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Seagate NAS owners: hide it behind a firewall. Fast.

Unpatched software in the OS means root to your stuff won't be hard, says researcher

Telstra takes lead in 5G, just like everybody else

4G to get more stuff and more speed

Blockheads bork Bitcoin Foundation board election

As if anything could go wrong with version 0.1 blockchain voteware ...

Microsoft Swarms all over Docker Machines

Embrace, extend, hmm, what's that last one?

It's a Mega blast: PayPal drops Dotcom's Mega

Free storage until alternative payment source found

Citrix targets carriers with NetScaler

MWC 2015Virtualising the mobile network for the NFV world

Microsoft working on 'Nano' version of Windows Server for web-scale ops

Slide deck appears describing lightweight core for future Windows Servers

Bad movie: Hackers can raid networks with burnt Blu-Rays

Movies a distraction for remote plunder

US military SATELLITE suddenly BLOWS UP: 'Temperature spike' blamed

But WHY did it suddenly heat up, eh?

Twitter triples abuse team, knocks dox

Reports surge as CEO crackdown takes effect

Tulsa woman bludgeons man mercilessly with laptop

Gobbles genitals, but not in a good way

Just want a simple, low-power GPU for your smart-gumble? Try using your Imagination

MWC 2015Brains of your second wristputer

Windows XP's market share grows AGAIN!

Not even nuking it from orbit will do the job, we fear

HDS makes its move beyond storage with telco data analyser

MWC 2015Code from Tokyo Stock Exchange used for real time network monitoring

The car in front has Kaspersky deep inside

Russian embedded anti-virus, not flamboyant F1 sponsorship

WD reveals NASty new boxes for home and small biz use

Hey, you, get into My Cloud

VMware makes NFV telco play by snuggling up to OpenStack

MWC 2015If it can be virtualised, Virtzilla wants it

HP Services engineer dispatch tool 'broken', say engineers

Relies on high speed web connections

Bradley Horowitz on ailing Google+: Islands in the stream, that is what we are ...

Network thingy becomes an, er, embarrassment of thingies

Network vendors need something far more real than ‘5G’

MWC 2015The all-IP, gigabit dream is within reach... just buy our kit

3 spectastic Lumias for price of 1 rival flagship: Microsoft sells biz on cheapie experience

MWC 2015We've missed you, Stephen Elop

Would you trust 'spyproof' mobes made in Putin's Russia?

Android-based securomobe makes play against the West's Blackphone

Have it all: BlackBerry to port crown jewels to iPhone, Android

MWC 2015We’re still going to make hardware, insists CEO

Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm up the ante with 600Mbps demo

MWC 2015Meanwhile EE scores with 400Mbps at Wembley

Coms CEO: Sorry about accidentally buying 20k shares, I'm off

Loss-making B2B comms outfit looks for new boss and non-exec directors

First peek at the next Ubuntu 15.04 nester line-up

Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Barney McGrubuntu, Cuthbert, GNOME and MATE

High Court: IBM staff refused pay increases can claim damages

Big Blue set to appeal

ASML‬ plays down mystery hack attack

Firm that makes machines that make chips makes statement

Silent Circle revamps secure smartphone

MWC 2015Blacker is the new black

HP gulps down Aruba Networks for $3bn

Biggest buy since Autonomy

Google dips toe into U.S. mobile market with 'small scale' offering

MWC 2015Pichai unveils cautious MVNO plans

Jolla launches Sailfish 2.0, now with added security

MWC 2015Tablet coming later this year, but will it be competitive?

NXP snaps up Freescale to form new chipzilla

Probably more chips than McCains

HDS blogger names HDS flash array as latency winner

Who knew?

Groovy Java guy off for Restlet

Project now the leader of the pack following withdrawal of funding

Insight: Have you heard about Windows Server 2003 support?

No, this is not a joke...

US court rubber-stamps dragnet metadata surveillance (again)

'We'll definitely stop soon,' spooks promise through gritted teeth

SpaceX lofts two all-electric ion-drive comsats to Clarke orbit

PicsSounds cool but it's more Captain Slow than Captain Buck Rogers

Twitter probes terror threat: Medieval murder mob ISIS allegedly puts co-founder in crosshairs

If you believe an anonymous post on the internet

March 24th: The day most Australian download allowances become inadequate

Netflix names the day for its first antipodean transmissions

Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office already missing deadlines

Department won't reveal hires or plans, but 2017 finish line is still policy

ICANN switches off dot-word admin portal amid security leak scare

Companies competing for gTLDs may have peeked at each others' privates

Google's 'encrypted-by-default' Android is NOT encrypting by default

UpdatedIt's sad that this isn't really a surprise

Chasing pennies, Sony, Microsoft and smartphone biz rivals retreat to mid-range

MWC 2015There's nowhere else to go

Xen bug latest: Cloudpocalypse averted, says Amazon

No mass reboot needed after all, despite latest Xen vulns

Cisco offers carriers adware-as-a-service for fun and profit

MWC 2015Telcos looking for 'value partnerships' can buy a platform from The Borg

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