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29th > January > 2015 Archive

Amazon's new WorkMail for enterprise: Another Fire dud – or a Kindle?

If there's one thing we all really need, it's another enterprise mail service, right Exchange?

Facebook kills pic of Mohammed weeks after Zuck's Je suis Charlie!

Don't harm the profit, I mean, prophet. No, wait, profit

Facebook's mobile ad bonanza brought it record returns in 2014

Social network Zucked up more cash than ever

Who's afraid of a virtual switch? Not big bad Brocade

Vyatta now available on free trial license, routers get port crypto

FCC will vote to cut off 41 million broadband users this Thursday*

* This headline brought to you by the cable companies

Researcher says Aussie spooks help code Five Eyes mega malware

QWERTY keylogger code alleged to name Defence Signals Directorate

Cisco says GHOST is more Casper than Sleepy Hollow

Borg exorcised GHOST years ago when it sent IPv4 to the nether realms

Trans-Pacific trade treaty close to signoff says USA

Japan offers America a side of rice, but nasty copyright provisions remain

Microsoft's Ignite gabfest includes just ONE session about Windows Server

Devices and clouds in the spotlight, Servers nowhere to be seen for now

Big Switch pitches third fabric iteration in six months

Adds network analytics, VMWare support

Mozilla dusts off old servers, lights up Tor relays

Worst outcome means 50 percent capacity hit

Charles Townes, inventor of the laser and friend to both science and religion, dies

ObituaryCoherent light, coherent thinking

Windows 10 heralds the Minecraft-isation of Microsoft

Redmond is building a stack of visualisation tools for the generation that grew up with clickable everything

Telstra: we don't collect the metadata the government wants now

So much for A-G Brandis' 'this'll be easy for telcos to collect' argument

Does Big Tech hire white boys ahead of more skilled black people and/or women?

Worstall on Weds (on Thurs)If it did - opportunity!

ZX81 BEATEN at last as dev claims smallest Chess code crown

Boot Chess needs just 512 bytes of memory, beating 1982's 1K ZX Chess

How's this for customer service: Comcast calls bloke an A**HOLE – and even puts it in print

All because his wife asked to cancel their TV package

Top smut site Flashes visitors, leaves behind nasty virus

Malvertising hits xHamster thanks to recent Adobe 0-day

SamSUNK! Korean giant's electronics biz takes punch to the smartphone profits

Samsung's phone business takes an even nastier dive

Your gran and her cronies are 'embracing online banking' – study

Really? Even 100-year-olds, claim clipboard wielders

Powering the Internet of Stuff – by sucking electricity from TREES

FeatureWhere are my generating wellies?

'YOUTUBE is EVIL': Somebody had a tape running, Google...

AnalysisCellist Zoë Keating strikes back with YouTube transcript

Revenues dip at CGI Group: It was Obamacare that did it

Last year's contract win, that is. Profits are up, though

Shouty investor Elliott looms over software veteran Informatica

+CommentActivists to the left, big data the right

Citrix: Hmmm, profit down 30%? Right. 900 HEADS WILL ROLL

Virtualisation biz axing workers, certain leases and products

IBM punts cryptotastic cloudy ID verification services

Foil identity thieves – put your data on a giant floating target

Supersonic Bloodhound car techies in screaming 650mph comms test

HD video at Mach 1+? No biggie, say cool-cat engineers

CommVault CEO: Quick, throw me some more sales reps

Plummeting profits problem prevails for the data company

BITE that APPLE if you want to escape the Android garden, Microsoft

AnalysisPick a winner in Apple-Samsung sales see-saw

Strap on fitness finesse: Withings Activité Pop

ReviewOh, and it tells the time too

Cloud storage upstart boasts of swollen biz, hires the CFO who sold Archivas

CommentLooking to go to IPO, Nasuni?

Snowden reveals LEVITATION technique of Canada’s spies

If you MUST build naughty spy tool... it's, er, pretty sweet

Microsoft Outlook comes to Android, iOS: MS email now a bit less painful on mobile

... Unless you're on Windows Phone, obviously

Ugly, incomplete, buggy: Windows 10 faces a sprint to the finish

ReviewUnpicking the past is a messy business for Microsoft

EMC reports mixed results, fingers axe: 'Reduction in force' planned

+CommentSEC filing didn't reveal how many were for the chop

NXP flings sueball at Marvell over Xbox NFC chips

IP lawfare takes on new dimension – but for why?

What do China, FBI and UK have in common? All three want backdoors in Western technology

'I need your clothes, bootloaders and CPU cycles'

FCC sexes up, er, sextuples 'broadband' speed to 25Mbps in US

Minimum downlink rate up from 'dated and inadequate' 4Mbps

Kill Facebook's creepy on-by-default Yelp 'killer' Place Tips – your guide

New 'feature' touts nearby biz and reviews

Microsoft 'showers gold' on anti-Google Cyanogen and its Android alternative

Redmond part of $70m funding round, say sources

YOU COMPLETE ME: Google and VMware in cloudy embrace

Web giant's best bits to fill VMware's online void

Mobile broadband giants blow $45bn on Uncle Sam's finest air

FCC closes spectrum auction with four-times more dosh than it had dreamed of

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