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30th > January > 2015 Archive

'Revenge porn' bully told not to post people's nude pics online. That's it. That's his punishment

Walking sack of crap ordered to destroy all pics, too

Google's latest letdown: Simply not enough billions since October

Revenue and income miss their marks amid rising costs

Amazon, flush with cash, says it will let you peek inside AWS' pants

Plans to break out numbers for cloud biz for first time this year

iTunes Connect does developer shuffle

Oh look! I'm running another account!

We take bots down, but they get up again – you're never going to keep them down

Dell analysis shows ZeroAccess botnet still slinging out

Hey, America. Canada's watchdog just slapped net neutrality rules on wireless internet

Decision breaks down arbitrary divide between web and TV

Reddit: Don't worry, we didn't tell that foreign government about your /r/brony addiction

Uncle Sam on the other hand ... Data demands by feds revealed

OH HAPPY DAY! Lawyers replaced by AI

Google also outsmarted by friendly machine pals

A docket, tweet and selfie can reveal your identity, boffins find

Spanners thrown at metadata privacy wagon

Quantum adds cloud tier to StorNext

It’s JAT – Just Another Tier

Wham, bam... premium rate scam: Grindr users hit with fun-killing charges

Dating app makers blame rogue ad

EMC grows new 'Enterprise Content Division'

Yet another attempt to make Documentum sexy

Alibaba's magic cave empties as it misses revenue target

Denies claims its stock comes from 40 thieves

Privacy alert: Outlook for iOS does security STUPIDLY, says dev

Logins stored in cloud, delete button busted

HP: We're gonna book $1bn worth of Server 2003 sales THIS WEEK

A month's worth of activity in seven days? Good luck, says analyst

UK watchdog grills big biz: So HOW do you use their 'consumer data'?

Slurp it, trade it, sell it, swap it?

Synths of the father: Making some noise at NAMM 2015

+VidsYou don't know what it was like, man, you weren't there

Sky sidles up to O2, whispers: 'Fancy a little FOUR-PLAY?'

It's been a long time coming *fnarr fnarr*

Undead nights: Zombie FPS Dying Light shines bright

Game TheoryDead Island all grown up and covered in putrefying flesh

Oracle is BETTER at cloud than everyone else so NER, shouts Hurd (no Katz)

Laser focus on self embiggenment, says co-chief

Wheeee! BT preps for FIVE HUNDRED MEGABIT broadband trial

If it works it'll go nationwide, says telco's top dog

Mobe-hungry BT's sales slip over Xmas amid EE buyout silence

Firm can't ignore £7bn pensions deficit much longer

Smartphones merge into homogeneous mass as 'flagship fatigue' bites

Latest handset? Punters say 'meh'. It's all about networks now, prays Three

Google forced to – wah! – OBEY the LAW with privacy policy tweaks

Ad broker agrees to tell you what it does with your privates

Apple CEO: Fandroids are BINNING Android in favour of IPHONES

Tim Cook puts numbers on his world domination claim

UK official LOSES Mark Duggan shooting discs IN THE POST

Nobody’s found a politically charged package have they?

Fujitsu slapped down in Land of the FALLING YEN

Homegrown demand wanes for mobes, PCs and network products

Quantum of Suspicion: Despite another $29m, D-Wave doubts remain

What exactly is company offering?

Emulex ends seven-quarter run of losses

+CommentPosts $4.3m profits

Three to pleasure bumpkins with 800MHz

Broadband boost before O2 craps all over it

Tesla bumps up Model S P85D acceleration – with software update

VidOK, grudgingly impressed: Download that upgrade for inverter

Teen whiz exposes WhatsApp profile pic privacy blunder bug

That teddy bear icon was for friends' eyes only

QLogic hits all-flash bullseye, doubles profit

10% quarterly revenue rise – take that, market uncertainty

US Ambassador: No, net neutrality will NOT allow the UN to seize control of the internet from us

AnalysisIt won't impact foreign policy, please go away

Intel brings Broadwell to businesses with 5th-gen Core chips with vPro

But what will it all mean for Skylake?

Sorry, admins: Microsoft says NO new Windows Server until 2016

Wedging Docker containers into Windows to take a leeeettle longer

Super-cookie crumbles: Verizon vows to kill off hated zombie stalkers

This time opt-out actually means opt-out, we're told

You must have at least 8 inches for Windows 10 to go all the way

CommentEl Reg decodes Microsoft's size rule

Silk Road trial latest: Ulbricht's Gmail addy appeared on ad for ' for drugs'

RoundupAnd then there's the $18m in BTC on a laptop – lawyers

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