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19th > February > 2015 Archive

Nutanix to release 'community version' of its secret software sauce

Stop describing us with the 'C-word' says CEO Dheeraj Pandey

Cisco gives waiting world ConfD for low, low, price of $0

Hopes to spur NETCONF/Yang takeup

Microsoft updates Outlook app security, but haters still gunna hate

Amazon moving to Azure

Hoping for spy reforms? Jeb Bush, dangerously close to being the next US prez, backs the NSA

Vid'I just don't understand the debate'

ZTE ups 5G investment

800 engineers needed to get ready for 2020 rollout

Wanna cheerlead open internet standards, help out the peeps at IETF? Enter the ISoc Maze

And you've got 10 days to win

Prawn cocktail offers hot new way to make solar cells

Why shell out for expensive Ruthenium when chitin can cook without gas?

Big Content picks on small Australian ISPs again

Mid-sized Australian ISP iiNet forced to defend itself again

Juniper targets LTE deployments with carrier switches

Also expands network management

After Brit spies 'snoop' on families' lawyers, UK govt admits: We flouted human rights laws

Whoops! Our bad (as our NSA friends would say)

This one weird script continually crashes Android email

Not reading email? No worries: this one can still take you down

Former Mrs Dotcom hooks up with Xbox 'toyboy'

Dotcom looking for love again

Lenovo shipped lappies with man-in-the-middle ad/mal/bloatware

'Superfish' causes an almighty stink

Hello Barbie: Hang on, this Wi-Fi doll records your child's voice?

VidWhat could possibly go wrong?

Rap for fap stack in hack trap flap: This XXX site caught an STI (Script Transmitted Infection)

If you surfed to this grumble-flick palace, check yourself

Canuck Bitcoin exchange gives up after security SNAFU

Cavirtex sends back money after suspected password pop

HOLY SEA SNAILS! Their TEETH are strong enough to build a plane

Limpet fangs strongest ever natural material, say boffins

Ukraine suddenly 40% more interested in UK tax info – HMRC

Growing trend of chasing 'high net worth foreign nationals'?

(Re)touching on a quarter-century of Adobe Photoshop

FeatureThe next person to use the Twirl filter deserves a kicking

3D TLC VIMMs could play Violin's music

CommentDream on, platter pushers

iBank: RBS, NatWest first UK banks to allow Apple Touch ID logins

Thieves, prepare your Gummi Bears* for deployment

UK public sector biz keeps French giant Atos buoyant

Busy year for hungry outsourcer digesting Xerox ITO and Bull

Google strongly opposes plans to let ANY US COURT authorise digi-snoops

Ad broker : It raises 'monumental' concerns

HP flicks white box switch: NOT a Facebook wannabe? Stuff our open kit in your cloud

Cisco waits with baseball bat. Can HP hold its own?

The Order: 1886 – Round Table gaming's all right on the knight

Game Theory'Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!'

Babar the Elephant: Another malware plague with a cute name

Tor-friendly nasty records Skype & Yahoo! chats

Apple design don Jony Ive: Build-your-own phone is BOLLOCKS

AnalysisMotorola: Does he mean US?

Ofcom: We got it right, but let’s have a licence consultation anyway

Ministry of Fun promises remain ... er ... just promises

Superfish: Lenovo ditches adware, but that doesn't fix SSL megavuln – researcher

Here's how to zap the ad-injecting crapware

Tim Cook slurped our brains, snarl fat battery bods A123

Tooling up to take on Tesla, maybe?

Hitachi smashes SPC-1 benchmark, boasts: We HAF ways of crushing 2 million IOPs

Claims fastest-performing storage array

NetApp brings Hadoop functionality to its ONTAP customers

Users can dip their toe in the elephantine waters

Samsung buys LoopPay ... to be better at bonking than Apple

Mag stripe compatibility has more than twice the penetration

We don't need no steenkin' cabinet: Ericsson hangs base stations off masts

A different kind of pole dancer

Have YOU got Equation NSAware in your drives? Meh, not really our concern, says EU

But we do have another law in the pipeline. So that's alright

AT&T, Verizon will nuke rivals in next US mobile auction – and it's the FCC's fault, says Legere

Shock: T-Mobile USA CEO livid over spectrum sales

Android malware hijacks power button, empties wallet while you sleep

Engineer’s reset recommended

Revenge porn kingpin Hunter Moore pleads guilty to basically being a total cyber-scumbag

Smut dealer agrees to take hacking, identity theft charges

Global DNS power grab: US senators want a word with ICANN next week

America to argue over how to 'save' its internet from 'evil' 'dictators'

What does America need right now? Data science! (says, er, the first Chief Data Scientist)

So much more exciting than just calling them spreadsheets, eh?

Did NSA, GCHQ steal the secret key in YOUR phone SIM? It's LIKELY

Snowden leaks reveals how spies can crack encryption on calls worldwide

Telstra CEO David Thodey retires

CFO Andrew Penn to take the hot seat in May

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