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23rd > February > 2015 Archive

Brocade's IP strategy stutters in flat first quarter

Data centre sales slide

NBN Co's HFC build will be DOCSIS 3.1 ready, but use 3.0 only

Arris named as HFC supplier

Mozilla mulls Superfish torpedo

Green-lighted blacklist of compromised certs could be ready in a day

OLPC spin-off teases modular 'Infinity' computer

Swap out CPUs, cams and drives like LEGO so laptop grows with your kids

May the fourth be with you: Torvalds names next Linux v 4.0

Linux Lord declares all internet polls bad, follows result of own effort anyway

Cisco IPv6 processing bug can cause DoS attacks

Carriers need to patch their big network iron

Hawking thesp Eddie Redmayne and Snowden doc Citzenfour win Oscars

Rise of the nerds

Must-have sports tech: No, not an Apple Watch, a TOMATO GOB-STUFF BOT

VidTomaton: The wearable fruit machine we've waited for

Facebook security chap finds 10 Superfish sub-species

Cert-jacking 'Komodia' library looks to be widespread

Leaky battery attack reveals the paths you walk in life

'Innocent' power consumption metrics found in scores of Android apps

Debian on track to prove binaries' origins

Reproducible binary project 83% complete

Why IP telephony is about more than just saving money

The winning arguments

Facebook meets Belgian minister: PLEASE, sir, NOT THE PROBE

Social network hopes to avoid yet another painful Euro investigation

Ailing Calyx Managed Services flogged to MXC Capital for £9m

Troubled MSP expected to be broken up and sold on again

Calling all cybercrooks: Ready-made phone attack rig for sale

Kit used as part of online banking fraud

Apple forks out nearly $2bn for two ripe, green data centres

Clean, renewable and partially tax deductible

FalconStor blows clouds into FreeStor software rewrite

Hopes son of IPStor will tempt customers

Marconi: The West of England's very own Italian wireless pioneer

Geek's Guide to BritainA trip to the Lizard King's monument

Google’s privacy policy: Italians probing a little deeper

Euro regulators cracking down on Chocolate Factory's data use

IBM: UK Systems Middleware voluntary redundo plan launches

Some workers itching to grab package, say bye to Big Blue

Apple: 100,000 lucky people can test our flaky iOS 8.3 code – report

Hey fanboi, help squash our bugs

Wake up! BlackBerry QUIETLY updates BB10

Lots to admire, but 10.3.1 overhaul made some sleep through alarms

Fibre Channel's looking a bit flat. Bad news for these three firms

CommentFCoE? Oh yeah, I remember rumours about that

Facebook privacy policy violates European law, says report

Default settings for behavioural profiling remain problematic

EMC looks to military to swell ranks of sales and techie army

'Right you 'orrible lot, who wants to be an EMC Certified Implementation Specialist?'

Psst, hackers. Just go for the known vulnerabilities

Look for the obvious, not the esoteric, warns HP

Last round, folks: Dell 'n' pals pull out wallets as Nexenta preps for IPO

Inks connected car deal... but with WHICH firm?

Tweak comms laws or Facebook 'n' Twitter folk will be treated like CRIMINALS

Big Brother Watch unfurls report on Communications Act

EMC learns object lesson in accuracy after ViPR death goof

We, er, didn't kill that off after all, confesses red-faced firm

FCC Republicans slam brakes on net neutrality, but this wagon ain't slowing

Stop! This Open Internet proposal. It is not ready yet

German music moguls slammed for 'wurst ever DMCA takedown spam'

Sorry we accused everyone of piracy, say not-so-sour krauts

ACLU: Here's a secret – cops are using the FBI's fake cell-tower tech to track crims' phones

Feds let drug robbers walk rather than expose Stingray

Google hooks up with group formerly known as ISIS to battle Apple Pay

Softcard deal sees Google Wallet installed on major carriers' mobes

'Lenovo, Superfish put smut on my system' – class-action lawsuit

Should be open and shut (laptop) case

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