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7th > February > 2015 Archive

Intuit halts TurboTax filings after states spot mass tax fraud scheme

Identity thieves skimming gov't cash via bogus tax returns

THANKS OBAMA! Prez predicted iPhone mania back in 2007

Tell-all book claims commander-in-chief got sneak peek from Jobs

Phishers, scammers pile into worried Anthem customers in FRAUD FRENZY

Also: here come the lawsuits

Fancy radio maker Motorola Solutions reportedly seeking a buyer

Chatting with investment firms and defense contractors, sources say

Smartphones don’t dumb you down, they DUMB you UP

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Pass that bucket of sheep intestines

Guantánamo Diary, Lurid & Cute and The Door

Page FileGitmo stories, fantastical fiction and a contemporary classic

Tiger Moth: Old school flying without all those pesky flaps, brakes and instruments

Vulture in the AirThis week it's a biplane not a car

The Interview? Kim Jong-Un, you really shouldn’t have bothered

Film reviewNot satirical, and the toilet humour is no such thing

'If someone in Australia says lick my toad, it's not a euphemism'

CoTWPlus: Someone LIKED one of our headlines? $DEITY_ABOVE praise us!

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The Red Dwarf chilli chutney egg sarnie

Lister creation 'a cross between food and bowel surgery'

Apple preps to DUMP crappy, sluggish iPhoto FOR GOOD

Fruity firm flings out pre-release version of Photos app-loaded OS X 10.10.3 to devs

LinkedIn INKED IN with Facebook Lean In push for more women in tech

Sandberg wants to beef up female CompSci and engineering students

The Paper Cinema's breathtaking Odyssey comes to London

Theatre reviewLive animation heroics in this agonisingly short run

Computacenter will NOT replace UK MD Muller

Duties of Daisy Group-bound exec to be split among existing senior players

Ex-squeeze me? Baking soda? Boffins claim it safely sucks CO2 out of the air

'Capturing the world’s carbon emissions is a huge task'

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