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25th > February > 2015 Archive

Visa's tokenisation scheme to debut in Australia

Frustrated fraudsters to deal with throwaway digits

Why does the NSA's boss care so much about backdoors when he can just steal all our encryption keys?

Let's get down to the real talk

Red or alive, you're coming with me: Feds offer $3m reward for 'CryptoLocker baron'

Evgeniy Bogachev accused of GameOver ZeuS botnet crimes

Lenovo CTO: Hey, look around – we're not the only ones with a crapware infection

Friday is D-Day for PC lobber to regain trust

Amazon tries to patent 3D printers on trucks

Who needs distribution hubs when you can make kit in the delivery van?

Avaya joins SDN club with ONA-nism

Casts code upon fertile ground with support for Open: Daylight/vSwitch/Stack

Microsoft's patchy patchwork extends to Virtual Machine Manager

Recent Rollup fixed after it broke VM replication and made it hard to spawn big VMs

Cloud boffins build cheap content delivery network in the cloud

Who needs Akamai when a few bucks can send video around the world?

F5 and Citrix alumni build CAFE to relax cloudy apps

Upstart plans to garnish apps with all the essential bits to make a meal palatable

Snowden's favourite Linux - Tails - rushes sec-fix version to market

Sweeping up the dead bugs

Who's un-dot-pressure? .com overlord Verisign sues .xyz kingpin

UpdatedThe big V flicks V-sign at upstart over 'ad lies'

Google offers 'INFINITY MILLION DOLLARS' for bugs in Chrome

Pwnium challenge goes 24/7 to flush out bug-hoarders

Juniper okays Elliott Management's board nominees

Figure out a strategy, boys, says activist investor

Bloody TECH GIANTS... all they do is WASTE investors' MONEY

Worstall on Wednesday... and thank heavens they do

C’mon Lenovo. Superfish hooked, but Pokki Start Menu still roaming free

Reg reader up in arms about bundled bloatware

Gemalto: NSA, GCHQ hacked us – but didn't snatch crucial SIM keys

'Investigation' admits to attacks, but says phone crypto secrets stayed secure

Zeus scumbag infects itself, buddies, with rival Trojan

See what happens when you don't run antivirus?

Russia considers keeping its own half of the ISS alive after 2024

Glorious Soviet modules to outlive degenerate capitalist space-slum, comrade

Elementary, my dear penguin: It's the second beta of Freya

ReviewNever mind the bugs... love the skin Ubuntu's in

$533 MEEELLION – the cost of Apple’s iTunes patent infringement

Smartflash reportedly happy with the verdict. Pope, Catholic

Who uses the Universal Credit system? ALMOST NOBODY, says report

Analyst: It'll take just 120 years to complete. Phew!

Storage modernisation reality check

Are you a zero or a hero?

Microsoft cuts Facebook Messenger, Google Talk from

Skype, anybody?

XenData’s storage Jurassic Park: PC tape backup is BAAAAACK

Ask your granny about external tape drives, son

Speaking in Tech: 'He's walking around with a rubber horse's head on'

PodcastBrocade VP's family Xmas sounds ... er, fun

Not even GCHQ and NSA can crack our SIM key database, claims Gemalto

If snooping was done, it was done via comms intercept

Denmark tops European tech table, two other Scandis right behind

There’s more digital things than we dreamt of

Soz SMEs, we're not interested in your direct biz

Gov fudges overall small biz spend figures, claims success

It's the EU and me against the world – Euro digi-chief

Union needs data protection, copyright laws, says Oetti

New Dell boxes reverberate with Blue Thunder

Lightening the hyperconverged load

Ads watchdog: Er, what does woman in her undies have to do with ‘slim’ phone?

We said ASA, not... oh, never mind

Azlan UK boss made 'redundant' amid restructure

Gareth Hansford confirms split, looks for next role in channel

Chaos reigns as Coms plc CEO tries (fails) to stage boardroom coup

London-listed biz questions chief's purchase of 20k shares

Europol shuts down darn RAMNIT botnet

Cops analysing command and control server ... in Hampshire

Big data = big loss for Hadoop-flinger Hortonworks

Professional services the future, for now

W3C recommends Pointer Events standard – but it's a touchy subject. Right, Apple?

CommentIs Cupertino now the web standard bearer?

Solidfire offers unlimited SSD wear guarantee, punts software at market

And its flash will 'never' become obsolete. Bold claim

There's more than one way to back up your data

Here's how to tell them apart

Nokia blasts Ericsson out of water, demos 600Mbps data speeds

Finns finding MIMO: But even that won't be enough in 5 years

NetApp shows hybrid love, revamps products for Amazon's cloud

All woven in to DataFabric concept

COSMIC FATTY from the DAWN of TIME simply can't exist – astroboffins

Now that's a black hole, my boy

Say cheese! Europe's antitrust chief has Google boss in her sights – reports

Schmidt meeting Competition Commissioner soon

What exchange rate blues? Our storage revs have grown – HP

CommentDon't know what the rest of you are doing, but...

Boffin: Use my bionic breakthrough for good, and not super cyborgs

Volunteer amputees get neural implants to wield mind over matter

PernixData RAMs in yet more speed to FVP

Can’t say it doesn’t rise to the occasion

WANTED: A plan to DESTROY metadata, not just retain it

Australian Police keep leaking or pinching data: if we must have metadata retention, laws must stop their stupidity

Oh No, Lenovo! Lizard Squad on the attack, flashes swiped emails

UpdatedEmo-takeover better not be a viral marketing stunt to win our hearts

Google tackles enterprise BYOD with Android for Work

New Work Profile separates business and personal data

Google deal means game over for mobile payments firm Softcard

App and all wallets to go dark 'in the near future'

SIM hack scandal biz Gemalto: Everything's fine ... Security industry: No, it's really not

Why so confident, infosec bods wonder

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