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27th > January > 2015 Archive

Wikileaks: We DO NOT approve of OUR secret stuff being LEAKED

And we really don't approve of not being told about it

VDI is heading for a minor DAAS-aster

Desktop-as-a-service is getting good, fast, and can already replace some virtual desktops

Secret Service on alert after drone CRASHES into White House

Red-faced government employee owns up

Linux chaps want to recycle your mobe as a supercomputer

Slot your old smartphone into this chassis and let penguins pick its brains

IBM details PowerPC microserver aimed at square kilometre array

Fedora fires up on Freescale T4240-powered dense and frugal server

Some Androids can be HOSED by WiFi Direct vuln

Google intransigence or publicity vuln?

HP reveals which execs have a chair once the splitting music stops

Whitman and Weiseler confirmed as heads of Enterprise and HP Inc.

P0wning for the fjords: Malware turns drones into DEAD PARROT

Parrot AR drones susceptible to flying firmware footling

Photons link arms on chip to hasten march of quantum crypto

Cheap, fast, entangled photons for fun and profit

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder TITSUP*: HOW did anyone even find out?

Updated*Total Inability To Support Uninteresting People

Humanity can defeat SkyNet with BOOKS, says IT think tank

If CompSci kiddies read Neal Stephenson and Dave Eggers, our species will endure

INTERNET of STUFF: Google to replace old Dropcams for $0.00

Good news: free upgrade! Odd news: reason for upgrade is back-end upgrade

Jellybean upgrade too hard for Choc Factory, but not for YOU

Patching WebKit would be unsafe, Google tells 960 million users

Apple patch shields Macs from Thunderstrike

But attack vector may stay open for next evil maid

There's life after Oracle, but very little left in Oracle's reseller channel

Oracle-Sun anniversaryFive years on, what did Larry's lot do to Sun's partner network?

Euro mobile standards chiefs eye tiny beauty: It's the KEY to 5G

Millimetre wave spectrum

Snoopers' Charter amendments withdrawn – FOR NOW ...

Battle won, yet the 'peeping powers' war rages on

The firm that swallowed the Sun: Is Oracle happy as Larry with hardware and systems?

Oracle-Sun anniversaryOne swallow didn't make a summer

Want to win Microsoft's cloudy love? Just spend $500

Partners: Take sky bridge to cloud conference and pucker up

Opera Jon weaves a brand new browser

And strangely, it looks a lot like Opera

Facebook: Oi, Lizard Squad – we can take down our own site, ta

#OMG #Allourownfault #doh! #facebookdown

Keylogger: Somebody STOP ME! Oh hang on, I just did

We use 'dark arts' knowledge for good - says company man

What's that, Microsoft? Yep, a Lumia and Surface SALES BOOM

But are you making money?

Switch it off and on again: How peers failed to sneak Snoopers' Charter into terror bill

AnalysisLord 'I am not a tweeter' King fears Snapchat jihadists

HMRC fails to plan for £10.4bn contract exit... because it's 'too risky'

Small matter of £500bn down the drain if it goes titsup – MPs

Meat puppet security sucks... let machines find your flaws

Darktrace: No, no, customers, you've got security all wrong

Post-modem Ericsson wobbles thanks to flat sales and falling profits

Trouble at t'mill as scandal-hit board member steps down

Anonymous: Snap on that Guy Fawkes mask, we're marching against child sex abuse

'Member when we took on Scientology with #Chanology?

NetApp embiggens E-Series flashbox: Gee, a benchmark... thanks

Doubles speed and capacity

PwC: Forget margin, tech biz, HUSTLE for that SALE

Also, you could be sold for parts. Sorry.

Twitter ATTENTION SEEKERS can now blab to each other IN PRIVATE

Profit-lite firm to flood network with 30-second video ads

Wall St wolves tear chunk off Microsoft: There goes $30bn!

Quick, pass the HoloLens

Another day, yet another emergency Adobe Flash patch. Because that's how we live now

Update your plugin now before someone pwns your PC

FTC to Internet of Stuff: Security, motherf****r, do you speak it?

No new laws yet – emphasis on the word yet

BOO! Grave remote-code exec flaw in GNU C Library TERRIFIES Linux

When there's something strange in your gethostbyname, who y'gonna call? Ghostbusters

FUMBLE! NFL app drops privacy ball just before Super Bowl Sunday

Leaks personal data faster than a lineman's brain

Government's rushed NBN migration plan off to the ACCC

Consultation? We've heard of it

'Super-secure' BlackPhone pwned by super-silly txt msg bug

ExclusivePeople always talk about your reputation ... Just be good to free()

Google reveals where AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable will next offer Gbps broadband

Fresh cable-laying for telcos to sniff out

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