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3rd > February > 2015 Archive

Sony hurls Online Entertainment from the mothership

EverQuest maker says: Insert coin, please ... please

Obama's budget packs HUGE tax breaks for poor widdle tech giants

Only the little people pay taxes – you don't get rich cutting checks to the IRS

Look out - it's a Goober! Google's über-Uber robo apptaxi ploy

It couldn't happen to a nicer company, if rumor is true

Bankruptcy could see RadioShack close doors for good – report

Penny-priced stock to be delisted from NYSE

Target carders turn their attention to parking lots

Third car park company popped since December

Samsung gets KINKY with new Galaxy in 50 SHADES OF GREY

One picture emerges of something to be launched before Mobile World Congress

Tintri smooching VMware’s VVOLs, vIO and vROPs

Storage contender giving Virtzilla love bytes

Wannabe Rulers of the Internet hit control-alt-delete on power plan

Controversial body goes back to the drawing board with online survey

You heard this Chicago electro underground sound? ... Yeah, it's 4G

Second City in underground LTE first

Rumours of on-premises software's demise greatly exaggerated

Microsoft commits to another version of SharePoint for your bit barn


US crazytech unit backs behaviour biometrics study

Ransomware 2.0 'crypts website databases – until victims pay up

File-integrity monitoring of scripts is a key defence

hive mind informs climate change believers and sceptics

Survey of what drives debate

Dating site PAYS cracker for stealing creds

Cheque arrives from Russia with love after fraudster failed in attempt to sell filched logins

ICO's data protection tentacles will penetrate NHS bodies

But WON'T probe private firms' services to public healthcare

UK not-spot deal: When we said '2017’, we meant 1 DAY BEFORE 2018

OpinionWhat’s a year of lost calls between friends?

Get internet access to those POOR country bumpkins, says

Many lack internet, computers, digital skills... er, hang on

Arrow Electronics buys Computacenter tech disposal biz for £56m

Reseller recycles cash, politely hands it to shareholders

Death becomes it: Grim Fandango Remastered

Game Theory'From now on we soar! Like eagles on pogo sticks'

Yahoo!'s Firefox search hook-up pays off as it nicks Google's US clicks

OK, it's still third but Google is a (slightly) reduced number one

Samsung snub sends Qualcomm into a spin over Snapdragon 810

CommentNo-news press release gets customers to splurge their secrets

Breaking news: BBC FINALLY spots millions of mugshots on cop database

Wakey wakey, Auntie. It's not just iPlayer playing catch-up

National Lottery website goes TITSUP again

It Could Be You, but how would you know?

Zimmermann slams Cameron’s ‘absurd’ plans for crypto ban

GCHQ has ‘never had it so good’ claims privacy pioneer

Six-starved storage bods rush to support vSphere and VVOLs

Dell, HP, Nexenta, Nexgen and SanDisk fall into line

IBM's research arm grabs BIG CHIP BRAINS from systems team

Big Blue focus now on design and development

'Revenge porn' law to arrive in spring – MoJ

And I the while, the sole unbusy thing, simply upload – neither pair, nor build, nor sing

DataStax slurps graph database biz Titan's brains

Hopes Facebook-tastic tech will be big data's Next Big Thing™

EMC pulls out VSPEX: I'll hyper-converge you in a minute

Taking the EVO: RAILway to a NetApp and Cisco smackdown

Bluetooth-enabled miracle washing orbs? Are you kidding?

The alleged future of laundry lands on Kickstarter

Microsoft pulls Netlist's flashDIMMs into cloudy server embrace

Tick-in-box bodes well despite legal rumblings

Abuse of health data deserves JAIL, thunders ethics body

We're looking at you,, says angry org

Windows is TAKING the TABLET market... what's left of it, anyway

Apple, Samsung on the wane

TalkTalk boasts of fourplay-loving customers, extreme growth

Results prove it can walk the walk after all

Not-spot-busting for the home: Eero thinks tiny mesh router's a winner

Self-updating boxen don't even need configuring, say makers

Watt the CHIP!? ARM pops out THE most powerful 64-bit Cortex for mobes'n'slabs

Blueprints for A72 cores slash power use

SAP unveils its biggest thing for 20 YEARS: Core suite with HANA

4th-gen bet embraces cloud and slablet fondlers

'Revenge p0rn' kingpin Kevin Bollaert faces 20 years in jail

Oklahoma man the latest to face legal retribution

NASA: Give us JUST 0.5% of the federal budget and we'll take you to MARS and EUROPA

And maybe a 'roid snatch too

Opticomm wants peer relationship with NBN Co

Since you're not going to have a monopoly anyhow …

Avast there: MEELLIONS of Androiders scuttled by 'adware' game app

'Software flung naughty adverts at screens'

Microsoft takes lid off .Net Common Language Runtime sauce

It's not .Net on Linux – yet – but it's getting there

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