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16th > February > 2015 Archive

Hackers break the bank to the tune of $300 MEEELLION

Kaspersky spills on global hack it says could top a BILLION once all transactions probed

Uber to Australia: Legalise UberX and we'll GIVE you DATA

Data-spaffing ride-sharing service links arms with The Man

M0n0wall comes tumbling down as dev throws in the trowel

End of the road for seminal open source firewall

Cisco puts elastic in the fabric

APIC links arms at 30 km

Google offers universal cloud benchmarking tool

Because nothing could go wrong with Google's metrics about AWS and Azure

Telco heavyweights pass packets in NFV demo

NFV gets more open

Hacker catches Apple's Lightning in a jailbroken bottle

All iThings reportedly open to colossal customisation

Google founders to offload $4 BEEELLION in shares

Brin and Page are worried about their future liquidity

Want to find LOVE online? Make sure your name is high up in the alphabet

Boffin develops foolproof love method, snares girlf at last

Amazon's delivery drones shot down by new FAA rules

No human operator, no flight, says US aviation regulator

Virgin Media to splurge BEELLIONS on UK network infrastructure expansion

Promises faster broadband speeds for millions of premises

Hackers fear arms control pact makes exporting flaws illegal

'Wassenaar Arrangement' scaring infosec reserchers away from Pwn2Own contest

Bad news, IT bods: UK's tech outsourcing up 15% last year

OK, mostly call centre folk you can email and tweet to...

Got $600 for every Win Server 2003 box you're running? Uh-oh

Let's hope you've really got a lot of them then

Hey Apple - what's the $178bn for? Are you down with OTT?

AnalysisMaybe it WASN'T late with Apple TV - maybe it was picking its moment can't get farmers onto its Verify service – even to claim subsidies

It's oo-er not oo-arr down at the Government Digital Service

Samsung, LG wash dirty laundry in two separate court cases

LG exec indicted for vandalising Sammy washer

Huawei Browne-noses UK after hiring ex-BP peer for its board

'This shows our commitment to openness and transparency', gushes rotating CEO Ken Hu

Insight’s director churn continues as ‘key player’ leaves

Old Guard Stuart Lemon latest out as newbies swing by

SAP's ex-Hana chief swallows software firm, bets big on... Hana

Sikka rolls SAP and Oracle migration gambit for Infosys

Yo, Kanye, Imma let you finish, but this IBM FlashSystem...

... has upgraded NAND modules. Better RECOGNISE

REPORT: UK needs online eBay-style court for civil justice

No further buffering Your Honour

WhatDaHell, WhatsApp? Student claims 'stalker' tool shows security flaws

Releases proof-of-concept app to 'highlight concerns'

Thecus N4310 4-bay: A NAS-ty beast for the budget-conscious

ReviewSelf storage for the light of pocket

£100 MILLION poured down drain on failed IT projects - in just ONE YEAR

Who cares, it's only other people's mon- oh. Really?

Israeli gov & boffins targeted by pr0ntastic malware from Gaza

Second amateurish effort targets Egyptians too

NetApp: Don’t know about the hybrid cloud? Then you’re a dummy

CommentThere's a book saying so – it must be true

Channel on track: British tech insolvencies fall to seven-year low

Just 198 suppliers hit the wall in 2014 – spending rise forecast

IBM: Who wants to leave with a swollen package?

Sets up staff consultation with voluntary redundancy in mind

Microsoft: Look at our cloudy privacy award. Isn't it so ... meaningful?

Firm still has to hand your data to govs, cops, etc, though

Australian government's 'cyber-security' review delayed

Opposition asks for tweaks to data retention laws

Gamers reach for BFG after Nvidia turns back the overclock

It's a feature, no a bug, no, a feature, no, a bug

Dutch DPA says government's data retention plans still illegal

Watchdog wants legislation canned

Mozilla's Flash-killer 'Shumway' appears in Firefox nightlies

Open source SWF player promises alternative to Adobe's endless security horror

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