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23rd > January > 2015 Archive

Hola HoloLens: Reg man gets face time with Microsoft's holographic headset

First lookRedmond's image projection kit with Kinect tech built in

Amazon gobbles chips firm Annapurna to speed up cloudy data centers

Stealth firm could solve networking costs conundrum for AWS

Verizon posts WANTED poster for copper rustlers

Them varmints is putting innocent lives in danger …

Swots explain how to swat CPU SNITCHES

Side-channel attacks are real because CPU leakage reveals instructions being executed

Beam me up, Scotty, And VAPORIZE me in the process

3D fax machine destroys as it creates

Oh what a tangled cloud we weave

AWS sneaks Windows VMs out the back door as Rackspace offers vCloud Air alternative

Why Microsoft's 3D HoloLens goggles aren't for Google Glassholes

Windows 10 stareware cares

Google splashes $80k on Chrome 40 bug splatting

17 critical fixes patched

Australia to launch Digital Transformation Office, with no budget

Malcolm Turnbull gets the e-government catalyst/startup he's hinted at for yonks

FBI-baiter Barrett Brown gets five years in chokey plus $890,000 fine

Hack welcomes free food and chance to report on penal system

Kim Dotcom flails desperately, launches chat service

Rotund robberbarron moves forward with defense measure

Shipping News: Docker 1.5rc1 arrives in port … NOW!

Get testing devs, you've got less than two weeks before this goes live

Adobe finds, patches ANOTHER exploited Flash 0day

One down, one to go.

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?

May prove fatal, if we throw Pearl Harbor into the mix


Craft reveals 'goosebumps', dunes and other features

Never mind those touch apps, full Office 2016 is coming this year

Both Windows and OS X to get desktop suite revamps in 2015

Symantec data centre security software has security holes

Stop face-palming and start patching - the fixes are out there

Seagate's spinning rust most likely to crash, claims backup biz

PLEASE! They're using consumer drives in enterprise gear, says firm

Telefónica to offload O2 to Three daddy Hutchison for £10.25bn

Talks reported last week, confirmed on Friday

Top US privacy bod: EU should STOP appeasing whiny consumers

Ding ding ding: Round 94 of the EU vs the US on privacy

Sony blames NORK The Interview cyber strike for delayed Q3 report

Offline finance and accounting systems not back until mid-Feb

Gov.UK inhaled G-Cloud, spat out framework – ex-lead claims

Original team member claims there are 'vision' problems

UK Scouts database 'flaws' raise concerns

UpdatedSystem holds records of ALL scouts in the country

Leaked doc: Europe's justice chiefs forming plans to cosy up to ISPs

Yeah, and bring back PNR! Think of the terrorists...

Developers, developers, developers! But WILL they support Windows 10?

AnalysisHoloLens is sexy, but Microsoft faces a battle to win devs' hearts and minds

What was Tim Cook worth to Apple in 2014? $9 MILLION, apparently

CEO handed bulging package after 'extraordinary' year

Snoopy Fujitsu tech KNOWS you'll click that link – before YOU do

Creepware: You're a click-happy dope, aren't 'cha?

Microsoft raids Symantec, snaps up UK licensing sales head

It's a ‘mobile first, cloud first’ world

All-flash case rehash: Modus vs Nimbus lawyers off to DC

Venue moved from California

Kaminario swallows $15m – ONE MONTH after last cash gulp

CommentUpstarts get fatter but there's only room for so many

Panicked teen hanged himself after receiving ransomware scam email

Autistic student 'probably didn't understand', court hears

Microsoft: We bought Skype. We make mobiles.. Oh, HANG ON!

AnalysisEUREKA! We should put the two together

Then there were 3: Another UK mobile network borged ...

Analysis... and what it all means for speed, coverage and phone masts

Why so tax-shy, big tech firms? – Bank of England governor

Carney concerned over Rise of the machines, too

YouTube: Nobody needs to get hurt Zoe, just sign the Ts&Cs

+CommentCellist Keating not keen to play by Google’s rules

Apple's Beats, Google, and Sony hammered with unpaid royalty claim

Firm wants fees for golden oldies

ICANN orders re-evaluation of dot-gay

But it may still not be gay enough

Atlas unplugged! DARPA's unTerminator robot cuts the power cable

Google's new humanoid machine also comes with a kill-switch

SURPRISE! Microsoft pops open Windows 10 Preview build early

No need to wait until next week, after all

Bloke claims someone paid him 85,000 for a web glitter bomb factory

Viral site fetches gonzo sale price in auction, we're told

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