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28th > February > 2015 Archive

He's baaack: Microsoft's axeman Nadella to give Chinese staff the chop

Two more ex-Nokia factories to close next month

FCC says cities should be free to run decent ISPs. And Republicans can't stand it

AnalysisState vs federal; corporations vs public interest

New Xen vuln triggers Amazon, Rackspace reboot panic redux

Second hypervisor-related cloud meltdown in six months

FORK ME! Uber hauls GitHub into court to find who hacked database of 50,000 drivers

Taxi biz demands IP addresses and more

I, ROBOT ~ YOU, MORON. How else will automated news work?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Comment is free (but I’m charging for this)

EU governments are CRAP at cloud, moans Brussels' infosec watchdog

'Look at the UK, they've done it really well!' Uh, hold on ...

So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Style and The Buried Giant

Page FileJon Ronson, Joseph Connolly and Kazuo Ishiguro, hot off the press

Murky online paedo retreat: The Nether explores the fantasy-reality divide

Theatre ReviewThe things that dreams are made of

'The troll stats saddened me as a human, but didn't surprise me as a boffin'

QuoTWPlus: Google hands out infinity dollars

MEGA PATENT DUMP! Ericsson, Smartflash blitz Apple: iPhone, iPad menaced by sales block

LinkfestWe present all the contested patents

At night, scary wildlife comes out to play in the chemical factory

On-callA tale of nocturnal terror that Hitchcock would find most appealing

Elon Musk plans to plonk urban Hyperloop subsonic tube on California

Construction to begin in 2016, apparently

BOFFINS: Oxygen-free, methane-based ALIENS may EXIST on icy SATURN moon Titan

'The first concrete blueprint of life not as we know it'

Blurred vision: Google dreams of a campus mixing buildings with nature

Woos owls in planning vows

Tim Cook chills the spines of swingers worldwide

'Watch will replace your car keys', Apple boss claims

Tony Abbott says food importers deserve help denied to telcos

Metadata costs to be worn by telcos, but berry importers promised relief from regulations

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