2015Little big memory has impressive crown jewels

BlackBerry gets flirty with QWERTY IP, launches $275 Leap

MWC 2015Everything is up for licensing, too

End in sight for Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe wage-fixing lawsuit

Judge seems happy with $415m offer

Microsoft to Android OEMs: 'Show me the money'

ExclusiveRedmond carefully considers OIN approach

Nokia boss smashes net neutrality activists

MWC 2015Slow lanes for all means the ambulance waits too

Pebble Time Steel ready in May. Plus: Now you can strap on sensors, GPS ... Geiger counter

MWC 2015Cunning smartwatch bloat fix? An expansion slot

Huawei preps to drop mobile & wearables lovebombs on U.S.

C'mon Americans, pleeeeease love our cuddly Chinese firm

Telefonica seals deal with HP's 'carrier grade' OpenStack phone cloud

MWC 2015Semi-recycled release still 'biggest ever' rollout, we're told

The BBC wants to slap a TAX on EVERYONE in BLIGHTY

Director-General Tony Hall lays out plan for world domination

Hillary Clinton draws flak for using personal email at State Dept

No news on contact with desperate Nigerian princes

EU: Competition Commissioner met Google chief Schmidt

That's it. We're not telling you any more...

Belgium will drag Facebook to court if it has to – privacy minister

Report claims social network in breach of privacy laws

To InfiniFlash and beyond: SanDisk wheels out Big Data box

And it reckons you'll pay just $2/GB for this one

Europe's digital chief wants China's help on standardising 5G

MWC 2015Oetti: Will need rest of world's cooperation too, though

Snowden 'ready to return to US', claims lawyer

But only if he’s promised a 'legal and impartial trial'

Apple Pay a haven for 'rampant' credit card fraud, say experts

Lax security controls fingered

The spy who leaked me: Ex-CIA boss Petraeus 'fesses up to blabbing intel to his mistress

General will avoid the clink for handing over secrets – unlike Chelsea Manning

He can't give it away FAST ENOUGH: Bill Gates richest man in world again

Microsoft founder back on Forbes rich list

'Fry-OS 8' iPhone BLEW UP MY PANTS wails roasted Johnson

Fella's hot Valentine's Day action ends in clothes ripped off, 3rd-degree burns

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A side swipe at smartphone design

ReviewEdgy? Well, it has a lot of potential

HP adds Eucalyptus to Helion cloud, but OpenStack still reigns

Support for Amazon-lookalike clouds is back in HP's IaaS

National Rugby League boots 'metadata' right into Australia's face

New phone-snooping code for naughty players illustrates state surveillance

Unity, Mozilla team up to bring PEW! PEW! PEW! to browsers, too

GDC 2015Latest game dev tools feature built-in WebGL exporter

Optus joins iiNet with free-to-download Netflix offer for Australians

Optus' me-too on uncapped movies; might Telstra follow?

Pull on your dancing shoes, the server market's ALLLLIVE

Vendors did the server jig and more cash poured from the clouds (oh and hyperscale)

Neuralytix report: Cleversafe fumes over classification

Issues surround the 'Up and Coming' description

FREAK show: Apple and Android SSL WIDE OPEN to snoopers

OpenSSL, iOS and OS X tricked into using weak 1990s-grade encryption keys

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