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11th > February > 2015 Archive

NZ regulator okays cable to Oz

Tasman Global Access to go ahead

ANOTHER US court smacks down EFF's NSA wiretap sueball – but won't say why

Rules classified docs must stay classified

VMware creates network function virtualisation team

Acquisitions-wrangler to take Virtzilla into conflict with Cisco, again

'Worse than I imagined': FCC commish slams chief's net neutrality bid

Pai joins partisan back-and-forth

Blackberry hires new security chief

Heads infosec for internet-of-things things

Jeb Bush, the man who may lead the US in 2016, dumps Floridians' private data on the web

There's transparency, and then there's THIS

Bitcoin, Litecoin, cash, watches seized from alleged software pirates

US authorities move on Microsoft key-copiers

Back seat drivers fear lead-footed autonomous cars, say boffins

Over to you, Google. How will robot cars improve traffic if passengers are panicked?

Boffins turn nano-wires into their OWN thermometers

Better thermal imaging to help design better electronics

US plots to KILL hackers – with bureaucracy!

New Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will share info with big biz

Kanye West: Yo, DNS... Imma let you finish, but this gTLD is one of the best of all time

Crap rap chap in yak flap

Linux kernel set to get live patching in release 3.20

Come and get this Git pull, Linus!

Still using the Google Talk app? You've got ONE WEEK to move on

It's time to move on to Hangouts, like it or not

Air gaps: Happy gas for infosec or a noble but inert idea?

FeatureSpooks and boffins jump 'em, but real-world headwinds remain strong

Coding Cupid publishes Tinder-ised automatic love machine

Love Daemon arrives just in time for St. Valentine's Day

Worried you got PINK EYE when you shook hands? Doctor Google will see you now

Doc – why haven't I got housemaid's knee?

Cortana to form circle of life in Windows 10

Microsoft's 'contextual operating service' promises hakuna matata across devices

REVEALED: TEN MEEELLION pinched passwords and usernames

This will hurt me more than it hurts you, says researcher

BBC bins pricey Windows Media, Audio Factory goes live

Windows 'not supported by the wider industry'

Gov.UK tells Londoners: You too can cash in on the 'sharing economy'

... and hand a bit of that cash to web 2.0. Aren't you LUCKY?

Blighty quietly signs deal to read giant EU border control database

Huge pile of personal data was just too tempting to turn down

Hear that sound? It's the Windows XP PC bubble popping

Pricing landslide expected on the PC mountain

Skin colour's irrelevant. Just hire competent folk on their merits, FFS

Worstall on WednesdayYou see a diversity tickbox nightmare, I see human beings

For EMC, it’s all about the rack-scale flash

CommentAre we seeing an embryonic disk SAN killer tech?

Speaking in Tech: Woohoo – we're CUTTING OFF THE CABLE COMPANIES

PodcastSling TV Dished up

Car? Check. Driver? Nope. OK, let's go, says British govt

Don't forget the ‘test driver’ for legal reasons though

You MUST supply dying customers even if they're in administration, thunders

This is what happens when IT firms ignore gov consultations

UK chip champ ARM flexes muscle: Shows strong profit and sales

Blighty tech success story records bumper results

Death knell for Windows with Bing, licences carved up

Microsoft 'over-egged' Chromebook response

Silent but violent: Foul Google Play flaw lets hackers emit smelly apps

Say it with us: 'Permissionless sharing'

Storage firms drop 'A bombs' on the backup biz

Actifio, Arcserve, Asigra, Avere product blitz

Now Samsung's spying smart TVs insert ADS in YOUR OWN movies

It was a simple error, honest, says TV maker

Facebook: Hey guys, come share all your securo-blunders with us!

Serial privacy philanderer launches social network for infosec vulns

Quantum stuffs disks in a StorNext box, says: Go ahead – stick a 4K in it

4K and 8K workloads? Bring it

'Giving geo-engineering to this US govt is like giving a child a loaded gun'

Climate 'hacking' 'wildly, utterly, howlingly, barking mad'

Vows exchanged as Telecity and Interxion prepare to wed

Euro data centre consolidation. Why? Only the big will survive

Never mind Samsung, GOOGLE will EAVESDROP as you browse on Chrome

Voice Search extension project described as 'Ear of Sauron'

Gleeful Apple and Microsoft bathe in bathfuls of debt

Getting down 'n' dirty to protect their cash stashes

Azzurri waves bye-bye to more directors

Ops man Du Toit retires, mobile sales biggie White splits

Anonymous HACKED GAS STATIONS - and could cause FUEL SHORTAGES

WE_ARE_LEGION features in high-octane exploit

French minister: Hit Netflix, Google, Apple et al with bandwidth tax

Won't someone think of le French film industry!

Hey, network giants: Facebook swigs from an 'open' 6-PACK of tech

Top-of-rack gear embiggened with a chassis

Europe just flew titchy reusable SPACEPLANE IXV around the planet

VideoSuccessful splashdown for squashed space shuttle

You'll NEVER guess who has bought I Taught Taylor Swift How To Give Head dot-com

Haters are gonna hate

Over 50? Out of work? Watch out because IT is about to eat itself

AI is coming to take sysadmins' jobs, but greybeards have an escape route

Chip giant TSMC, flush with record sales, plans $16bn fab build-out

The race to 10-nanometer process is on

SpaceX HOVER-SHIP landing scuppered by MASSIVE ocean waves

Pic+vid+updatesGore-sat escapes carnage, heads to outer space

Let freedom RING! Americans can now legally liberate phones from axis of network evil


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