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5th > February > 2015 Archive

IBM chasing ex-staffers for $20 payments

Big Blue jobs shifting under PYRAMID SALES SCHEME

Valve set for OpenGL BIG REVEAL at upcoming conference

Gaming firm set to give details on glNext

Toshiba packs NUMERIC KEYPAD onto self-bricking USB drive

256-bit crypto activated by punching PIN

G.Fast sand-slinger says it's slung bits at 500 Mbps over 200 metres

Slower than Usain Bolt carrying a DVD

NSA raided hackers' troves of stolen data: report

At last government outsources to proper experts at taxpayer-friendly price of free

Siemens sighs: SCADA bugs abound

Wimax network kit vulnerable

Silicene takes on graphene as next transistor wonder-stuff

All we need now is a fab

'Ruskie' malware pwns iOS 7

Worse fate for jailbreaks

US anti-backdoor bill: If at first you're shot down in flames – try, try again

Second Secure Data Act bid hopes to keep Uncle Sam from tapping mobes, gadgets, etc

Zoinks! Is that Mystery Machine Apple's SELF-DRIVING FAMILY WAGON? You decide

Ruh-roh, Google…

NSA lays out its reforms post-Snowden (they can fit on back of a stamp)

Meanwhile, agency private chief describes her job as 'crazy'

Anthem, America's second biggest health insurer, HACKED: Millions hit by breach

Social security numbers, employment records, the lot

LICKED: Behold my TOAD-PROOF ERECTION, boasts Aussie boffin

'Toxic invaders menace moist refuges and dung beetles'

Veeam proclaims VICTORY in Symantec patent spat

Upstart cleared of pinching IP, claims $1bn sales barrier breached

UK boffins DOUBLE distance of fiber data: London to New York WITHOUT a repeater

Take that, Kerr!

APT devs are LOUSY coders, says Sophos

Fear crims who invest in code for dough, not those who put themselves on show

Nutanix is out in front - but can it stay ahead of the burgeoning pack?

CommentThey talk the talk but they'd better not walk - it's time to run

Likes of Google to have undue influence in Brussels, say activists

'Regulatory compatibility' with U.S. a 'threat to democracy'

Herjavec Group swallows Brit security services minnow Sysec

CEO: Today we take on Europe, tomorrow... the WHOLE PLANET

BT coughs £12.5 billion for EE as fourplay frolics pay off

IT 'rationalisation' key to £360m-a-year savings

Big Data, empty bellies: How supermarkets tweak prices just for the sake of YOUR LOVE

Loyalty is everything - but data analysis can go too far

ALIENS are surely AMONG US: Average star has TWO potentially Earth-like worlds

They're evidently here - nothing else makes sense

Satya Nadella, Year One: Has Microsoft's new CEO cut the mustard?

Ten highlights from Ballmer's successor's first 12 months

Sony Android tellies get YouView makeover

PicsGoggle box becomes Google box

Are virtualisation and the cloud SNUFFING OUT traditional backup software?

CommentWatch out for upstarts, enterprise storage bigshots

'Tech' City hasn't got proper broadband and it's like BT doesn't CARE

'This doughnut is slower than a Game of Thrones RAVEN!'

Japan's death threat hacker collared ... BY A CAT

8 years' porridge for moggy malware missive man

First look: Ordnance Survey lifts kimono on next-gen map app

ExclusiveIt's disruptive, It's flippy. It's got coniferous tree textures...

Get off Twitter – and onto Google if you want to find TWITS and tweets

Ad-smeared microbloggle firehose sure to be of great use

Microsoft's Nadella: Congratulations on 12 months of not being Steve Ballmer

Hard yards and difficult years lie ahead

UK biz Six Degrees puts up 'For Sale' sign outside corporate HQ

DC Advisory hauled in to sniff out buyers for managed service and co-lo biz

SWELLING moons of ice dwarf Pluto snapped by NASA spy-probe

New Horizons also mooned by Charon from 126 million miles

SAN-tastic? VMware blesses StorMagic's skinny ROBO HA

Never mind vSAN, remote and branch office bods...

4G Mobile data suck stiffens Vodafone revenues

We will milk our users not churn them, pledges Colao

Sonos revamps Wi-Fi speaker app, admits: 'We made things worse'

Controller app upgraded as Play:1 goes blue

Chief marketeer walks at Violin Memory

UpdatedHerzog leaves for 'Fortune 500' firm

Arrow CEO: Q4 was a 'record' quarter

Er ... well ... distie banks $116m on sales of $6.39 billion

Swap your keyless key for keyless key-less key. You'll need: a Tesla S and Apple Watch

Oh and an app...

'Bend over, Facebook' says EU, snapping on its rubber gloves

Sneak preview of controversial EU data protection board?

Still using Adobe Flash? Oh well, get updating: 15 hijack flaws patched

At least one is already being exploited – and more will targeted

Forget robo-butlers – ROBO-MAIDS! New hotel staffed by slave-droids

Do you call room service or roomba service?

Exit Interview: Sony Pics co-chair Amy Pascal flees 'Nork' hack studio

Her contract ends after server raid, Kim Jong Un-ribbing movie

You gotta keep a smart watch on the Swiss, Apple: Enter SWATCH

No wrist for the wicked, Swiss giant vows to Cupertino

Has the world reached PEAK TWIT? Supplies of new Twitter users are drying up

Revenues up - but still nul for profits

Internet lobs $$$s at dev of crucial GPG tool after he runs short of cash

Raises $150,000 as netizens rush to back encryption and privacy software

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