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24th > February > 2015 Archive

I'm the wire starter: ARM, IBM tout plug 'n' play Internet of Stuff kit

PicsHook board to the router, control it from other side of the planet

HP cloud reorg shock: Ex-Eucalyptus boss Mårten Mickos backs off

Out with the new, in with the old in Helion-land

Give us a week to gut Superfish, begs Lenovo CTO

Don't Panic, says malware-pusher, Superfish never swam on ThinkPads, servers or arrays

Burning Man hackers get burnt

200 queue jumpers caught using 'backdoor'

I wish I'd leaked sooner says Edward Snowden in post-Oscar chinwag

Poitras promises more technical film on NSA spying is in production

AMD's new Carrizo: The x86 notebook processor that thinks it's a GPU

ISSCC 2015We drill into the tech claims

A billion things are already on the IoT: Verizon

Oh great: That leaves another four billion security risks to prepare for

Google looks to scrape away scumware, as only it can

Sign up for webmaster tools if you want advance notice of your blacklisting

Samb-AAAHH! Scary remote execution vuln spotted in Windows-Linux interop code

Microsoft finds critical bug that hurts most recent Linuxes

Internet industry lends support to IANA transition

Congressional testimony later this week urges caution but no backtracking

US trade bods: No, your iPhone can't detect CANCER

FTC cracks down on quack melanoma apps

MIT demos picowatt radio for Internet of Things

Turn it off. No, REALLY off

Apcera goes hybrid

PaaS people plot MWC preview

Google opens 'Inbox' heir-to-email trial to biz users

Wave goodbye to email as you knew it

Porn on Blogger – Google takes stiff action

You've got a month to clean yourself up unless you want to play with creepy friends

Cert-slurping security firms chop super-fishy features

Lavasoft, AdTrustMedia, add fuel to man-in-the-middle diddle

Love rats show sex while drunk will sober you up, say boffins

That loved-up feeling stops booze binding with your brain

LinkedIn values your privacy at ONE WHOLE LOUSY DOLLAR

Password hack suit settled for next to nothing

'Utterly unusable' MS Word dumped by SciFi author Charles Stross

LibreOffice on MacOSX is now Laundry Files man's preferred change-tracking tool

Redmond boffins build coffins for exploit kits

'Kizzle' tool spots and crimps hackers' automation tools

How good a techie are you? Objective about yourself and your skills?

Sysadmin blogI think I am... So come judge me, readers shuns IT support tower model. Now what the hell do we do?

GDS chump writes blog rubbishing latest wheeze, leaves everyone in dark

Get yourself connected: GrovePi+ Starter Kit

ReviewRaspberry Pi projects made easy

Give in to data centre automation and change your life

Banish sysadmin drudgery

SSL-busting adware: US cyber-plod open fire on Comodo's PrivDog

UpdatedSuperfish sequel: I'm looking at the man in the middle

Logicalis: hello world, meet our new CEO

Mark Rogers given job permanently after year-long vocational training

BT fixes home hub drop-out glitch ONE YEAR after denying flaw existed

One helluva long reboot loop

MP resigns as security committee chair amid 'cash-for-access' claims

Rifkind has left the building

Phoenix IT Group 'trading comfortably in line with forecasts'

Troubled? No way, look at our latest CloudSure contract

Microsoft: You want on-prem wares, We'll make you pay

Cough up more for old-style licences, cloudy stuff to fall

Don't be fooled! He's not from the IT crowd... he's a CYBERSPY – FireEye

Is that Tom the techie or a Chinese spear-phisherman?

Fears mount over future of hardware distributor Gamma Global

HP, APC and Cisco kit purveyor yet to comment

Now with Grunt and Gulp: Cross-platform ASP.NET in new Visual Studio 2015 preview

Microsoft's new mantra: Code in Windows, run anywhere

Springpath springs out of stealth with HALO-based platform

Welcome to the world of Datacore, FalconStor, Nexenta

Finally, a decent use for big data: Weeding out crooked City traders

Could spot malpractice, says panel advising Bank of England

NetApp’s effort to feed big data beast through NFS makes no sense

OpinionLatency on one side, huge capacities on the other

iHump? Apple buys Camel Audio – report

Edinburgh-based firm quietly changes office to Cupertino's Blighty HQ

Deutsche Bank pens cloudy infrastructure deal with HP

10-year, multi-billion dollar outsourcing gig for data centre services

Apache finally signs off Hadoop database... after 7 years of development

HBase 1.0 a ‘a thing of collaborative beauty'

FlashRay bang, wallop: NetApp bigwigs play musical chairs

New Performance Products Group includes all-flash FAS and FlashRay

Google's Softcard hookup: Never mind Apple Pay ... it's about beating the networks

CommentCutting the wire

Wanna free web domain for a year? Hey, it's not rocket .science

Do it, nerds!

STOP! Pebble Time: New color watch clocks up $5m on Kickstarter

PicsUpdated e-paper wrist-puter leaps in before Apple Watch swamps the market

Glad you're not on the Anthem hacker hit list? Not so fast – millions more affected

People with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans also caught up

NBN Co numbers suggest FTTP build could be done for close to Labor's budget

NBN Co CEO Morrow accidentally debunks Turnbul''s cost blowout story

Live a day in the life of Jennifer Lawrence: Tell Reddit to delete your stolen nude selfies

Now you can strip gossip site of swiped sexy snaps even if you're not famous

$1.6bn VMware defence deal challenged by AWS, Citrix and Nutanix

Exclusive deal would see Virtzilla own US defence IT for up to five years

Sales of HP notebooks and servers are UP! And that's all the good news

Guess the bad news

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