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17th > February > 2015 Archive

Telstra copper at crisis point, endangers NBN, says union

It's just bad weather, says carrier

Apple LIGHTSABERS to feature in The Force Awakens

Jony Ive and Star Wars director JJ Abrams met at a party and talked weapons

Your hard drives were riddled with NSA spyware for years

Kaspersky: 'Equation Group' attacked 'high value targets'

Intel President Renée James says Chipzilla's diversity efforts are moving too slowly

Calls for industry to get better at offering family-friendly workplaces

Windows 10 to give passwords the finger and dangle dongles

FIDO authentication standard has been slipped into current Technical Preview

Fro-Xen no longer: Xen project plans shorter dev process

Let it go, let it go, says new overseer of open source hypervisor

Juniper CEO axed after SALES FAIL: report

Missed deals at at Verizon, Barclays riled Board

Boffins baffled by the glowing 'plumes' of MARS

Aurora? Cloud? Alien starship exhaust? What?

Chinese food safety officials drank so much during working lunch that one of them DIED

Bloke plainly had more than just the hair of the dog

Fight back against illegal GCHQ spying with PAPERWORK!

Privacy International calls for mass applications to Investigatory Powers Tribunal

Torvalds turns to Sir Mix-A-Lot for Linux versioning debate

Do you like 'em big and round, or would a slimmer version 4.0 excite you?

DARPA's 'Cortical Modem' will plug straight into your brain

Who needs tech specs when you could have a $10 HUD on your visual cortex?

Gartner to CIOs: Go on, SPEND some CASH on ROBOTS 'n' 'Things'

Chill out, IT guy... Lean times are over – beancounter

Speak your brains on surveillance, despots. No we don't mean Five Eyes

Euro Parliament report on intrusion tech in 'third' countries

Qualcomm, ARM: We thought we had such HOT MODELS...

... but IP licensing changing – and what if smartphones DIE?

First HSBC, now the ENTIRE PUBLIC SECTOR dodges tax

ExclusiveVAT cockups cost public purse MILLIONS

Game of Moans: Sky coughs to BORKED set top box BALLS-UP

Promises to fix TV-recording woe soon

IBM pushes the Accelerate, makes one Big Blue storage family

Info on Software XIV and GPFS revealed – so far

Annodata consumes print services minnow STS

More acquisitions to come? You bet, says chairman St Quinton

Apple Watch 'didn't work on HAIRY FANBOIS, was stripped of sensor tech'

Check your own physical wellbeing please fanbois. Or shave your wrists

Storage snippets slither forth from San Fran analyst shindig

The future's not so bright for mutants

BBC: SOD the scientific consensus! Look OUT! MEGA TSUNAMI is coming

Special ReportMoney talks and disasters sell, baby

Violin fiddlings revealed: Two new flashy boxen, but what's this chart?

Good new kit, shame about the marketing

Boffins now one step closer to male birth control pill

Want to rub her up without a rubber? Aye, there’s the rub

Brother from another: SUSE releases software-defined Ceph

A penny per gig per month - there's cheap for you

Home Office wins appeal against £224m e-Borders payout

Tribunal to rehear Raytheon claim against deal cancellation

PENGUINS are just TASTELESS, say boffins

'Their tongues aren't for tasting', apparently

Are you ready to ditch the switchboard and move to IP telephony?

The future is most certainly voice

Get ready for the El Reg Storage Winners-n-Losers super chart

Who's on the ladders, who's on the snakes

Inspired by Linux, Pivotal to open-source bulk of big data suite

The lesson of Unix: make it unified and they will come

Big Blue drops a billion dollars to refresh its pig herd's lipstick

CommentRenaming the product line doesn't make it new

You'll never BELIEVE how this guy's using his engineering brains

Harmsel biz blogWe grill the ex-VMware CTO who became *gasp* a VC

AT&T suddenly finds demand for 1Gbps fiber in Kansas City – just after Google arrived

Sets the value of privacy at $29 per month

Samsung's spying smart TVs don't encrypt voice recordings sent over the internet – new claim

UpdatedThey only listen with permission but blab everything in the clear

Samsung pulls ahead of Qualcomm in mobe chip race with 14nm Exynos

But TSMC still snapping at its heels

Big Brother in SPAACE: Mars One picks first 100 morons to suffocate, er, settle on Red Planet

PicsFive Brits on the shortlist to wear red shirts

Australia's PM says data retention laws think of the children

Don't disarm plod in the age of Skype, says 'no tech-head' PM

Sony's super-frumpy SmartEyeglass goggles are $840 Google Glasses

PicsApple's also design some 'puter-goggles – cheap slip-ons

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