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6th > February > 2015 Archive

Bankrupt RadioShack to close up to 2,900 stores, share others with Sprint

Carrier to prop up ailing retailer with store-within-store plan

Dell enterprise tech leader parachutes to Nexenta

Former CA and HP man Sam Greenblatt gets software-defined gig

NASA: Check out this TWIRLY SPACE DWARF – and NEVER moan about our budget

Probe peeps in on icy Ceres

Obama pinches VMware's CIO for same gig at White House

Appointment revealed on same day vCloud for government goes live

WHERE'S WALLY? He's in this algorithm, says developer

Stripey-shirted cartoon fugitive spotted by Python program

Oracle tosses its Linux into Docker's repository

If you can't beat 'em ...

You're too NSX-y for this straitjacket

VCE and VMware are taking network virtualisation beyond the big end of town

Assange's cop chaperones have cost £10 MEEELLION to date

That's about $16,000 US dollars a day - for FREEDOM, forever!

Major US news organisations to develop ROBOT JOURNALISTS

NYT, Washington Post, AP, Gannett in sinister alliance

Net neutrality: Someone WILL sue. So will the FCC's rules hold up?

AnalysisA deep look into the legality of chairman Wheeler's Title II plans

Fancybox WordPress plugin reveals zero day affecting thousands

To the patch-o-tron, admins!

Plane crash blamed on in-flight SELFIES

Investigators say pilot distraction led to stall and two deaths

Storage BLOG-OFF: HP's Johnson squares up to EMC's Chad Sakac

CommentTo all-flash or not to all-flash? That is the question

Hey biz – cut fraud with digital ID verification. Yes, like Verify – Maude

Stop laughing at the back of the class, would ya

Ofcom can prise my telly spectrum from my COLD, DEAD... er, aerial

Breaking FadLet's have a mass debate shall we?

'Privacy is DAMAGING to PROGRESS' says Irish big data whitepaper

'Magna Carta for data' full of technobabble bullshit

Helium HDD prices rise way above air-filled spinning rust

Squeaky voice time for HGST as trad drives come in cheaper

Snowden leaks LEGALISED GCHQ's 'illegal' dragnet spying, rules British tribunal

+DocsBefore we knew, it was illegal. Now we know, it's not

Start stockpiling tinned beans and ammo: This malware will end civilisation

*YAWN* A tale of 3 overhyped SSL vulns

Symantec sees profits crash ahead of corporate divorce

Storage kids did OK in Q3 but security was the problem child

Google mouthpieces: 'Right to be Forgotten' should not apply on

Jimbo Wales says it's not Google's problem at all

GRUNTY CHIMPS 'blend in among locals' after moving to Scotland

Moaning foreigners get used to gruff Caledonia

TOTAL DARKNESS lasted 550 MILLION years until the first STARS LIT UP

ESA's Planck peers into gloomy aftermath of the Big Bang

Ubuntu smartphone to go on sale: It'll be harder to get than a new iPhone

'Flash sales' – not that kind of Flash, silly

Legalese and coding? Yup, it's the open-source FOSDEM shindig

Where there's money there's muck, lad

California Uber Alles: Google wants to become the World Privacy Court

AnalysisAnd 'privacy campaign' groups actually support this madness

Half a billion wearables... and guess whose kit has to support all that data, asks Cisco

AnalysisSmart fridges won't stock themsel... oh. OK then

Slurping air passengers' private details not great for privacy, concede EU data bods

WP29 group stops short of actually blocking it, though

Brocade reels in app delivery controller biz from Riverbed

Won't say how much it's spending on SteelApp

FCC chair refuses to make net neutrality rules public before approval

Wheeler turns down request from Congress and his own commissioners

Who's the auto tycoon that makes Apple employees swoon? It's ... MUSK!

Tesla boss lures 150+ of Cook's cadets to 'leccy carmaker

Four senators call for federal probes into Verizon 'supercookies'

Democrats call in the FTC and FCC and threaten new laws

Taking a look at Luna: the smart bed that knows your sleep secrets

Long-read: the future of tech is smart-tech

Industry research claims over half of internet users open to new domains

Google has yet to kill off the domain name system, survey finds

HP’s Mr 3PAR, David Scott, is retiring

The StorServ man calls it a day

Uber hits PANIC BUTTON after India threatens to BAN dial-a-car firm

New app version offers direct line to cops – IF it's running

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