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27th > February > 2015 Archive

Alleged Aussie Anon hauled in for Indonesia phone tap hacking spat

Charged with urging keyboard warriors to pop spy agency sites

Dot-word sensation: Google forks out $25m for a fist of .app-y pills

That's ICANN's Christmas party sorted, then?

Check out our HOT AIR INTERFACE for 5G – Huawei

"Please sir, pick my standards sir!" begs Chinese tech giant

EFF fears crims are getting smart to Superfish SSL flaws

Certificate flaws spotted in variety of important sites

EPIC asks FTC to stick a probe up Samsung over 'snooping' smart TVs

Privacy campaigners say sets are collecting user info

Iran hacks America where it hurts: Las Vegas casinos

Digital Pearl Harbour debunked by US director of national intelligence

Net neutrality: The world speaks its brains on secret 'open' 'net rules

CommentNot a 'meh' in sight

To beat Oracle, find jurors who care about Leisure Suit Larry not Larry Ellison

Support upstart Rimini Street's secret allies are Nevada jurors

Scavengers pick bones of collapsed telly-spaff upstart Aereo

Tiny rod company's assets fetch under US$2m during windup

Australia to get spooks charter at cost of at least AU$188m

Multi-party committee adds modest privacy enhancements to metadata retention scheme

NERDGASM as Apple announces 'special event'

'Spring Forward' says invitation to March 9th indoctrination session

Churchill's blood valued at £560,000. Take that Stalin!

Phial of Winnie's boozy fluid up for auction

Google open-sources HTTP/2-based RPC framework

Chocolate Factory's microservices code is yours to coddle

Moto E 2015: The builder's cheapie gets a serious upgrade

Hands OnStock Lollipop mini-flop is only skin-deep

CloudFlare crypto gets faster on old mobes

Choc Factory ChaCha crypto pairing gets popular

Paranoid Android Kaymera smartmobe takes on Blackphone

MWC2015Super-secure Israeli platform only lacks Mossad bodyguard

Revival of fortune: Mad Catz Mojo Android gaming micro console

ReviewRevamped firmware and a new tempting price

TalkTalk 'fesses up to MEGA data breach

Noticed an increase in scamming late last year

NTT Com Security to wed UK cyber specialist Nebulas, say sources

Everyone wants a bigger piece of the cyber security pie

Flashy upstarts facing IPO pressure. Get on with it then

CommentVC sequence could end not with a bang, but a whimper

Thousands of UK drivers' details leaked through hole in parking ticket website

PaymyPCN database of names, pics was open, says report

Ingram Micro: Damn you Europe for our ghastly margins

Sales soar globally, but forex, retail PC price erosion weigh

Google pumps $60m into music company Kobalt

Every little helps in protecting Macca's froggy royalties

ANOTHER shake-up at HP Enterprise Services

Big Cheeses moved around

Nimble revenue diet gets fibre supplement

Losses are lessening, but can it get the result it wants

Ministry of Fun tries again on mobile mast planning permission

Want not-spots washed out? Well, we have to put 'em somewhere, NIMBYs

SCC bags universal credit hosting contract

DWP chucks more money at car crash of a programme

BP: Oil prices crashed, so must our ICT budget

Sources say suppliers to be squeezed to help save biz $300m

Lenovo: We SWEAR we're done with bloatware, adware and scumware

By Windows 10 launch our systems will be PURE, honest

BOFH: The ONE-NINE uptime solution

Episode 2Yes, 9%. AAAND the server just crashed... literally

GAMIFY your FRIDAY with our Public Sector Innovation Bingo!

'This is an agile process, meaning... er, whatever we want it to mean'

Guess who filed most Euro patents in 2014? Yep, still Samsung

Philips and Siemens made the top 3, though

RIP Leonard Nimoy: He lived long and prospered

ObitWe are, and always shall be, his fans

Google pulls out of gaping Blogger smut black hole

Monday: Get rid of this filth ... By Friday: Oh my God, where have ALL the blogs gone?

Make room, Wi-Fi, Qualcomm wants to run LTE on your 5GHz band

Low-power LTE-U can share spectrum with 802.11

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